100 – Yours Truly

This post marks a special coinciding! My 100th post, and reaching 100 followers! Both relatively small milestones, but I am happy about it non the less! So here I decided to share 25 (I know 100 would have made sense…but seriously could you be bothered to read them all?!) thoughts, favourites, places, hates, jokes, movies, songs, books and other miscellaneous bits with you! (These are in no order by the way! It’s not a chart!)

  1. Check out this site for adorable handwoven wall hangings… (chezsucrechez)
  2. I love mini eggs, and melt them in my mouth until the shell just falls off leaving gooey chocolate! Yum!
  3. If you go to London for a spot of Vintage shopping, be sure to go to Angel, Islington – there are loads of awesome furniture shops, and a little hidden alley with amazing, reasonably priced vintage goodies.
  4. If you don’t already….read Lula magazine…seriously! (Lula)
  5. Check out the work and life of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo
  6. ‘Coming up for Air’ by George Orwell isn’t one of his most famous works, but it is incredible.
  7. Fancy finding some really awesome stuff on eBay? Type ‘Vintage Alexa’ it’s a little shortcut to cute indie style vintage!
  8. Have a play around here and watch yourself become addicted to it.
  9. Listen to Simon & Garfunkel on the way to work..the day just seems better afterwards.
  10. Perhaps a bit more accessible than Facehunter, check out Streethearts
  11. Watch True Romance…and more of Tarantino to be honest. He’s a genius.
  12. Don’t eat celery..if we all ignore it perhaps it will go away (fingers crossed)
  13. Roast in the oven, cherry tomatoes, red onion, courgette, peppers and mushrooms in oil, balsamic vinegar and seasoning. One cooked, grill off some bacon, and mix both into boiled pasta. Add tomato puree, relish and some worschester sauce, and BOOM tasty affordable dinner!
  14. Discover Frankie magazine!
  15. Listen to Dry the River, the are spectacular.
  16. Buy some bubblegum and brighten up your day
  17. Always be ready to give your seat up on public transport to someone who needs it more than you do.
  18. Read Anna Karenina online here
  19. If you visit Brighton be sure to do two things, one is visit the covered market in the North Laines, and the second is to walk all the way to the very end of the pier – past all the amusements. You have to sneak through but it’s worth it.
  20. Follow Tavi…seriously this girl knows what she’s talking about!
  21. Make real gravy by crumbling two stock cubes, mix in water and then sift flour to gain thickness. Add any water from drained vegetables or stock from meat to enhance flavour. Always set aside 15 minutes so it has time to cook off and thicken properly!
  22. Read this for handy tips
  23. Try to read more books and watch more films..watch less tv and ignore fake celebrities grasping at fame on reality tv.
  24. Be happy and watch this to find out how…

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