Sundays Are Made For Lovers…(And Best Friends!)

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Long distance relationships are hard. You not only miss kisses, hugs and someone to talk to as you fall asleep, but you also miss the friendship, giggles and adventures that you have in day to day life when you are together.
Fortunately when times are hard I have Gemma, my dearest companion since we met on the first day of college many years ago! Now she specifically requested I don’t feature her in this post (no make up Sundays and all that!) but I did want to share our little day out with you all.
We went for a roam in the countryside surrounding our home town…

The funny looking building behind me in the picture below is called ‘The Golden Ball’ (can’t imagine why?!) and it sits on the top of a hill at the West of the valley. It’s an 18th Century Church, built on the site of an Iron Age Hill Fort…and if I crane my head from my bedroom window I can see it all lit up at night!
A funny fact about the ball is that is supposedly holds up to eight people within it, and that secret meetings were once held there! How odd!
I’m wearing a topshop tea dress that surprisingly hasn’t featured on this blog before, despite the fact I wear it an awful lot! It’s one of my ‘go-to’ dresses when I’m not feeling very creative…

Over the hills and far away…

I also wore my urban outfitters t-bar shoes, which I adore as they remind me of children’s tap dancing shoes!

A better view of the Golden Ball…

Near the church there is also the Dashwood Mausoleum which was inspired by the Roman Colosseum. It holds urns containing the ashes from generations of the Dashwood family, including Sir Francis Dashwood. I remember going here as a child at dusk with my parents and being really spooked out by the whole thing!

However the churchyard is lovely! Lots of wild daisies and other flowers were sprouting up everywhere…

Now I know this is the second time I have led this blog to a graveyard, but I honestly find them quite fascinating, and personally I see no morbidity in that whatsoever!
It’s incredible to get a sense of peoples lives from a few engraved lines, and as Gemma and I discussed as we walked around, it is comforting to know that two people can stay in love their whole lives.
Here are some lovely headstones, which for one reason or another caught my eye…

We found this one especially intriguing! William and Jane died four days apart, and their son died as a consequence of the First World War…did they catch an illness? Was there an accident? Or perhaps, as Gemma mused, did Jane die because she couldn’t face life without William?

I love the poem, it’s so heartbreakingly sad…

the footer of a tomb…

And as we walked back, what a gorgeous evening sky greeted us!

Now I do hope that none of my readers find any of this post disrespectful in any way, I know how sensitive an issue death can still be in modern society.
But my personal view, (which of course you can completely disregard!)is that the one thing we all have in common, is that death will one day find us. And regardless of whatever anyone thinks comes next, these pieces of stone stand as a testament to the lives we lived, and the people we left behind.
Why not read them, enjoy them and find comfort in their markings?
Phew! Too deep for a Sunday night! Time for a cup of tea and a bit of David Attenborough I think!
Have a lovely week!
Love Yours Truly, x
Ps. The Material Girl winner will be announced early next week!