Sunday, 3 June 2012

Roses In June...

I'm on holiday! Horaay!

For the next 9 days I shall be happily residing in Brighton with Joshua, getting up to all sorts of adventures, including the Vintage Nation event held at Brighton Racecourse next weekend (is anyone else going? I'm starting to get very excited!) but more on that in a little bit...

Yesterday Joshua and I wandered around Brighton in the muggy-heat running some (non-blog-worthy) errands and having a bit of a shop in Beyond Retro.

Now I did warn you that I'm a little obsessed with this vintage nightdress!

A cheeky little eBay find, I can't stop wearing it!

I have been reading 'The Virgin Suicides' by Jeffrey Eugenides this week (which is not only a fantastic read, but it makes you realise how lovingly Sofia Coppola adapted the book for her also-fantastic film) 

The way in which the character Cecilia lives in her tatty old wedding dress made me think of how I've been living in this dress! Although I haven't quite reached Miss Havisham territory just yet...

I wore my nightie with a vintage bottle green felt hat from 'Absolute Vintage' on Brick Lane, mustard socks from H&M, with some very 70's sandals I picked up in Primark last week when the humidity reached its peak. 

The vintage vanity case was an eBay find, my necklace belonged to my Nanna, and my charm bracelet (which kept getting hooked on the dress!) was an eBay find, that I'll have to show you in closer detail another day!

These roses were absolutely beautiful - SO fragrant! I'm currently drying this one out in Josh's room...

The rose which Josh spied had been bashed about a bit, and was nearly snapped off (so we didn't too feel bad picking it!)

Whilst roaming around Brighton we stumbled across these two very well dressed chaps, John and David, who kindly obliged for me to take their photo. Don't they just look incredible? We had a really nice chat with them about their style and how they dressed like in their youth.

I've decided as a result of the photo above to take some 'street style' photos at the Vintage Nation event next week, and will no doubt come across some very stylish people to share with you all!

I also (before I pop off for a shower and some brunch!) wanted to show you these photos from a couple of weeks ago. I have recently had the pleasure of meeting some fellow bloggers who live in the London area.
They are (nearly in L-R order!) Aimee and Harriet from 'Bright Young Twins', Nicole from 'Fashion Forestry',  Kelly-Marie from 'A Harem of Peacocks',  and Dulcie from 'The Human Sea'.

We went for a night out dancing in London which loads of fun! (Pictured here with our friend Anna and her amazing Bo-Peep hat!)

It's obviously really lovely to meet new people, but it's even lovelier to meet people who have common interests...Never mind the fact that they're all incredibly sweet to boot!

So! Expect a bit more frequent blogging this week, as I intend to make the most of my precious time off in Brighton!

I also just wanted to mention the Cosmo Blog Awards banner on the side of the blog. If you wanted to nominate my little corner of the internet I would extremely thankful. I know this competition can really open doors, so I'd love the chance to try!

More very soon,

Love Yours Truly, x

Ps. Also! If you're feeling like you're in the voting sort of mood, Joshua and I (somehow?!) ended up in Glamour Magazines Best Dressed Couple Awards! If you would like to see these two ragamuffins win you can vote HERE.


  1. Natasha Fatah3 June 2012 05:18

    Girl, you made socks and sandals look socially acceptable. Nicely done. :) Great dress!

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  2. little aowl3 June 2012 05:26

    oooh all these lovely bloggers in one place!!! so exciting :)
    hope your week has been good xx

  3. catsandknitting3 June 2012 05:30

    i have a 60s vanity case and I use that as a handbag too and i always get asked if I'm going on holiday or what an earth i keep in it! (a gun).

  4. Peachy Keen3 June 2012 05:32

    I love the fact you met fellow bloggers I'm actually following them all aswell. Those men look amazing, I love how people dress in Brighton I feel like I fit in.


  5. Have a lovely holiday! I love Brighton so much I need some Brighton adventures myself too. I thought I spotted yourself and your boyfriend in Glamour mag, congrats! xx

  6. That nightdress is just beautiful - it seems a bit of a waste when it was only intended to be a nightdress, it looks fabulous as a day dress :)

  7. Very pretty style; I'd be practically living in that outfit too!

  8. Fantastic outfits! I love vintage! x

  9. Saw you and Josh in Glamour! Going to vote for you guys :) Definitely the most stylish couple I've ever seen.


  10. Those two men are so stylish! :O Also, you can count on my vote for Glamour!

  11. Your sandals are so cute (especially with the socks) - I've been desperate to find a vintage pair like this for ages now. Also, voted for you and Joshua because you are, by far, the cutest couple x

  12. i like how u pair it with the sandals! so quirky! you are adorable! Have fun!

  13. Kelly-Marie3 June 2012 10:49

    So pretty Kerry, I love that hat! It has made me so happy seeing all the roses coming out all of a sudden. My Mum and I have been visisting lot's of Roses gardens this weekend. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with Josh , i'm so sad I can't join you for vintage nation. Hope you have an amazing time and I can't wait to see the pics. xxxxx

  14. I spotted you in Glamour! Perhaps someone entered you!
    The nightdress doesn't look like a nightdress, what an excellent find. I love the socks and sandals, how cute

  15. helen at thelovecatsINC3 June 2012 11:15

    have a nice time! love that green hat

    from, helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  16. I love your pictures. I love your outfit. :D

  17. Circus Girl (Zoë)3 June 2012 11:58

    You look radiant! I love red hair with green, yummy! :) Enjoy Brighton, I hope the sun is shining! :)

  18. India Harlow3 June 2012 14:02

    Your skin is stunning and you and your boyfriend always look like your having so much fun :D

  19. I cannot believe those sandals are from primark - I'm snapping a pair up! Also you look absolutely stunning on that night out xx

  20. Jo - Lost in the Haze3 June 2012 19:42

    Ohh, Brighton sounds wonderful! And luckily Joshua for having you around for the next wee while! I can't wait to hear all about your adventures - the vintage event especially! <3 <3 <3

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

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  22. love your outfit, the hat works brilliantly with your dress! Lovely backdrop with all the roses too x

  23. Miss Tallulah Porkchop4 June 2012 22:35

    You look SO GORGEOUS in those bottom pics.

  24. You are so beautiful.. and I am completely in love with that hat!

  25. Emily Baker5 June 2012 10:32

    ummmm yes those men look incredible!!! yes - please take picks at the vintage event!

  26. That emerald green suits your hair perfectly! In love <3

  27. Ilana @ My Modern Vintage6 June 2012 00:49

    cute look dear I really need to read the book I think
    xoxo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  28. Love this white dress,so romantic :) And the hat is adorable :)