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Some of you may remember a while back I did a post featuring my favourite magazines. Entitled ‘One of My Little Pleasures’ I showcased some of my favourite publications and reasons why I adored each. It was a fun piece to write and great to share with you all – never did I expect anything to come of it!
So imagine my raised eyebrows and excitement as an invite from the editor of Betty Magazine (one of the magazines I’d featured) was found in my blog inbox, asking me to attend the Betty magazine Summer issue launch…Umm..Yes please!
After much deliberation (and discarded clothes covering my bedroom floor!) I picked my outfit, which is surely the hardest part of any important occasion!
The floral corset top is originally from Topshop (I found mine on eBay)I teamed it with a vintage high-waisted cream skirt, in the hopes of looking fresh, and not too twee!
May we also take a moment to mention these absolutely gorgeous wedge heels? Originally from Office (again, another eBay find!) the bright tomato red is eye-popping! And as unbelievable as it might sound, they are incredibly comfortable! Always a bonus!
Now where would be the fun in such an event if I didn’t have someone to share it with? 
So I asked the beautiful London-dwelling Dulcie of Human Sea if she would like to come with me, and thankfully she did!
Dulcie is ever the lady, wearing a vintage peter pan collar blouse, with LK Bennett shoes and cardigan, a vintage poodle brooch and her enviable Orla Kiely rivera silk skirt. I just adore that print!
Seemingly quite co-ordinated! I promise it wasn’t planned!
My vintage vanity case rubs shoulders with Dulcies Orla Kiely ‘Mabel’ bag…Match made in heaven right?
With our outfit photos completed we headed to the venue of the launch, ‘The Apartment’ in the incredible Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch. I mean seriously look how wonderful this place is…It was hard not to be distracted!
The chair in the corner picture is an accent chair I just bought, you can read reviews about it at the article – cheap accent chairs under 100 & 200.
Now for the record, I don’t often waltz off to magazine launches or such events so as we entered, nerves certainly arrived! Fortunately adorable Betty cupcakes had been provided as well as delicious cocktails served in jam-jars with pastel paper straws…So we got stuck in!
The photos below were taken by the events photographer Katie Heath – she captured my vanity case (which by the way weighed a ton that night!) with the new issue on top it!
There was also a showing of the new Betty launch film, entitled ‘There’s Treasure Everywhere’ which you can view here. I really recommend you to have a look – it’s a wonderful concept, filled with beautiful clothes and filmed at a scenic location in Whitstable!
After a wonderful evening talking to many interesting people we returned home, armed with the new issue of Betty to enjoy!
(The middle issue)
It does not disappoint! Page after page of pure loveliness! Including recipes, editorials and inspiring articles…
Including this incredible editorial which I can’t stop drooling over!

And because I had two copies thrust into my arms at the launch, I have decided to give one copy away to a lucky reader!

If you would like to win the new issue of Betty magazine then all you have to do is ‘Like’ Betty on facebook and leave a comment below telling me a Summertime adventure!
I love reading your stories!

I’ll be announcing the winner on my next post!
Good Luck!

Also, enjoy your picnic with a folding picnic table, see the best ones at here –
Love Yours Truly, x


  1. Georgia S.5 July 2013 13:31

    Wow! You both look amazing and looks like a good event. That magazine looks interesting and right up my street.
    Georgia xx


  2. modequipeut5 July 2013 13:41

    Betty magazine !!!!!
    j’adore les chaussures rouge canonnnn !! ๐Ÿ™‚

    sinon si tu as le temps viens voir mon blog haha :

    Bisouus ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Leila Rose5 July 2013 14:02

    Your style is so gorgeous! I must check out this magazine! I featured you on my blog btw, and you can view it here: xx


  4. VioletDaffodils5 July 2013 14:14

    you look so beautiful ๐Ÿ˜€ xx


  5. Flora Amies5 July 2013 14:47

    That skirt you are wearing is the classiest, loveliest piece of clothing I think I’ve ever seen on a blog. You look incredible!



  6. Phoebe Rihte5 July 2013 15:01

    Stunning! The magazine looks amazing… Definetly would love to check it out!


  7. Tori Mears5 July 2013 15:23

    Beautiful issue and gorgeous post. How exciting to receive such an invite, and it seems you had a wonderful time ๐Ÿ™‚ You both look so dreamy, stunning outfits. And I fall in love with your hair more each time I see it!

    My summertime adventure has yet to begin (although the weather seems to have finally caught up with the season!) but this coming August the boy and I are off to travel around Scotland – somewhere neither of us has ever visited – in our motorhome called Eric! He’s been our travel buddy, together (the boy has had separate journeys), twice around Europe – in 2010 and 2011 – and has brought us back in one piece from Glastonbury this past Monday ๐Ÿ™‚ Scotland will be our very last trip with him (can’t think about that too much!) so we are going to do our best to make it the most special of trips. Please keep your fingers crossed this glorious weather follows us North (when the time comes!)

    Oh, and if you fancy checking Eric out, I’ve written about a couple of previous journeys here –



  8. I commented on Dulce’s post too – you both look positively perfect! I have always wanted to read Betty, but since it’s based in the UK have had trouble getting my hands on an issue, so I love this giveaway!

    As for a summer adventure: last year, my summer was filled with a stressful month and a half of packing and cleaning to prepare moving with my large family to a new state! After a soul crushing, long drive to Oregon where my cats were overheated and refused to drink any water (leading me to have to put ice cubes on their fur, something they hated!), we arrived at my grandparents’ house to stay while we found a good home. They welcomed us with open arms into their cosy little house, and I was able to spend the rest of my summer exploring their attic, eating popsicles in my grandma’s stunning garden, and hear story after story from my very talkative grandparents! It was such a wonderful way to end a summer that had started out so stressfully!



  9. Mixed Mediums Theatre5 July 2013 15:58

    Oh my goodness! I will definitely be checking out this magazine, it looks like perfection! Ps. Kerry, that outfit is amazing – lovin’ the contemporary mixed with the vintage!

    And here’s for my summer adventure!!!

    I’m originally from Canada, but I’ve been living over here in London on a work visa (I moved here last august!) Haha, I need to give some back story for this to make sense! I was dating a lovely boy before I left for the UK, but we both decided to part ways (major sad face), because long distance is near impossible and well, we are still so young. SO… the year went by…no one came into either of our lives during that time. All of a sudden I got asked to do a big show in Canada. I went back to do Spamalot in the very same city he still lives in. Our hearts just about died. We were both so excited to be back living in the same city, and we definitely wanted to give things another go. Our feelings had not changed over our year apart, quite the opposite really. Everything was pretty darn magical over the two and half months. Many a pint and a glass or two of red wine were enjoyed. Then it came time for me to go back to London. We faced the same decision as the last time. We both agreed once again, that we would part ways and treasure the time that we had spent together.

    I flew back to London, excited for this summer and it’s endless possibilities. Although I was excited, I couldn’t help but to feel blue. This deep blue feeling continued along throughout the week, accompanied by the worst jet-lag I have every experience. My heart was sad…Maybe a little broken.Then I got a skype call. It was from my boy, my love. “Enough. This is enough. I want to move to London. I want to be with you. Live with you where ever you may be. I want an adventure.”

    So now I wake up with a smile on my face, counting down the days for my love to arrive in London Town!

    There’s my wee love story – Sorry that one’s a bit of a novel! Thanks for giving the chance to tell my story!
    Lookin’ forward to your next post!



  10. Ladies in Navy5 July 2013 16:35

    this is so absolutely gorgeous!
    kw ladies in navy


  11. My summer adventure consisted of estate saling, followed by a vintage car show and Popsicles.


  12. Oh my, I do adore your blog. Loving hearing you get to connect with a magazine you admire, how exciting! I find your photos so inspiring and personal stories endearing.

    I do have a story on blog from last week. It’s a sad but true one…….


  13. Ooo, envious, the launch looks like such fun! Love both your outfits, your purses are such darlings! I need a vintage vanity case right now!



  14. I love your outfit. I really want that corset, it’s so pretty. I live really close to the sea and one of my favourite things to do is summer is to go watch the whales. They get so close to the shore, it’s amazing. Even though it’s really simple, I think getting so close to those giant whales definitely counts as an adventure ๐Ÿ™‚


  15. wonderful outfits and pics!

    alice c’n’r


  16. I have to find that Betty magazine.


  17. Reb Mintoff6 July 2013 10:45

    I love your outfit ๐Ÿ˜€ <3


  18. Bloom &amp;amp; Grow6 July 2013 11:24

    Love both outfits.
    I haven’t been able to have too many adventures yet, but my husband and I did get to hike atop Mount Pisgah, and it was so beautiful!
    Thanks for hosting!

    -JoAnna Snead


  19. Wow those magazine covers are beautiful! I spent my first weekend of summer with my friends and we went into the city. As we were walking by a church, these lovely ladies were handing out giant balloons. Seriously, they were huge. We each took one, I got purple, my favorite color, and continued our shopping. We received many interesting looks, especially from children. It was a bit difficult taking them on the subway and I’m sure we annoyed many people but hopefully the sight of four girls with giant balloons delighted some too.

    I posted some pictures on my blog:

    Thanks! Your style is so lovely.


  20. Betty sounds as a wonderful magazine, I love the covers. And you two both look adorable!
    My favourite summertime adventure I try to repeat at least once every Summer: cycling in a beautiful nature reserve to a small lake to swim and rest amongst the cows and horses (no, really!) and ending the day with a beer in the pub across the lake…
    Can’t wait to go again!


  21. love this top! it’s so lovely)


  22. Mรฉlodie Nicolle6 July 2013 16:23

    Lovely post girl, I really love these outfits, and the Betty magazines really look fantastic!
    I wish I could find them in France ๐Ÿ™


  23. Those red shoes are amazing!

    Ps: i’m doing a fashion-related survey for my MSc dissertation, 5 mins, much much help โ™ฅ


  24. The Pale Female7 July 2013 17:30

    You look lovely as always, your posts are always so elating. My favourite summer time adventure is a simple bike ride to the river. Throwing an old battered tartan blanket on the grass and snacking on carrot cake, tomatoes and sipping a citrusy type drink. Also having a little paddle in the stream, whilst catching some much needed sun. It is always a lovely way to spend a warm afternoon xx


  25. You both look tres chic:)

    Here’s a story from seven summers ago:

    I had just graduated from high school (has it really been so long??) and as is tradition in my family, I got to choose a gift for passing my final exams. I remember my brother had chosen a watch when he graduated and I can’t recall what my sister chose. But for me it was a simple decision: I had always wanted a dog. I was never allowed one, because my family kept moving around (I grew up in France and in Maryland, US, although we come from Prague, Czech Republic, where we are all currently living too) but I had always always wanted one so so much.

    I had the breed BULLTERRIER in mind and was looking for a suitable puppy but then one day soon afterwards my brother came to me with an add from the pound. There, a three and a half year old dog named Buddy was looking for a new home. He had hardly any fur, poor thing, and it was apparent from the picture in the add that he had his tail broken. He also had worms and a bad eye infection. But the look he had on his face…that look went straight to my heart and I knew right away that that is my dog. I called the pound and it took a while to get the proceedings happening and since he was of poor health I had to wait until they “cured” him of the worms (they so didn’t btw) before I could go pick him up.

    The pound was located in a little village somewhere far far away and my brother and I packed up the car and went for a lovely road trip. We arrived in the village Maly Jenikov and finally found the pound and there was Buddy, super excited that he had visitors. We were a bit uncertain and so they told us to take Buddy for a walk and see if we were a good match. I had already bought Buddy a new leash so I snapped it on him and we went out for a walk. Buddy was so happy, (he obviously wasn’t walked much, poor thing) and was really enjoying his walk when he happened upon some other dog’s dried pooh. What he did next was he literally threw it at me with his paw. I laughed so hard I almost cried. That decided it: this dog has character and he is going home with us.

    We went back in the pound and signed the papers and I gave them a donation and we put Buddy in the back of the car and headed back home. Buddy would not stay in the back of the car and jumped over the seats and was trying to play with my brother who was driving so in the end I had to have Buddy on my lap (he smelled really bad too poor little dude) and his tail kept hitting the stick shift:) After we finally got home we opened the door and my parents greeted Buddy (they were against me getting him because he had looked so awful without the fur and everything, but they’re nice people so they let me have him) and he ran into the house, tail wagging like it’s his birthday, ate his dinner that was waiting for him in the kitchen in a bowl and then jumped on the couch and smiled. The dog was smiling because he knew he was home.

    It’s been seven years and I must say that Buddy is the most amazing dog ever. He is a true friend. There may have been a few problems on the way (he is allergic to a few foods and his paws get bad in the winter if we’re not careful, and we had to teach him not to attack hedgehogs – that was his one vice,hunting hedgehogs) but it all was worth it. He now has such lovely fur that people stop me on the streets and ask me if he is a show dog :)) Oh, and my parents love him so much that when I moved from their house to a rented flat (only 10 minutes away by tram), they begged me to let them keep him (they have a garden so they won).

    Life is funny that way I guess. But that summer adventure was one of the best moments in my life. Thanks for letting me share it with you:)


  26. Gabrielle Francessca8 July 2013 06:09

    You look so much like Mia Wallace!


  27. Erin Gerofsky8 July 2013 07:31

    My favourite summertime adventure is going to classic car shows! I live in a small historic town, and many of the people around here are classic car enthusiasts. My favourite show of the summer is mid August, because it always lands on the same day as the Peach festival; you can’t beat looking at some gorgeous cars with a waffle cone full of local made peach ice cream!



  28. What a beautiful outfit, I love the skirt so much!



  29. Photostorming9 July 2013 04:31

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  30. Photostorming9 July 2013 04:38

    WOW!! You’re so luck, this magazine ROCKS ๐Ÿ™‚ and I adore your style, so it’s not a big surprise that they invite you ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My summertime adventures are; biking near seaside, making lemonade and cake for my friends, organize some balcony movie gatherings, collecting summer places’ pictures into my summer travel notebook, taking sunny pictures of some new people I just get know, carrying my record player to the beach and listening to Franรงoise Hardy songs, playing badminton with my lover on grass, collecting sea shells and name/date every of them, writing summer tips for some magazines, going to see some open air concerts in my city, having picnic on sundays, staying awake until the sun rises.

    Btw, if you like lace, I have my first giveaway on my blog here:




  31. My recent favourite summertime adventure occurred when i went wild camping with my boyfriend. I’ve recently moved to The Highlands area in Scotland and went for a walk to The Old Man of Storr on The Isle Of Skye. The walk was amazing and we camped on a hillside overlooking the water watching a beautiful sunset. But we were woken at 6 in the morning by gale force winds battering our tent which meant a very hasty retreat down the hillside in the wind and rain. It’s definitely more adventurous than a campsite!

    I love your blog, It’s made me really want to visit Brighton! Also liked Betty on Facebook ๐Ÿ™‚



  32. Elmedina Tiric9 July 2013 13:48

    So beautiful<3


  33. I love your outfits absolutely love your top and skirt and those shoes add an amazing pop and your friends look really cute, the betty mag launch looks amazing I just love your blog its soo pretty definately following xo


  34. laura redburn11 July 2013 03:02

    i love your outfit here so much! and your friends skirt is quite something too.

    i’ve never really had a summertime adventure as such, but one year i went running down the sandy cliff area in cromer with my dad! that was exhilarating!

    oh and i already ‘like’ betty magazine on facebook of course.


  35. GeorginaIndie11 July 2013 16:59

    Both your outfits look lovely. And so excited to watch the betty video due to it being shot in whistable where I live a couple minutes away in Herne Bay.

    One of my summertime adventure is when me and my class had finished our last alevel Religious Studies class and decided to have a barbecue at Whistable! lol. The best part was the fact that the weather stay lovely and we were all able to enjoy a beautiful sunset together with food and drink. And just having a great laugh.

    Georgina Lee


  36. obatasmagoldg12 July 2013 21:48

    I am very happy to see this nice picture

    Obat Asam Urat


  37. Walk Cheerfully14 July 2013 16:11

    My summertime adventure in Brighton.

    ’twas about a quarter past 11, I couldn’t sleep.
    The salty breeze of the sea tickled through the curtains. I lit a candle next to the bedside, shut my eyes but opened them immediately to see the flame from the candle dancing erratically. Something tingled differently tonight.
    Very carefully I crept downstairs and fingers like antennae, nudged the door open. Eyes wide as saucers and heart beating like a perpetual grandfather clock, I ran barefoot towards the sea.
    There it was, sitting undaunted and almost smiling in a blaze of bright orange, a harvest moon!
    Never have I seen such a wonderful sight. Eyes sparkling, biting my lip I stared up at it’s magnificence and found myself humming Neil Young. The whole beach was lit up in a delight of dusky tangerine and looking around for someone to share this magical moment I realized it was just me and the moon in all it’s glory. I sat on the shore and watched as my only companion danced on the water, controlling its ripples, setting it alight with its hues.
    I didn’t care that this moon felt apocalyptic, summer had finally given me a memory to put in my pocket. I won’t forget my lone adventure to the beach that night. I wonder if anyone else experienced what I did that night.

    Thank-you for your beautiful posts beaming with happiness Kerry, you are a true wonder!
    Love Beth x


  38. Kelly-Marie29 July 2013 00:05

    I commented on Dulcies post, basically swooning over how incredibly beautiful you both look! Are you sure you didn’t plan that co-ordination?
    You match the launch curation so well too, I bet they were loving you two! xxx


  39. Aimรฉe / The Lost Girl29 July 2013 05:02

    Oh my life, you both look incredible! & such a lovely thing of you to give away a copy of Betty! It is perfection in a magazine! I have yet to get my hands on an issue so what a wonderful opportunity this is to possibly receive a copy!

    My boyfriend, Alexander came to stay with me a couple of weeks ago and as we had only spent time together at university, it was lovely to show him the things I cherish whilst I am home. We went to Chester and walked along the riverside and saw a pair of swans and their baby Cygnet, we ate real dairy ice cream and drank tangy lemonade whilst we sat on the steps by the river near the bandstand and listened to a folk band playing some great songs from bygone eras. We strolled through the ruins of St John’s Church and we spent our evening in a real British pub with a thatched roof.

    Another little adventure we had whilst Alexander was here, we went to Llandudno in North Wales and we took the old Great Orme Tramway to the summit and took in the beautiful views below us. We also strolled along Llandudno Pier where we drank cream soda and counted how many jellyfish we could see below us.

    Next week we will have another adventure when we take a trip to Stratford Upon Avon together and we plan on strolling along the river and taking in the beautiful scenery and thatched houses!

    Thank you!

    Aimรฉe x


  40. I dont now witch part is the best! ๐Ÿ˜€