Grunge & Sparkle…

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I’ve been having one of those busy weeks where everything is happening at the same time, and you have to just go with the flow to keep up with it all!
I have however found the time to do a few blog photos along the way! 
First off, I thought respond to a comment on my post below. I am like nearly everyone in England right now – wearing a winter coat! But I think we’d both get pretty bored if it featured in every blog post!
I have to admit…This January I have splurged. I have splashed out, spent and forked out, as I trawled gleefully through the seasons sale racks. 
Winter fashions are always so much more appealing to me. I adore wearing layers, thick cosy fabrics, and interesting textiles (woven or heavily embellished) which are generally speaking, too weighty to wear in the Summer heat.

This beautiful two-tone sequin skirt was a sale find from Topshop. 
It’s been one of the key winter pieces in their Winter collection and I was immediately taken by the beautiful design. 
However once I considered how much more I could get for £42, I  left it hanging on the rail, until it went into the sale and dropped down to a much more purse-pleasing price!  

My mustard nail polish is from Urban Outfitters (though & Other Stories have a similar colour right now) and the large ring is one that I’ve had for years – I can’t recall where it’s from!

When I have a new garment I love to wear it as soon as possible, as often as possible. So although common sense told me to save this glitzy skirt for an evening out, I dressed it down with a grungey, slightly oversized jumper and my favourite Dr Marten boots!

The only impracticality to speak of was attempting to climb up on to this 3ft ledge! My knees might as well have been glued together!
The trail of iridescent sequins I leave in my wake can only be a perk though right?
Love Yours Truly, x 



  1. The Feather Den26 January 2014 08:30

    I’ve seen that skirt in the Topshop sale too! I adore it but couldn’t think of when/where/how I would wear it without looking silly. You look amazing in it, the colour goes so well with your hair.

    x Michelle |


  2. Jenna Opsahl26 January 2014 10:21

    PERFECT. Such a pretty mermaidy skirt, ahhh! I love it with the neutrals and bright nail polish.
    You are lovely.



  3. Simply adoring this outfit! sparkles and sequins get my vote! Just came across your blog today and am in LOVE! I too am living in my coat at the moment! xxx great shots


  4. Hannah Spanner26 January 2014 11:58

    Ahh perfect ensemble, love the skirt such a mermaid look xxx


  5. beautiful outfit! love the sequins 🙂 xo


  6. Iva Moutelíková26 January 2014 12:17

    you look great again xx


  7. Really great skirt.
    Thanks for your comment.
    If you want to follow me, do not hesitate to subscribe to my blog.
    See you


  8. Totally love your skirt <3


  9. Adora Mehitabel26 January 2014 13:33

    So lovely!! Xxx


  10. My Own Fairytale26 January 2014 14:54

    Really nice combination.



  11. This sequined skirt is so cool! I love the colors in it and how you dressed it down so perfectly with that cozy sweater.


  12. Maria Copello26 January 2014 21:23

    That skirt!!! You really nailed this outfit. Lovely!


  13. Elizabeth Daisy.27 January 2014 09:46

    You look so pretty, and I’m in love with what I call the ‘mermaid skirt’!

    Elizabeth x


  14. Sade | IN MY SUNDAY BEST27 January 2014 13:42

    So unrelated to the outfit, but omg you have the most beautiful eyes! *___*


    Sade xo


  15. roadtohereblog27 January 2014 20:57

    Can’t say I’ve ever seen orange nails work but you rock it!
    Love this adorable outfit. Psyched to follow you in 2014.
    xx Jillian


  16. Denise Curtis29 January 2014 13:52

    I’m loving the skirt! Reminds me of a mermaid.

    xo Denise


  17. laura redburn3 February 2014 13:12

    i remember seeing that skirt a while ago too and i loved it instantly! like you i’d totally just want to wear it as much as i could, regardless of occasion. the green is so perfect! looks fantastic with your hair colour.


  18. Magdalena Falkiewicz11 February 2014 02:37

    I love your style and your jewellery! If you want you can visit my website with also nice and original jewellery!

    All the best! Magda from Poland