How to have Cruelty Free Makeup

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The eyes are the home windows to the soul and framing them with suitable eyelashes really complements all and sundry’s splendor. however that doesn’t mean minks and different animals ought to go through for it. So before we talk about cruelty free makeup, you’ll sense all the higher knowing that you may purchase fantastic cruelty unfastened eyelashes that appearance just as flattering as mink eyelashes. understanding that your purchase of faux lashes wasn’t involved in the killing of an innocent animal is even better. There are a slew of beauty brands under that have stopped promoting mink eyelashes. true splendor and appropriate eyelashes are absolutely available without the usage of any harm. check them out underneath!

After protests from Peta, Dermstore, that is owned by way of target, stopped promoting fur eyelashes. as soon as a peddler of merciless Lilly Lashes products, the web page now sells most effective lashes that no minks had to die for.

tell LILLY LASHES AND different corporations, ‘PLEASE stop promoting real FUR EYELASHES’ – by way of SIGNING THE PETITION here 

faux lashes

Lurella Cosmetics

Like Dermstore, Lurella pledged to forestall promoting mink eyelashes.

once the emblem has offered its final stock of fur eyelashes, it'll handiest sell artificial or faux-fur lashes—a large win for minks and other animals who simply need to be live a non violent life.


“FROM WHOM ARE those EYELASHES MADE?” – IS A question no one ought to EVER ASK


Coco Mink Lashes

Eyelash emblem Coco Mink Lashes may need to bear in mind converting its call to FauxFaux Mink Lashes—the company showed that it’s phasing out fake eyelashes made with mink fur and will sell handiest fake-mink and different animal-free eyelashes.

cruelty loose eyelashes


now not simplest did GladGirl pull all mink lashes from its website right now after listening to from PETA, the splendor emblem additionally went absolutely vegan and joined our global beauty with out Bunnies program.

attempt their Lash Enmasse Eyelash Extension Mascara here. 




In July 2020, a strong PETA campaign—which includes e-mails from nearly 60,000 worried supporters—precipitated splendor emblem Velour to ban mink-fur eyelashes!

The massive victory got here simply after cosmetics store Sephora introduced its very own ban on all fur eyelashes.


Sephora Bans Mink Eyelashes!

Did you understand minks like to swim, play and climb?

but, inside the fur enterprise, many are caged and violently killed for fake eyelashes—like the ones that are nevertheless used at Lilly Lashes!

Following a effective PETA marketing campaign and e-mails from greater than 280,000 involved customers like you, the beauty massive showed in June 2020 that it had banned fur eyelashes and would begin shopping only fake-fur lashes going ahead.


signal THE PETITION TO let groups understand THAT CRUELTY IS by no means beautiful!


Tarte, Too confronted, urban Decay, and many other manufacturers already refuse to sell mink fur, too.

these companies get it: Minks are shy animals who like to cover away in secure dens near streams and lakes, and they should be left alone to live in peace, now not bred and killed in order that their fur may be stolen.


MINKS HAVE FEW natural ENEMIES—THEIR largest hazard IS THE DEADLIEST PREDATOR OF them all: people.

in case you think fur-lash bans are useful handiest to minks themselves, suppose again—the planet and we human beings who live on it are better off for them, too.

There’s not anything ‘Vegan’ about Lilly Lashes’ Mink-Fur merchandise

agencies like Lilly Lashes have made many human beings assume “mink eyelashes” are just a fashion of lash—now not knowing that minks are in reality animals whose fur and lives are stolen from them.

It’s beyond time for the logo to join the above groups which have banned minks for eyelashes!



  1. Betty Szwagierczak27 December 2020 at 02:21

    Cruelty free makeup is the way to go


  2. finally someone who understands makeup should not be tested on animals


  3. Any recommendations for cruelty free eyeliner?