500 Days of Summer – Yours Truly

I think before I even saw this film I knew I was going to like it. I’ve loved Joseph Gordon-Levitt ever since initially seeing him in ’10 Things I hate about you’ and secondly after seeing the video at the end of this post. As for Zooey? Well I’d like to think it’s pretty obvious why she’s so adorable and likeable! Whilst the film is nothing ground breaking, it’s very real, well scripted and the soundtrack is pretty much my itunes on shuffle. But what really caught my eye? As ever! The costumes! Zooey was styled pretty much accordingly to how she dresses in real life, which is probably why her character was so accessible. Her look is a modern vintage style. Lots of pussy bow blouses, dirndl skirts and twin sets!

Heavenly right?

If you haven’t seen it then check it out! Oh and here’s that video of Joseph….daaaaaamn!