A Blossom Fell… – Yours Truly

I’m back! I’m sorry for a longer than usual absence but after working last weekend at The Vitality Show in London I feel I’ve only just got my steam back! This Sunday just gone, my younger sister and I went for a walk in the beautiful afternoon sunshine, and just look what we found in a nearby field…

I know this time of year bloggers go crazy for blossom photos but it really is justified when they are this pretty! Who can blame us eh?
I’m wearing a vintage 50’s school skirt (it even has a little ink stain!) with a white 60’s mini dress worn as a top. The shoes are from Topshop – they remind me so much of straight jacket fastenings – very Houdini!

My sunglasses are from H&M last year, and my brooch is a makeshift effort made with a vintage hat trim. I’ve been getting into Victory Rolls again recently too…
Chloe is wearing a mint H&M shirt-tunic, with a vintage black bowler, and urban outfitters shades…I think she looks quite ‘Lana De Rey’ here…

Wonder what on earth I’m up to here?
I’m checking it’s not one of these little guys crawling on my leg! The whole wall of blossom trees was teaming with them!
Still, they weren’t quite enough of a deterrent to make me not want to ‘be one with the blossoms’!
Oh and I had to include this just to show you my new nail polish which I am completely enamoured with. It’s called ‘Serene’ by a brand called ‘Me Me Me’. It’s the perfect ‘Forget Me Not’ shade of blue…

Inspired by a recent post by The Styling Dutchman, we sat down to make daisy chains…turns out I’m still awful at making them, so I left it to Chlo to make one whilst I gathered good daisies!

And then showing off her amazing upside down skills! How does she do it?! Clear skies…Bliss! (and growing hair! Eep!)

And because I can’t resist not telling you…I have some very exciting news which is making me THIS (see below) happy!

Joshua and I will be going on holiday a week today! On the 9th of April we will be flying out to Lagos in Portugal to stay with our lovely friend Tiago (who is also an incredible musician under the pseudonym ‘Time for T‘) and his family for ten whole glorious days… I’m so excited I can barely sit still! Of course…you can expect copious amounts of Portugal blogging!

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