A Day in Bath… – Yours Truly

Today I went for a little trip to Bath. I’ve visited a couple of times before, mostly for the Fashion Museum (which was of course visited today!) but the town always strikes me as wonderfully laid back, and quite picturesque. The architecture is so stylised and impressive. First of all the outfit! I teamed the trousers I got on my Topshop uniform with a vintage polka dot blouse. I love this top, it was hidden at the very back of a rack, and I nearly didn’t get it! But the colour and pattern reminded me of Julia Roberts polo dress in ‘Pretty Woman’ (there I go contextualising again!) I’m pretty much living in those tassel brogues rights now, and my life is currently thrown into a charity shop Gladstone bag – which holds everything!!

There was a fantastic old fashioned sweet shop – I loved the colours and the wall to wall jars of old sweet treats!

For lunch, I stopped into a little side cafe (after nearly getting run over by a bus!) and chowed down a truly awesome pastrami and gherkin sandwich, with homemade bread that was SO thick! Nyom nyom nyom!
Seems a lot of street entertainers were out to play too…
Definitely worth an amble if you haven’t been before, and the museum is always worth a visit as they change the displays regularly. I also had a treat of seeing lots of couples fox-troting and waltzing to a live band in one of the halls linked to the museum. I stood there for about five minutes just watching their feet move in perfect symmetry. Speaking as someone with no co-ordination at all, I found it fantastic! All in all, I had a relaxing day just mooching about and looking at stuff! Nothing too taxing for a Sunday then!