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Sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than feeling a little too over dressed!

Daytime opulence is an interesting foray to experiment with when it comes to clothing – layering up textured fabrics with luxury accessories, or adding unexpected pieces which would normally be best suited for the midnight hours…In this instance, fur and brocade made my decadent ensemble for a trip to a Brighton exhibition with the lovely Kelly Marie of ‘A Harem of Peacocks’ and Amber of ‘Theatre of Fashion’ (what a great way to meet someone!)

My new cigarette pants were a find in the H&M sale (I love the black-on-black texture!)
They aren’t something I would normally have chosen, and Joshua was very surprised when I showed them to him upon arriving home – but hey! Why do we like the things we do eh? No rhyme nor reason!

My princess coat and gold brogues were eBay finds, and the vanity case was from a car boot sale.

The metallic blue and gold crop blazer was originally Topshop (I have the cocktail dress to match!) however I snapped it up for a couple of quid at my favourite car boot sale.

The fur (which I think might be rabbit?) is my first real fur purchase, and something which I admit I deliberated over for a few days.
I guess I reached the conclusion, that I have no qualms against the wearing of vintage fur (something I never minded on others, but I had to cement these opinions to comfortably wear it myself) just the use of fur in modern design. Blindingly obvious stuff eh?

The vintage fur stole, with my late Nannas ring. (I really miss being able to wear nail polish! My job doesn’t allow it!)

The full ensemble…Please note the Heidi braids which I can do at last! (My hair is long enough!) Definitely a new favourite hairstyle…

So what exhibition bought those beautiful twosome down to Brighton?

The fabulous ‘Biba and Beyond‘ at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery!

For those of you who can travel and visit – I highly recommend it! For readers overseas, or too far away I tried to snap what I felt were the best bits, to share with you…

Barbara Hulanicki on Brighton fashions in the 1950s… (Dreamy or what?!)

This killed me…I don’t know how I managed to restrain myself from jumping up and stealing the mannequin! 

The walls were littered with admiring quotes, such as this from 60’s icon Twiggy…

One of the aspects I loved most about the exhibition was how personal it seemed. A large amount of the clothes were donated by their original owners, and even had photographs to supplement the memories the wearers had of the clothes. One of my personal favourites is below…

Look at all of those prints!

Dotted around the exhibition were quotes of Biba lovers, and their memories of the infamous stores…

I love how tiny and fitted everything is! Made ideally for the young, post-war malnourished teenagers of England!

Barbara on how she fell in love with her store…

Perhaps one of my favourite features of the exhibition was the Biba make up! Anybody who has seen Lisa Eldridge’s incredible Biba make-over videos will understand my fascination with these incredibly coloured cosmetics…

Just look at those vibrant shades! Urgh! Too good!

The final wall of the exhibition…

I really recommend a visit to anyone who can! ‘Biba and Beyond’ runs until April 2013 so more than enough time to plan a day trip to B-town!

More soon, including some exciting news for anyone who is also Brighton-based!

Love Yours Truly, x