A room in progress! – Yours Truly

I moved house about a month ago and slowly but surely my little boudoir (separate to the bedroom) is slowly coming together! i use the room for my wardrobe, books and for a little ‘studio’ which is still in need of some furniture! I’m on the hunt for a tall chest of drawers, and possibly some apothecary drawers. Until then I have to use an UGLY set of plastic ones…but they will do for now. I painted the walls from a very sterile yellow to a warm olive green – which I LOVE! Also – here are some snaps of inside of the wardrobe cupboard for anyone who wondered what half of my clothing collection looks like!

Well Firstly every girl needs a massive mirror for their room! The boyf hunted this one down for me!
Wardrobe section 1 – my wardrobe goes from black, through the rainbow to white.
As you can see I am quite partial to a good vintage floral!
Two of my suitcases – the little one was from france, on ebay and is decoupaged with childrens books – I LOVE IT! L-R Two of my favourite bowler hats,Eddy Teddy is hiding behind panda bear, Ellie Elephant (my birth toy) Biggles the flying bear (my granddad had a matching bear) a dolls face from brighton market, brun bear, and snoopy toys which were my parents. The oyster lamp was also theirs, and I stole it when I moved out four years ago 😀 The HIDEOUS plastic drawers – I also hope to replace the desk when funds allow.
I threw out about twenty vogues when I moved – and still this lot remain…URGH! lol.
A Tim Walker poster from the exhibition of 2007, my hand-me-down Singer sewing machine, a jewellery tree and a lampshade I ‘borrowed’ when inebriated in a social club… A bit of a mess but what can I say? It’s a work in process and it’s only been a month! Will update when I have more to show! Going to see UP later as well – cany wait! Pixar films fill me with untold joy!