A Snazzy Cardigan & Sylvia Plath…. – Yours Truly

So I have been living back home for a month now and it’s all going quite smoothly despite the massive bus journeys I have to make to my old job a few towns over, and the ridiculously early starts I have to endure to catch the afore mentioned buses. Today however no tedious journeys as I had the DAY OFF! Whoo! I ambled into town in the afternoon for a cup of tea and chinwag with an old friend by the river. Lovely stuff! Then I attempted a few snaps to show you my new cardigan in action but I think Florence (one of my Mums dogs) had other intentions! She kept coming and just making herself comfortable in shot! I love the last picture, Mum and I just burst out laughing at how she plonked down whilst feigning interest in her bone! What a diva!

The cardigan is fabulous though! So comfortable and snug! Also this week I have finished reading ‘The Bell Jar’ by Sylvia Plath. Just going to put it out there – you have to read it! It’s sensational and I just couldn’t put it down!
Love Yours Truly, (and Florence!) x