A Sneaky Peaky… – Yours Truly

So as I briefly mentioned in my last post – Natasha & I did a test shoot for a ‘Lady of the Lake’ themed fashion shoot – we used one outfit as it was mostly to find the best locations within the lake(not too deep and an area which caught the sunset) and at what time the sunlight was at its best. Here is a sneaky peak of two of the test shots… As you can see they are both very different – the first more precise, dreamy and colourful, the second more of a silhouette and abstract – I’m hoping we can somehow find a middle ground between the two styles.

I hope to find a model with lovely long locks for the real shoot. We want to create interesting silhouettes and shapes using the draping of wet fabrics – I think this looks pretty awesome – it reminds me a picture of a sunset that used to hang on the kitchen wall at my parents house. It wasn’t particularly pleasant though – lovely as the location was! I was wearing sandals but could still feel undesirable sludge under my feet, and walking from location to location whilst wet was VERY cold in the evening chill (note to self – take lots of towels for the poor model!) The stares of the evening joggers was a bit cringy… In other news I have applied for the internship at SUPERSUPER mag, and it’s looking promising. I have also applied to be a widowed Grandmother’s garden assistant! I really need the money – and lets face it, the older generations always have the best stories to share – fingers crossed eh? Up the wooden hill to bedfordshire now…bon nuit mon amies!