A wave of nostalgia! – Yours Truly

Talking to my younger sister this evening, we had a giggle about the horrible things we used to do to each other! We shared a bedroom in our youth, so yeah…things got pretty brutal! But there were also the nice things we shared, like learning to do handstands against our bedroom wall, making little woollen braided bracelets for each other, and playing dress up (which for some reason, always resulted in us looking like a vicar and his wife!) Of course I have memories with my brother that I cherish too, but the bond of having a sister is inexplicable to anyone who doesn’t know it.

She’s coming over to see me for a bit tomorrow, and it’s weird because sometimes I still see the teeny kid sister of mine instead of the grown up, pulling all those ridiculous faces of hers, teaching me cats cradle and skipping rope rhymes with her lispy, little mumble.