Angel Costume Sale, London. – Yours Truly

Angels Sale 2010 Preview from Susie Bubble on Vimeo. I went to the first Angels sale…I’m not sure I could muster the strength (or dollar) to go again. Whilst everything looks fabulos in this video the fact that I got literally shoved into a cardboard box head first is a little off putting. Some tips for anyone who does decide to go… 1. GO EARLY!!The earliest you can manage and then go earlier than that! You will be rewarded for you patience in the cold. 2. Don’t try and plan out anything you want specifically but do have an idea of decade that way you can make a b-line straight to that section. 3.When I went the bags were £20 or £50 – but they are available to buy inside so don’t feel you have to panic buy bags at the door – they’re non refundable! 4. Forget polite…these people will kill you for the hat in your hands. 5. Get out alive! And then head to Whole Foods in Kensington for a really well earned gorgeous lunch! 6. Be prepared to have to wash or SUPER febreeze everything you bring back…honestly the mothballs have mothballs. Let me know if any of you do go and show of your finds! Ps. I bought this there last year! But I had to wash it twice!