Another Addiction becomes apparent… – Yours Truly

So on this lazy Sunday afternoon I started to clear and sort through my jewellery boxes…that’s right PLURAL. It would appear I have more Jewellery than an Indian Rajah! These are the boxes I need to contain all of it! And the worst part? This isn’t even all of it – I have more in storage! Oops!

Some of my favourite earrings!
Some of my favourite charm necklaces – I LOVE the hare!

These are some of my most precious (sentimentally) pieces, most of them are inherited or gifts, or just pieces with good stories. The peacock feather goodies are kept in this old tobacco tin I got from a car boot sale. Some of my favourite rings – the troll is from when I was around 7 years old, I love the Rajah ring, and the bone ring is from camden market.
This belonged to my Nanna and is one of my favourite pieces.
So there we go…ANOTHER addiction!