Apparently I'm obsessed… – Yours Truly

So for my birthday on Saturday I received three cards with variations of shoes on them. ‘That’s odd’ I pondered…I’m more of a handbag girl..why does everyone think I’m obsessed with shoes?! Sometimes it takes an intervention before you realise what you really are… Ladies and Gentlemen…my shoe collection follows… I am not ashamed…just pretty shocked (where do I find the room?!)

These are my latest additions! My ‘Wizard of Oz’ shoes if you will! Naturally I already had them in Moc-Croc Grey!

This is a vintage pair of dancing shoes from Ebay – so fabulous!

I used to love getting my feet measured in Clarks – these vintage Clarks shoes are a homage to that!

A little ditsy pair of soft gold dancing shoes

Some well worn in cream brogue style dancing shoes! (I love the dark green insides of these shoes!)

This pair reminded me of 1950’s summertime style. I love the woven wedge (this is the only pair of wedges I own – I just can’t walk in them for some reason!)

My Cadbury coloured dancing shoes!

Absolutely worn to death – but this pair of lime/yellow heels are so comfortable and they go with almost anything!

These are my hangover shoes – or if I’ve been wearing heels the day before! They’re so so so comfortable and it feels like I’m walking round town in my slippers!

I loved these gladiators so much..

I got them in two colours!

I wear these sandals when I don’t want to worry about wrecking my shoes (ie. the Lady of the Lake shoot!!)

I loved these boots – but they’re so worn down as a result! I think the last time I wore them was in Eastbourne over a year ago – but I can’t bear to part with them!

I’m a bit of a brogues fanatic.

Then a couple of weeks later brought the other colourway of the same style! But I adore these ones! Naomi Watts wears a pair almost identical in ‘The Painted Veil’

The Ultimate in comfortable brogues…

I think this was the first pair of pointy toed shoes I brought – they’re comfy AND fabulous! I feel like I’m channeling Wednesday Addams when I wear them! My boy is obsessed with going into Office, whilst he was drooling over limited edition trainers – I spied this pair and brought almost immediately!

And of course – typical of me, I brought them in tarnished gold too a few days later!

These boots make everything look better. END OF.

Probably my favourite shoes – I would even try saving them in a fire if I could. Vintage Doc Marten brogue boots… I live in them…literally…

An ebay bargain! £5 fresh out of the box! Still breaking them in right now. The thing with Docs is that NEW they are the most uncomfortable, blister inducing thing in the world – however once they’re well worn…nothing else could be comfier!

So there we go… I guess I do like shoes. Worst of all whilst taking the photos I recalled that I have at least four pairs more at my parents house, including a pair of black suede wrap-around heeled boots….J’adore.