Autumn Days Begin… – Yours Truly

So the last days of Summer were swept away in a flurry of rain showers and gale force winds and before you even had a chance to do up the buttons of your winter coat, the temperatures dropped… So what to do in the face of such miserable weather? Well how about raiding Beyond Retro and local car boot sales for some cosy new additions to an already over-populated wardrobe!

This adorable 1950’s coat (which I suspect is actually a children’s design?) was found when Joshua and I ducked in to Beyond Retro to avoid a rain shower and say hello to our friend who works there.

Being forced by adverse weather conditions into a vintage haven was never going to bode well for my poor purse! However as soon as I saw this coat I fell completely in love with it!

It instantly reminded me of the little coat that Jane Banks wears in ‘Mary Poppins’ – and as long-time readers of this blog will know…I love me a bit of Mary Poppins!

The socks I’m wearing were a recent purchase from H&M, my brogues are New Look (I know…I couldn’t believe it either!) a couple of years ago, and my vanity case was from a flea market.

I’m wearing another recent find, a gorgeous deep mustard, real wool scarf which when I bought it from the car boot salesman was declared as ‘Genuine Grandma’…Fantastic!

My little Scottie brooch also seemed like a sensible option on such a tweedy-esque coat!

This week I’ve been trying to shape up my new bedroom to how I want it to be. Whilst the search for certain elements continues (bedside table needed…Gargh!) and I need to figure out how to secure my picture frames on walls which are essentially dust held up by the wall paper, here is my room so far…

I’m so chuffed that my fold-away table is able to be fully extended! It’s become a bit of a dumping ground whilst I figure out the space, but it is also shaping up to be a pretty good workspace!

And I even have room to have my crafty books nearby for easy reference!

My little collection of vintage stuffed friends have found a space to hang out together! The monkey with the cymbals was a present from my sister for my last birthday, and quite frankly there are no words for how crazy I am about him! Did you know Marlene Dietrich had one too?

Another car boot find, this key holder keeps my charm necklaces in order…

A built in wardrobe which I really need to sort out… I must have a clear out soon or that poor rail will snap clean in two!

Above the built in wardrobe my vanity cases fill the space perfectly! (I’m not taking this as a sign to not find any more!)

My new bed frame which was a high street find! Again, some sort of Mary Poppins or ‘Bed Knobs and Broom Sticks’ influence must be there somewhere…

And for a measly 20p…How could I leave a very battered copy of ‘Brighton Rock’…I’ve been on the hunt for a penguin edition for ages!

So there we have it! It needs a lot of work yet I think, but I’m happy with how my little abode is shaping up. It certainly is a very cosy place to while away the hours!

More soon,

Love Yours Truly, x