Baroque & Roll – The Sketchbook – Yours Truly

My Latest Collection has been primarily inspired by Sofia Coppola’s motion picture ‘Marie Antoinette’ a biopic depicting the notorious French monarchs rise and fall in 18th Century Versailles. The colour palette of the film was inspired by a box of pastel coloured macaroons, so this is also where my palette also originated – creating a beautiful, light, feminine colour choice. The decadence and the naughty opulence of 18th century Versailles also helped inspire a youthful, energetic feel to the collection. To give the collection depth, I began to research the history of Rock & Roll – a musical movement that has been translated differently by every generation since the 1950’s. I want the collection to encapsulate the energy of youth – its daring, frivolous nature. Marie Antoinette after all, was only 19 when she came to the French throne! I looked at 50’s Rock n’ Roll, 60’s Psychedelic, 70’s Punk, and 80’s New Wave, to find a common ground between each generation – rebellion. My sketchbooks are an indispensable part of my working process – I use the pages to develop colour stories, design details, and to fuel my imagination.  I prefer to use fashion images, relevant coloured photos and illustrations, and use very little text – as I meticulously chose the imagery and therefore want it to speak for itself. I don’t want to heavily dictate what the collection is – I think it should be open for interpretation. I then work into the pages with embellishments like flowers, sequins, ribbons and buttons, to create a tactile, interesting development of ideas.