BIRTHDAY Archives – Yours Truly

Twenty six. Ouch! 

Fortunately I don’t act, look or acknowledge my age, so this is not as issue! (She says hyper-ventilating into a paper bag!) 

For my birthday this year I was treated to two very lovely days in London, one of which was with my younger sister Chloe. 

We spent the day shopping, and having a good nose around London, including this beautiful little park…

The dress is one of my ultimate favourites – it’s so simple and pretty, in fact the incredibly astute amongst you may recognise it as the dress I wore for my birthday last year! (Perhaps I’ll start a little tradition!)

Larking about… 

(sometimes outfit photos in public places are just the most face-reddening experience ever! Garggg!)

My perfect vintage tweed blazer that I am lately wearing unhealthy amounts… I just adore it!

And I cannot fail to mention these new polka-dot beauties! A bargain find in the Asos sale, they are not only stupidly high, but all things considered pretty comfortable too! And of course…Ten times better when teamed with little ankle socks!

Ahhh freshly dyed hair…Nothing better! 

The park is called ‘Postman’s Park’, located near St. Pauls in East London. Although a very pretty park, with quite an interesting history (it’s built upon an old burial ground – which is why the park is raised above every thing else surrounding it) it is most commonly known for the ‘Memorial to Self Sacrifice’.

Beautiful tiles line across a wall within the garden, each commemorating a different individual who gave their life to save anothers.

I tried to snap some examples, but as we visited near dusk the light was a bit funny and the gardner was locking the gates (queue frantic photographing!) I think you’ll get the idea though!

This one really got me…(and it’s so aesthetically beautiful too)

The memorial was created by George Frederic Watts, as a consequence of reading about Alice Ayres plight in a newspaper. After his death, Georges wife continued his work, creating a wall which, to date has 54 plaques.

I really recommend having a read about this garden if you have a spare minute or two – there’s so much history in such a little space!

And if you think you already recognise it, it may be from the film ‘Closer’ as several key scenes with Jude Law and Natalie Portman take place within the garden…

Anyway! I digress! Back to Birthday tomfoolery!

After a good shop, my sister surprised me with afternoon tea for two in Kettners, a beautiful converted Georgian house which now makes for a elegant little tea room!

We had the works! Little salmon and cream cheese sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, cakes, scones and trifle! And so much more! We were so full when we left!

The chef even scribbled ‘Happy Birthday Kerry’ in chocolate sauce for me around our mini treacle tarts and raspberry and pomegranate mousse…Tasty stuff!

Chloe in the tres elegant powder room! Ooh la la!

A gorgeous white grand piano, which is played on Thursday evenings apparently! It would have been perfect had someone been sat there, tinkling on the ivories whilst we nibbled our way through enough to feed a small army!

Guess who wants the last Chelsea bun?

After the loveliness of Chloes surprise, I informed her I had one of my own up my sleeve for her too! You should have seen her little face when I told her I had booked tickets for us to go and see ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ that night!

The whole production was incredible – I had those nerves when you think something you really love is about to be ruined (Singin’ in the Rain is one of my all time favourite movies!)

Fortunately, a lot of time and effort has evidently gone into this production, and it was a very faithful adaptation, which at some points left us literally gasping in awe!

Thanks for a lovely day Chloe!

And because I wanted to share the following photos with you, it’s worth a mention that on my actual birthday (when I had to work – boo!) I spent the evening with Joshua and his family, having a gorgeous meal out in the sun…

Ava and her Uncle Josh..Who can blame her for being curious about that hair!

Meanwhile Taylor was intent on messing mine up with one of those head massaging things…

But he did help me blow out my candles (I find the birthday cake experience, lovely but mortifying in equal measure!) taking some of the attention off of me and my mullet-esque hair!

So there we have it. Twenty six. 

Nothing to do but get on with it (and pretend you’re still twenty one!)

More soon,

Love Yours Truly, x