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‘Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I’ve ever known’ – Chuck Palahniuk

It’s not like me to start a post with a quote, but then again this post does have a different style in whole to my usual content.

The photos I feature on this post (to prevent it from looking like an essay!) are some of my favourite black dresses…I tried to style them as little as possible, just to show – it’s you who makes the outfit!

I’ve become aware over the last few weeks of waves in the tide-pool of blogging, and have read numerous posts on various blogs about the cons of blogging, the effort, the invasion, the narcissism of it all.

So I thought I would throw my two pence into the fountain!

To begin with, I feel I should tell you that this little blog of mine is something I am equally proud of and embarrassed by. In some social situations, I have wanted to crack open the floorboards under my feet and crawl away, rather than answer polite questions about my blog!

My favourite Little Black Dress – a vintage number from Beyond Retro that fits like a glove!

It’s hard to explain why I stand in front of doorways or shabby walls for outfit photos to some people. I often find myself biting my tongue, holding back from asking a friend to snap me in my tea dress – I mean, would they ‘get it’?

That being said, I am proud of the effort and work that goes into this blog. I am so pleased with its minute success, and so happy to continually share parts of my life with so many wonderful, like-minded readers and fellow bloggers. It’s a pleasure – honestly!

A sparkly little number from my Uni days. I bought this whilst I worked at Topshop, and would wear it with these Doc Marten brogue boots (which I rarely wear now, but love too much to lose!)

What I don’t like, as I have always stated (quoting from my lookbook account now!) is when personal style comes with a ‘better-than-thou’ attitude.

I’d be the first to tell you I’m not doing anything ground-breaking here. But if my posts cheer up someones afternoon, makes them want to try wearing mustard (lets face it – I’ve been wearing this colour A LOT lately!) or if you decided to emulate a particular outfit of mine…Then I would be incredibly touched and flattered.

One of the toughest elements of blogging is knowing when to draw the line on the ‘personal’. When Josh’s niece Ava-Lily was born, I didn’t know if it was appropriate for me to share that. However in truth I chose to (and to continue to) as she and her brother bring me so much joy! Something that surely has to be celebrated.

A sweet and feminine polka dot beauty from H&M. This was a bargain, and I love it’s versatility from night to day.

I have some friends who don’t wish to feature, and a boyfriend who so graciously not only regularly contributes with his photography skills, but doesn’t bat an eye when I post pictures of him too.

It’s about finding a balance I suppose. 

As one of the articles I read recently stated, you can end up living behind a camera. Constantly taking photos of your experiences and perhaps not experiencing them properly. This was another reason (as well as moving home!) for my short break last year.

A vintage 1970’s dress I found on eBay – it’s quite dramatic! 

I have only ever wanted this blog to be honest. But truthfully… I don’t dress like this all the time. 80% of my week is spent in a work uniform or pyjamas (collapsed in bed with my laptop/crocheting/book!) I chose to dress a bit more flamboyantly my days off, and really appreciate the opportunity to be creative.

I want to end on another quote, one that a friend said this week that really resonated with me.

Upon complimenting him on his choice of (dark blue and bottle green tartan) trousers, he smiled, said 

‘Thanks…They make me feel good’

And in five short words and a smile…He described exactly how I feel about style.

I hope you feel good too.