Blooming Marvellous! – Yours Truly

Finally some weather which seems a bit more Summery! How lovely to be able to sit out in the garden and have lazy afternoons, chit chatting and drinking pink lemonade (my FAVOURITE Summertime drink!)

This skirt was a charity shop find earlier this week, it cost a very thrifty 50p! Can’t say fairer than that! The cardigan is from eBay and the body is Topshop. The clogs are practically living on my feet right now! I bought them in a sale at the end of last Summer and I’m so glad I did! Comfy and a slight heel? Perfect!

I bought this necklace in my first year of University and I still love it! And now it reminds me of a song that Josh and I sing together too!

My parents are growing all sorts in their garden this year… I don’t know how they manage it! I am very botanically challenged…

The full ensemble…and a very moody face for some reason!

I also picked up some other great bargains in the same charity shop, including this great pattern! (I’m so going to attempt to make my own beachwear!)

And three great records for £1! I love Glen Miller since dancing around to him as a child at my Grandparents home. Simon and Garfunkel are perfect for mornings and waking up to…and Disney? Well I just thought it would be something fun to listen to on a rainy afternoon!

The strawberries in my parents garden…Hurry up and ripen please!

The Material Girl magazine giveaway is still open if you want to enter! I’ll be closing it at some point this week. Also this week I’ll be putting some bits and pieces up on eBay, so I’ll be sure to let you guys know when I do. I certain I can think of a special offer for my lovely readers! Until then! Have a great week!