Brainstorming Session – Yours Truly

So today I ambled into town to meet Natasha (above!) and Sian to talk about the magazine we are planning to release. After a little beverage and a chat in a coffee shop we proceeded to raid the charity shops to see what they had to offer for inspiration. Check out what I found for a £1! A vintage velvet horse riding helmet! For ONE english pound! Astonishing! I’m sure it’ll feature in a photo-shoot very soon. Upon buying it I had to promise the old lady behind the cash desk that I wouldn’t ride a horse wearing it, as she couldn’t be sure it was a safe helmet! I adore old ladies!! Also picked up these – I had been on the hunt for some so imagine how chuffed I was to find some for 30p! I know what I’m using them for – so will post it up once the photos are done! We’re currently developing ideas of the magazines aesthetic and what to feature in the first issue. My good friend Alex Bomok, a graphic design student ( is also developing a font for us – exciting stuff! So here’s one more to leave you with…Sian hard at work…Tash in hard pain. Sometimes it’s really lousy to be a girl. (99.9% of the time it’s awesome!)