Brighton Beyond Retro… – Yours Truly

Today I went to Brighton with my friend Natasha for no other reason than it’s a lovely seaside town that makes us both exceedingly happy…oh…and there’s a new Beyond Retro there!

It did, admittedly, take us a while to find it – we stopped stylish girls on the street and eventually with their help found our way!

It blew me away just how much lovely stuff there was in there! And the merchandising was lovely – and for once the staff were friendly ( I always feel SO intimidated in Beyond Retros…no matter how cool I may have thought I looked before I entered)
I resisted buying anything – as I am quite poor this month, however I did eye up a beautiful magenta pencil skirt, a mustard knitted cardigan, and a rather amazing denim/floral jacket.
I look forward to returning with money…and I’d better, as the only fault I could find, was that everything was rather generically priced. ie. ALL jumpers were £14 whether they were plain or not, and ALL skirts were £18…you get the idea…then the REAL vintage flew up in prices! A Hawaiian shirt was £50…it’s a bit steep, but I suppose it’s very GOOD vintage! It was playing whilst we mooched…what an AWESOME shopping experience! (Natasha and I both admitted to each other afterwards that we had wanted to burst into applause once the track ended!) Hope you had a lovely day too,