Brighton Burgers… – Yours Truly

I have a little saying which I like to use from time to time, when upon my trips visiting Joshua, we try and figure out what to do with the day… ‘You don’t make plans for Brighton, Brighton makes plans for you!’ I had spent the evening (whilst poor old Josh was at work) at our friends Margaux and Alecs (of The Splendid Suitcase)flat. Drinking tea (I sampled some Redbush…Tasty!) and chatting about favourite bloggers, clothes and sharing anecdotes. So please try to imagine my utter delight, when I was presented with this beautiful vintage Parisian coat from the stylish duo, as a thank you for blog giveaway I ran last month. I mean seriously…It’s heavenly! The cream vanity case was a recent eBay purchase, bringing my suitcase collection up to a ‘it’s-okay-I-use-them-as-storage’ eight! Oops! How many cases does one girl need?! The coat as afore mentioned is from The Splendid Suitcase (all their vintage is sourced in France, so they get some really original pieces!)

We then decided to have an amble after taking my outfit photos, when we stumbled across ‘Grubbs Burgers’ which is a mini chain (three) of burger bars in Brighton. Now I don’t eat fast food, as I don’t like the ethics and global domination of those huge corporations. I do however, bloody love burgers! So it’s a win win going to Grubbs! Supporting a local business and indulging in some (queue Pulp Fiction quote) TASTY burgers! It’s so satisfying knowing your food is being made freshly for you…
Call me boring but I went for a classic Cheeseburger with extra Gherkins..It was so good!

Proof of my burger enjoyment! (I’m a girl who likes her grub!)

Now this chap however (caught unawares having a little pre-dinner daydream!) He has a rather unconventional taste!

This is Josh’s favourite burger (when we make them together at home we replicate this recipe for him) Yup. A burger with pineapple, banana and peanut butter. My mind boggles. I can’t bring myself to try a bite…

After our burgers we toddled off in the direction of home, when conversation turned to the recent BBC Jean Shrimpton and David Bailey drama (link here!) which I had watched that morning. I found it a bit ‘meh’ to be honest, with only a few redeeming features, which I’ll spare you the details of now! However a nice little tidbit of knowledge is that Miss Shrimpton actually hails from the same home town as Josh and I! So in tribute to the long-limbed icon, I decided to throw a ‘Shrimpy-esque’ pose on a park bench, amidst the dog walkers and football fans on their way to the pub! However instead of looking strong and gazelle-like, I achieved a look more akin to Superman posing for a Outerwear catalogue! Ah well!

Oh! And the hair is slowly but surely beginning to fade back to it’s former gingery goodness! Horay!

Huge thank you to Alec and Margaux for my beautiful new coat…I simply adore it! So there we go! An outfit I didn’t plan, and a lunch I didn’t expect…Brighton certainly does make good plans for you!

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