British Summertime… – Yours Truly

Before you think I have completely lost my sanity, I can assure you I was wearing my coat today! I just whipped it off for a quick picture of my new dress. Originally from a Kate Moss range for Topshop, this dress evoked memories of ‘The Sound of Music’ for me, probably because of the heavy woven fabric and the pinafore style.

The unusual thing is I’m actually wearing the dress back to front! The real front has buttons that trail down the right hand middle side, and this infuriates me somewhat, as I (and this may be slightly OCD) am not really a fan of asymmetric detailing in my clothing.
The tights are from H&M, and they are such a gorgeous, fresh springy colour! And once again, my white brogues are making an appearance…poor things, they really could do with a break! So today we went for a lovely moochy type day out, of doing lots but not very much!

Breakfast included savoury pancakes with cous cous, chorizo and bean salad with gorgeous coke floats! The decor of the cafe was so bright and cheerful…even if the weather wasn’t quite there!

How adorable is that childrens toy hung in the corner? And the wallpaper….amazing! We also had an amble on the pier and beach…

Making friends with the noisy seagulls…

Check out my boys nautical co-ordination! What a champ!

I am loving having time off work to do nothing very much! It’s so rewarding!

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