Caravan Girl… – Yours Truly

Another title inspired by a song! This time a little tip of the hat to Goldfrapp…It just seemed very appropriate for these photos, the last (sob!) of my Portugal holiday posts… This is the little caravan Joshua and I called home for our stay in Lagos…I miss it so much! It was truly magical staying in such a cosy little environment with the sounds of nature to fall asleep to… This outfit is a quite a girly one I think! I had just that day finished reading ‘Never Let Me Go’ by Kazuo Ishiguro so I think I was feeling a bit romantic and wistful due to that! The dress and shoes are both old Topshop worn with Urban Outfitters socks and my Nannas locket. This little bridge was over the stream at the bottom of the land opposite our caravan…Seriously I didn’t have enough outfits to do this amazing scenery justice! Joshua took these photos as I negotiated the bumpy grass terrain in wooden clogs…Don’t you love it when something sporadic turns out quite wonderful? I love the lightness these photos have (well done that man!) Speaking of the curly haired one, here he is with Tiago performing in the village. The two boys both did sets throughout a night of drinking one euro beers and chatting with the locals. Such a lovely evening…SIGH! And here I am dressed down in some comfy clothes heading into the main house for a heavenly dinner (Tiagos Mum sure knows how to cook!) The cardigan belongs to Josh, though I’m desperate to make it mine! It’s just so snuggly! This camper van belongs to Tiagos Auntie who travelled around Marrakech in it…This definitely got us thinking about our next holiday destination! Oh – and I had to show you this! It hung in the house of the artist who is doing Tiagos album artwork. They had such creative walls, including broken skateboards as makeshift shelves. I felt a bit stupid sneaking off to photograph this, but I loved it so much! Oh the secrecy of being a blogger eh? So there we go! That’s my Portugal holiday in it’s entirety for you all! I hope you enjoyed reading these posts are much as I have compiling them. This blog was such a wonderful excuse to proactively go out and explore, documenting everything along the way – I even took notes so I wouldn’t forget to tell you anything! I have some great Brighton posts coming up soon, and the winner of the Blog Birthday Giveaway will be announced in my next post. Entries are therefore now closed. Also, for those of you who are regulars you may have noticed I have a new tab on my side bar. I’m having a stab at entering the ‘Cosmopolitan Blogger of the Year‘ awards. If you would like to nominate me, I would be very grateful! I’m not sure if I’m the right kind of blogger for this, but there’s no harm in having a go right? Therefore to eligible for nomination, I have joined Twitter! You can now follow my daily ramblings! The link is HERE if you would like to have a snoop! Hope you’re all having a lovely week…Nearly the weekend! Ps. This week I stumbled into Gita, a reader in Brighton. It was lovely to meet you and I’m sorry I was so quiet – I’m always completely stunned that anyone would know me, so I clam right up! Fortunately Joshua saved the day as my impromptu PA! It was lovely to meet you! 

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