Charity Shopping… – Yours Truly

This afternoon I went for a spot of charity shopping to cheer myself up – and it really worked! Spending the grand total of four english pounds I snapped up these gorgeous goodies from the Aladdin’s cave that is the ‘Autistic Shop’ in Reading. Firstly these cheeky chappies are going to make a welcome addition to my jewellery collection! I store the jewellery I wear day to day in tea cups and on little china plates – so these two will fit right in! And at 50p each how could I possibly resist?

I’ve been after a dress in this colour for ages, so even if it had cost more than £1 I would have probably loosened the purse strings regardless!
I didn’t even try this one on or hold up against my reflection. I saw it. I loved it. I grabbed it. Did I mention it was only £2? And how adorable are the toggles?!
So there we go, I left the shop feeling a lot better than I had when I entered and even had change for a cup of tea and a cake on my way home! Lovely stuff!