Chic Bar and Counter Stools

by the fashion magpie domestic accessories, home Decor, interior layout, interiors, kitchen, kitchen decor, seating*image above thru indoors designer Chauncey Boothby, proposing S&L’s sunwashed riviera chairs.**Heads up: Nordstrom’s semi-annual sale opens to the public (i.e., me) tomorrow! All my pinnacle alternatives here. I did come to be ordering a second Nuna Rava someplace else due to the fact (ugh, aesthetics) I desired it to match our first one, that’s black, notion it would appearance higher in our new automobile.

 I absolutely bar stools, love this car seat.

I’m satisfied I went beforehand and ordered due to the fact I assume Dillard’s is the simplest vicinity that still has it in black! we are in a bit of a conundrum, as we aren’t but ready to want of bar/counter stools — we spend so much time within the kitchen, and we’re continuously leaning in opposition to the island, willing chairs to appear underneath us. I bet that’s one available element approximately taking our time with decorating — we are beginning to understand, with useless-on clarity, which portions we are able to use undertaking with the clothier will be targeted at the family room, the family room opens up into the kitchen, and so we want the gap to all “hang collectively,”

i’m thinking specifically of getting the valence over the kitchen window healthy the drapes inside the own family room, and it all at once appears like picking if we’ll simply wait till we paintings with her and forgo bar/counter stools within the period in-between, or get something we adore now and paintings it into the general area while we do. i have been performing some homework, although, and desired to share some chic alternatives in case you are in the marketplace.

MAGPIE and i both LOVE those CB2 ONES —

SO unusual AND chic — AND those, though I fear THE LATTER won’t BE VERY realistic in the mean time GIVEN THE UPHOLSTERED cloth (AM IMAGINING GRUBBY fingers AND SYRUP SPILLS AND MARKER SWIPES)I realize lots of you’re tired of THIS BISTRO fashion, however NOW THAT I reflect on consideration on still discover THE design fascinating + LIKE THAT IT INTRODUCES some shade AND TEXTURE…those might be THE triumphing ticket LOVE THE style of these round-sponsored ONES; OUR eating ROOM CHAIRS FROM RH ARE VERY similar! those within the LINEN/COCINA grey blend ARE SO fashionable these CHIPPENDALE styles ARE SO superb —

LOVE THAT they arrive IN BLUE OR green to PURVEYOR…AND much like THE ABOVE, FROM A greater low-cost source stay FOR CANING info THE FRENCH gray/BLUE color IS SO exciting on this excellent CHAIRLOVE all of the a laugh material options THIS ONE offers CAN’T BEAT THE price of these, AND LOVE THE MOODY BLUE…IT HAS CROSSED MY mind THAT maybe WE purchase these AND promote/DONATE whilst so much WE’LL maintain THEM! the other regions I’ve been looking at in my domestic are the youngsters’ rooms.

we’re lacking loads of pieces for them since mini’s room in NYC doubled as the playroom — it was surely great for a bedroom so this worked well, however now we’ve a right play room for them similarly to pleasant considerable bedrooms for both of them — and micro’s room changed what the NYC real property marketplace refers to as “a maid’s room.” It was itty bitty, and right off the kitchen, with out sufficient area for even a glider! a few pieces I’m eyeing for them…+A glider for micro’s room. we are properly past the nursing/bottle-feeding days,

however I still suppose it’d be comfortable to rock in there with him. We study books together all of the time —
on the ground of his bed room — and that i nevertheless use the glider in mini’s room together with her all the time. besides, gliders. I’ve heard such good things about this one from PBK. I wish it came in greater amusing shades, however I’m guessing i would go along with a neutral or grey and then add some fun throw pillows,


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