Confront the dark parts of yourself…. – Yours Truly

. ..and work to vanish them with illumination and forgiveness. This week is flying by! On my day off this week I ventured to The Barn, which is a big warehouse-type building that sells lots and lots of lovely vintage – you really have to rummage though! Two of my finds are in the look below, including the black mesh blouse (£1.50) and the leopard print headscarf (£2.00). I’ve taken to wearing the headscarf as a head wrap, I love the way the prints line up.

These boots are also quite new, and it was pretty much love at first sight!

And so! The exciting news of the week! I have entered Elle magazines fantastic new competition, ‘Shopgirl to Stylist’ which gives the winner (who has to work in fashion retail) a chance to style a photoshoot for Elle and up to 6 months internship with the magazine. This was too good an opportunity to miss, as it is pretty much my dream! I just need to get on the first rung of the ladder… Therefore I would appreciate it TREMENDOUSLY if you could take a couple of minutes to vote for me! Below are some examples of some of the styling work I have done in the past, all pretty novice admittedly, but I just love the process of creating the perfect look. Also on the side bar is a link to my lookbook, where you can see some examples of my personal style. The link if you do want to vote is – HERE!

All Photography credited to Natasha Mann – flickr More of my Barn purchases soon!