Day Two…The Zoo! – Yours Truly

For the record, I love exploring a new Zoo! I always do a bit of research beforehand to check the animals are well cared for, and read reviews from the public, just to make sure there’s no disappointment on the day. After having loved Berlin Zoo a couple of Summers ago, I was excited to visit Lagos Zoo with Josh. Amazingly the Zoo was only a fifteen minute walk from Tiagos parents home, so it was the perfect little day trip! I’m wearing one of my favourite summer dresses, a cute little broderie anglais affair! The bag is from eBay (it goes everywhere with me!) the sandals are from Office a few summers ago, and the vintage fruit brooch was a hat trim I modified. After the rainy English weather we had today I can’t believe I was in a summer dress just a little while ago! Boo! I want my holiday back! Joshua wore his new 1940’s high waisted trousers with an 1970’s woven shirt and vintage brogues…He’s so cool!(Swoon!) Now I feel I should warn you, I took A LOT of photos, and it was really difficult to trim them all down for one post!  So for now I’ve just put up my favourites, but I’ve decided once I’ve finished with my Portugal blog posts I’m going to do a facebook album on the Yours Truly page so I can share more with you all! Let begin with this beautiful fella… A cheeky little meerkat that seemed quite interested in Josh! I know they look like toilet-brushes but aren’t they pretty?! I don’t know what was harder in achieving this photo. Trying to capture all the colours of the birds iridescent feathers, or keeping Josh from trying to pick him up!  This was the entrance to the farmland section, filled with goats, donkeys, turkeys, hens, cows, pigs and sheep. As well as roughly a million guinea pigs (they’ve clearly been left to their own devices!) I get a bit funny when I see Tortoises. I just think they look so other-worldly and ancient. I love how slowly they move, and their scaly arms. I could have happily watched this old boy eating his lunch all afternoon! Be warned. There is a baby Porcupine in this photo and it is really…REALLY cute. Josh celebrating after feeding the carps and the ducks (we came all the way to Portugal to feed ducks! HA!)  and myself feeding a rather over-zealous goat! There were hundreds of these little guys swimming in one of the lakes! You’d just see their heads bobbing along next to the birds that were also in there… I’ve also always had a bit of a thing for Toucans…Can you blame me when they look this incredible? We found out that Toucans can eat Macaw Parrots when they fancy it! Frankly I can’t get my head round that… Wandering amidst the bamboo… And then a quick snap on the walk home! If it looks familiar you might be thinking of this! Once I’ve worked my way through some more photos I’ll be sure to pop another post up. I’m really enjoying re-living the holiday through these posts! Ps. The Blog Birthday Competition launches tomorrow on my facebook page! Join to enter! Good luck! 

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