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It is often mused in literature and cinema, that to achieve happiness in life, you must take notice of the little things that surround you. That somewhere within the seemingly never-ending mundane routines that we endure, we can discover fleeting glimmers of joy. I whole-heartedly embrace this ideology, though admittedly it can be difficult to maintain on a daily basis.

However I like to think of myself as a glass-half-full kind of girl, and living in this beautiful city on the English coast certainly makes it easy to discover magic in the monotony. A few weeks ago marked my first year anniversary of living in Brighton, though what with my comings-and-goings over the last three years it certainly feels like longer!

I am still completely in love with this place. I adore seeing the sea (almost) every day, and discovering how many varied and beautiful blue and green hues the waves can turn. I love the people, the sense of community, the food (markets, cafes, restaurants…I have a serious love affair with grub!) and the fact that there is nearly always something to see, or hear or experience.

Which leads me very nicely into an afternoon walk Joshua and I took a week or so ago…

We decided to make the most of the clear, bright weather and head to a nearby park called ‘The Level’, somewhere we used to frequent (see here and here) prior to Josh moving away from the area. 

In the last year the park has undergone a huge renovation, funded by a National Lottery grant.

I wore a new vintage skirt from Beyond Retro, with jersey basics from H&M, vintage Dior stockings, and a turban headband, necklace and shoes all from Topshop ages ago. 

Though completely enamoured with the fabric of this skirt, it did prove to be a bit of a tricky one in terms of building an outfit around it! I felt somewhere between 1920’s flapper and a genie in the end!

And of course, I had to bring along one of my notoriously impractical vanity cases! I found this little blue one in Lewes last year, it certainly brightens up a cloudy day!

Now whilst I had heard amazing things about the results of the renovation of the park, I had yet to see it for myself, and was eager to discover how they’d transformed a pretty dated, derelict space into somewhere that was better for the whole community.

Please believe me when I say, I was completely blown away. 

It’s beautiful. And it certainly fits the bill with regards to the whole community!

There is a new huge skatepark (how often are teenagers/youths overlooked in projects like this?) which we stood and watched people using for ten minutes or so. It’s a well thought out space, with (from what I can gather in my limited knowledge of such things!) practically every kind of concrete structure you could possible want as a skater!

An eco-cafe with solar panels and a grass roof opens next month, and the kids playground is just amazing! The space is natural, with so many plants and trees amongst the play areas, creating little walk ways for small people to explore.

And then there are the bridges…

We were lucky enough to have a bit of a chat to the project manager, who informed us (between us gushing at how great we thought the park now looked!) that the two bridges that stand central in the park are actually listed.

Therefore as part of the conditions of maintaining the grant, they had to stay, and the vine walk-way that originally stood around them had to be re-built.

Whilst the model boat lake may be gone, it’s nice to have a nod to yesteryear within all the newness.

We were then about to head off for some lunch, when we were stopped and photographed by a lovely lady called Ingrid.
I didn’t think too much of it afterwards, until…

She not only sent the photo, but this amazing illustration she did of us too! Ingrid (Allan) is studying at Brighton University, and snapped us as part of her latest project.

I’m so thrilled she did!

So, in what started as a walk to ‘just get out of the house’ turned out to be a beautiful afternoon. Not only did it cement my adoration for the city I’ve chosen to call home for the last year, but helped me to remember that wonderful Roald Dahl quote.

‘And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it’

Love Yours Truly, x 

Last Thursday I journeyed up to London in the rain and gloom, with the sole purpose of trawling the notorious vintage haunts for something truly special to wear to an event I have coming up.

Believe me, I know better than most that my wardrobe is already filled to bursting (a perpetual ‘clear out’ situation always seems to be in motion!) but sometimes it’s just lovely and frivolous to have something new to wear to an occasion, and to feel all the more amazing for it!

With a bit of change in my pocket, and comfortable shoes on my feet I set off! My main port of call being Brick Lane and the Shoreditch area – where row after row of second hand clothing shops sit neatly next to each other, all a stones through away from the famous Spitalfields Market.

The skirt I’m wearing is a fairly new find courtesy of eBay, I love the slightly abstract palm print, though I did have to make some amendments to the cut with my sewing machine – I don’t think anyone but Jessica Rabbit has hips that curved!

My insect bracelet is an old favourite from my Uni days (it’s battered and falling to bits!) and my nail polish is by ‘& Other Stories’ – I am literally obsessed with their brightly pigmented beauty products lately!

My camel jumper is from Topshop a couple of years ago, worn with a velvet bow tie from H&M. 

My coat and vintage vanity case were both eBay finds, and my blinding gold shoes (which remind me of exotic old ladies!) are from Primark (I couldn’t believe it either!)

As you can see I’m still enjoying being reunited with my yellow eye make up! Worn with ‘So Chaud’ lipstick by Mac. I have to admit, I’m really enjoying wearing bright cosmetics again, especially when the weather is so grey!

And so what treasures did I find on my little shopping excursion? In all honesty – not a lot!

Isn’t it always the way when you have a bit of free money to spend?

I tried reliable favourites like ‘Beyond Retro’, and ‘This Shop Rocks’ but alas nothing really jumped out at me!

I guess the real success of vintage shopping is to not be searching for anything in particular.

So with my event looming this week, I still haven’t a clue what to wear, but I’m optimistic!
I know I’ll hash together something out of golden oldies in my wardrobe, and then probably feel ten times more confident and comfortable than had I been wearing something new.

Well that’s what I’m telling myself anyway!
I look forward to sharing the results with you!

Love Yours Truly, x 

Well…Long time no see eh? After a month or so away from blogging, I realised I’d had a little break about the same time last year.

It was much for the same reasons to be honest. It’s nice to step away from madly trying to document everything, to enjoy the Summer, company of friends and seeing new places.

That being said, I still found myself carrying my camera around, even if I wasn’t always snapping outfit photos! Doh!

A few weeks back, I went to London to visit my friend Richard to go view The British Music Experience at the O2.

I based my outfit on a pair of textured black skinny trousers (unfortunately the amazing black-on-black pattern doesn’t photograph very well!) teamed with a beautiful velvet smock dress from Monsoon, that I found for a snip on eBay.
My cardigan is H&M, the coffee pot necklace was my Nanna’s and the scarf worn on my head was a thrifty find from Berlin.

I had a bit of an epiphany lately when it comes to my sartorial choices. I felt that I had been playing it safe when it came to colour in my outfits.

I recalled how adventurous I was in my late teens, wearing blindingly-bright theatre paint on my eyes, and lusting after anything multi-coloured or visually interesting.

Whilst those foundations have remained, I have felt a little uninspired lately (perhaps another reason for the break!)

So although still relatively subtle, this outfit felt like a step in the right direction – I even reunited my eyelids with yellow (in shadow not theatre paint this time!)

As for the exhibition…It was awesome! Richard and I have long bonded over a shared passion for music, and this amazing exhibition had us dancing and singing all the way round!

And despite being told off for taking a photo, I couldn’t resist slyly snapping a few more for you to see!

There are six different rooms which each contain a different decade, and all the music, paraphernalia and social history, to give you a full idea of how British music evolved and developed.

The Beatles obviously got a little mention…

1960’s frocks that were worn by Dusty Springfield and Petula Clark…

Glam rock! As a huge fan of T-Rex and Mr Bowie, I loved this room!

And of course, a healthy dose of the Rolling Stones, including this daring catsuit by Ossie Clark, worn by Mick Jagger (phwoar!)

The information that the exhibition provides is so interesting! Learning about how America and Britain competed to get ‘the latest sound’ and how political and social events influenced what we listened to was great to found out about!

Plus with so many soundbites, videos and headphones dotted around – we were literally in musical heaven!

After all that excitement, an iced tea was deemed essential!

And although I haven’t been blogging, I have kept up with sharing on instagram, including some recent purchases, like this retro fabric duck (a surprise car boot find!) a beautiful woven kimono jacket from the Zara sale, a new bedside lamp fromMade and a whole heap of beautifully coloured cosmetics from & Other Stories!

I also holidayed in Berlin with Joshua (a post to come soon!) visited Arundel Castle with some friends, had a giggle and a catch up with my younger sister, and celebrated Ava Lily turning two! 

And news just in (well about a week ago now!) I had my hair chopped off even shorter!

I’ll give you all a proper look soon, but suffice to say I am thrilled with it – the hairdresser did an amazing job!

So there we have it! I’ll be posting regularly from now on, and have quite a lot of backlogged adventures to share with you too!

Thanks for sticking around!

Love Yours Truly, x

Brighton has become Barbados. Ok, perhaps not quite, but we certainly are experiencing one hell of a heatwave!

So like most of this seaside towns residents – when the sun hit, we descended to the beach!

Picnics, books and sun-screen in tow, we have happily wasted many an afternoon recently, some of which feature below! (Let’s take a folding picnic table bench to enjoy the picnic with friends and family!)

I finally got round to wearing a vintage Jamaican print shirt which I bought a couple of years ago, with the intention of using it as a beach cover up – however I thought it worked so well with my favourite summer shorts it made sense to wear it all day!

Not only do I completely adore the print (who couldn’t!) but it’s also very light and billowy – perfect for catching the odd fleeting breeze!

The shorts were an eBay find which I have worn every summer since I got them. High waisted and no bottom on show? Perfect!

My little straw cloche was from a vintage market in Henley – it’s perfect for keeping the sun off my face!

We also did the greatest of British challenges – and braved the icy waters of the English Channel! I am certain that no matter how hot it gets…This water never warms up to anything more than ‘heart-attack-inducing-freezing!’

The first few minutes are always horrible, but once you get used to it, and have taken the dreaded ‘plunge’ (immersing yourself up to your neck very quickly!) you soon find yourself swimming around as happy as a clam!

Becca and I having a wade to cool off…

However any notions of looking even remotely glamorous (in my new topshop bikini!)were quickly diminished when…

The wave struck! Ladies and gentlemen, my reaction to cold water… 

Perfect beach snacking…

And drying off before the onset of pneumonia strikes!

I’ve also been documenting my beach days on my instagram account. From emulating scenes from Titanic on a beach mat, crabbing in Rottingdean and the maddening dilemma of choosing the right bathing suit, it’s been fun to capture this Summer and share it!

So there we have it! If you want to find me, you know where to head!

Also I’m having a little eBay sale which ends in a couple of days, the two dresses featured below are both available! So click on the link and go have a look!

And finally, thank you to everyone who entered the Betty Magazine giveaway in my previous post – I loved reading your stories!

The winner is Kailey!

Please email me with your postal address and your copy of Betty magazine will be winging its way to you shortly!

More soon,

Love Yours Truly, x

One of the best decisions I think I’ve ever made was to throw caution to the wind, pack up and move to live on the south coast of England. 

Whilst Brighton is a bustling city full of energy, creativity and activities which seem never-ending (there is always something to do!)there are also moments of quiet revery to be found in the surrounding South Downs.

For a recent visit to the white cliffs of Seven Sisters, I wore a vintage skirt, which I always refer to as my ‘Brighton Skirt’. Not only was it found in one of the vintage markets here, but it has a print of seagulls and a floral garden, that reminds me vividly of the Pavilion Gardens in late summer. I love the muted colours and soft, aged fabric.

I wore it with a simple white crew T-shirt, battered leather sandals and my great-grandmothers charms which featured in a recent post.

The weather was bleak and foggy, with a relentless wind which made our ears ache. However it is in this kind of weather that my favourite version of the sea appears. 

Working on the coastline of Brighton, I have come to know the sea in new ways. And whilst the glistening shimmer of tranquil water is undoubtedly beautiful, my favourite days are when the blue-ish green gives way to a churning, ferocious grey and white, with the waves hurling themselves at the shore ending in explosions of foam.

And besides, gale force winds aren’t that bad…

Especially when one has a particular fondness for throwing Kate Bush-esque moves and becoming thoroughly ‘Wurthery’!

When I was a child our family holidays were all within the confines of the south of England, a favourite destination being the New Forest. We had free reign of lakes, forests and never ending pastures, dotted with bushes and heathery flowers. After long days of exploring, playing and watching the wild ponies, we would fall asleep in the back of the car on the journey home.

I think it is because of these holidays and day trips as a child that I have such a huge affection for the British countryside, and a scornful regard for budget holidays. 

Horribly snobbish sounding I know, but I’m just so thankful that my parents let us experience the freedom and beauty of the The Forest over a beach club on a sun-soaked island somewhere. 

It is with this in mind as an adult, that I love exploring and being outside. I had lately been missing the ‘green-ness’ of home, so this trip to Seven Sisters was perfectly timed for me!

We walked for a good couple of hours, stumbling across plenty of sights along the way…Including a GREEN phone booth!

The murky fog hangs low over the Seven Sister cliffs…

And then, in true Brighton style (where you tend to bump into someone you know, everywhere you go!) We happened upon Oliver, who is Josh’s bandmate in Time for T! 

Perhaps we weren’t quite so lost in the wilderness after all…

And lastly, a portrait against the white, flint-flecked cliffs. I’m wearing a new lipstick I got this week by MAC. It’s called ‘So Chaud’ and is the most fantastic matt orangey-red! Completely in love with this colour!

I hope you enjoyed a taste of the beauty of the South Downs, I hope to return again soon – preferably when it’s a bit warmer!

More soon, including a recent adventure with Dulcie of Human Sea.

Love Yours Truly, x

Lately my days off and free time have been a bit of a rarity. I’m working all sorts of crazy hours and therefore when a day off does show its face I can’t help but feel completely torn in knowing how to make the most of it!

Do I rest my weary bones (and my incredibly sore feet!) and have a long lie in, followed by a nap, a sandwich and a snooze? Or do I run around this beautiful city with a crazed determination to see and experience as much as possible?

I tend to settle somewhere in between the two.

These photos were taken on a beautiful sunny day, which I spent with my dear friend Sam, and later once she’d finished work, my flat mate Becca. 

I’m wearing my new favourite trousers from Beyond Retro – they fit like a dream! Nipped in waist, and cropped at ankle length – not bad for £8 eh?! They also have a crazy 80’s woven pattern in them too which I love!

My illustrated t-shirt is really old and comfortable! I bought it years ago at Camden market and at some point I chopped the sleeves off a little too low (hence wearing with a t-shirt underneath!)

I love John and Yoko and this illustration certainly does that affection justice!

I’m also wearing one of my trusty H&M mustard cardigans, and dug out this old Topshop bag from the top of my wardrobe. It’s really cute but a tad impractical!

Patent shoes and pasty legs…Perfect combination! I have absolutely zero interest in being tanned!

It would be worth interjecting at this point, that my friend Sam is a ridiculously great photographer (you can see some of his work here or follow him on instagram) and has a cheeky habit of slyly snapping away when you’re not really expecting it or paying attention! Some evidence of which is below!

Becca and I debating what sea food to purchase…Cockles? Prawns? Jellied Eels? (Certainly not!)

Getting stuck in with our choices! I opted for king prawns and Becca went for crayfish tails…Tasty stuff!

Engrossed in conversation and looking embarrassingly similar on Brighton beach… 

It was then of course time to turn the tables! Here is Sam! 

He’s put up with me for ten years now, so clearly as well as being a talented photographer he also possesses the patience of a saint!

We have some exciting collaborations in the pipeline…isn’t it great to be creative with friends?

I still have a heap of back-logged posts to get up on here! I also have exciting projects and ideas up my sleeve I can’t wait to share with you all!

Hope you’re all well!

Love Yours Truly, x

Ps. A huge thank you to Sam Luck for these lovely photos! 

The sun came to Brighton! For a few glorious day we were sun soaked (if not a little wind beaten!) and I was determined to make the most of the (inevitable) fleeting blues skies.

After a tasty breakfast, Becca and I dusted off our bicycles (I haven’t ridden mine for about a month despite riding it throughout the entire winter!) and took them for a spin along the Brighton seafront for what turned out to be a five mile ride (some very sore bottoms in the flat that night!)

How could we resist not stopping for a few snaps along the way?!

Urgh…First of all let me get over how much I love my bicycle! Swoon! 

Perhaps in tribute to it’s gorgeous iris-blue colour, I’m wearing a surprisingly co-ordinated outfit!

The grey velvet t-shirt and blue playsuit (worn as shorts) I  borrowed from Becca (living with girls doubles your wardrobe!) 

I’ve been feeling a bit ‘stuck in a rut’ lately so it’s been lovely to borrow (and lend!) some pieces to bring a breath of fresh air to my own wardrobe.

This cute little mac was an eBay find, which I’m wearing with a vintage mustard scarf for a splash of colour! It matched beautifully with the pastel-loveliness of the huts!

And my tights are layered up of a Topshop cornflower blue pair, and these greyish-nude H&M patterned pair. I love the effect!

The shoes are old Topshop…As if I wasn’t going to be first in line for a pair of glittery mary-janes!

The bubble ring I’m wearing is a mini glitter snow-globe I bought when I was 16 at the V&A Museum in London. It never fails to cheer me up!

I’m also wearing (though you can’t really see it because the pesky wind was blowing my hair in all directions!) a homemade lace collar which a reader sent me last year. I have trawled trying to find the email to credit her but to no avail! So if you read this and recognise the collar do let me know! 

And because she looked so amazing, I had to feature my ever-obliging photographer flat mate again!

Just how Orla Kiely is Beccas outfit?! 

Here she is with her own co-ordinating bicycle!

Beccas dress was a recent purchase from Primark of all places! She’s wearing it with a vintage silk blouse and my old Topshop white brogues (it works both ways after all!)

One more before we hit the road…

And off we go!

Apologies for the lack of blogging – I actually have a back log of posts all ready to go, but have been too busy working to put any of them up!

So expect a huge surge of posts soon!

Love Yours Truly, x 

Good evening my lovelies! Apologies for my slight internet-absence, it’s been a mad fortnight!

I have lots of bring you up to speed on, but unfortunately lack the energy to do so, due to a rotten cold I’ve caught! So instead I thought I would share these lovely photos that my flat-mate Becca took on a finger-numbingly cold afternoon on the Brighton Pier.

Seriously…I can’t remember the last time I felt this cold! When is Spring going to show up? Talk about fashionably late!

After sweet talking one of the pier workers, we managed to climb aboard the abandoned carousel (because seriously…Who in their right mind would be on the pier for rides on a day this icy?!)

I’m wearing my new Beyond Retro skirt – another negligee find to add to my ‘vintage-granny-nightwear-as-acceptable-daytime-attire’ collection! I love the dusty pink colour, and the pleated trim is very similar to this night-dress, which incidentally was also from Beyond Retro.

The soft gold top is borrowed from Becca (originally H&M) and is worn with a new ‘Rose Gold’ belt I picked up in the H&M sale last week. The fur stole is vintage, and the shell charm necklace is made up from left-overs in my jewellery box!

Detailed with a little ‘K’! How gorgeous are these colours together?

I’m also a very lucky girl, as Becca kindly did this incredible french braid halo hairstyle for me! Seriously haven’t got a clue how to do this myself, but I love it! It felt so nice to have my hair all tucked up out of the way! Becca wants to practice so she can learn to do it on herself…Of course I’ve kindly volunteered to allow her to develop her skills on me! 

Who knows, perhaps we can eventually persuade her to give a tutorial for Yours Truly!

Also worth a mention are my blinging gold brogues! I have to say every time I look at my feet I imagine an 80 year old sun-loving grandma wearing them (perhaps like this style icon) but isn’t that half the fun?!

Ever wondered what a freezing blogger looks like? Look no further…

I also thought I’d share some of my recent instagrams. For those of you who don’t follow me (kerryofyourstrulyx)I try to document as much as I can from everyday life, including DIY, adorable puppies and toddlers, car boot finds, tasty grub and pretty interior decor….

I’ll be back in touch soon – I’ve recently been informed about the closure of Google Friend Connect, which I’m a bit panicked about, because about two thousand of you follow me via that web tool!

But worry not, I’ll do a bit of investigating and come back with some suggestions for you all!

Hope you’re all wrapped up warm!

Love Yours Truly, x 

Much as I adore Brighton, it can sometimes feel like you’re living in a bubble down here! There is a completely different pace of life and whilst the rest of the country were being driven bonkers by the snow…We had a few flakes scarcely worth remarking on at all.

So with that in mind, a recent trip to London with an old friend was exactly what I was after!

Dressed completely impractically, considering the chill in the air – I was utterly determined to feel like Spring was on its way!

My beautiful coat is a vintage piece from Beyond Retro –  it reminds me so much of Jane Banks from Mary Poppins  it is now lovingly referred to as my ‘Jane Coat’.

I wore one of my favourite white shift dresses (the very same which I seem to have worn on my last two birthdays!) with a H&M basic mustard cardigan and a vintage red felt hat from Absolute Vintage on Brick Lane.

The more practical side of blogging…Emptying your pockets into your handbag! 

My vintage vanity case handbag was an eBay bargain, and my gorgeous red mary-janes were originally from Office, but I picked my pair up on eBay (seeing a pattern here anyone?)

Also worth a note is the ruddy great ladder I managed to gain within five minutes of leaving the house…Doh!

I met my friend Richard (more on him in a sec!) and our first port of call was the National Portrait Gallery. We went to see an exhibition of photos and memorabilia of Marilyn Monroe (it was an enjoyable, albeit very small exhibition) however unfortunately it did not allow photography, which always annoys me. 

I did however get this cheeky snap of some busts in one of the sculpture halls – before being reprimanded and sheepishly putting my lens cap back on…Oops!

We then left the gallery, eager to be outside on one of the first sunny days of the year! We walked down the road a little bit and found ourselves here….Trafalgar Square!

It was here that we posed for a ‘tourists in our own country’ type photo! 

Now as I mentioned previously, Richard is an old friend – we’ve been close for ten years this year in fact! And it was only when I got home and was editing the photo above, I remembered…Nearly ten years earlier we had posed for photos in the very same place!

Whilst pretty embarrassing to look back on, I am so glad to have had Richard in my life all this time!

The fountains in Trafalgar and very blue sky!

Big Ben hazily in the background…

We then set off (so much walking was done on this day!) for a stroll around St. James Park and a hunt for the pelicans which famously reside there!

The waterfowl of St. James Park… Upon getting there and not instantly seeing scores of pelicans, this reassured Richard that I wasn’t in fact making it up!

So we decided to walk all the way around the lake, on a hunt for pelicans! We saw heaps of pigeons, squirrels, ducks and geese of many exotic varieties! Including this little chap…

But no pelicans! Until…Wait…is that….I think it’s…. IT’S A PELICAN RICHAAAAAAARD! (The poor guy…It’s a wonder he still goes out in public with me!)

Now whilst I was happy to have seen one, I was a bit disappointed about how far away it was.

But in further proof of ‘You never know what’s coming for you’ a couple of minutes later…This happened!

Now that was unexpected! And let me tell you…Pelicans are BIG!

With our bird-watching sensibilities satisfied, we then decided to head towards Buckingham Palace which is located at the tail end of St. James Park.

It was a lovely place to be in the last few hours of sunlight, and had it not been absolutely rammed with tourists and half-term holidaying families, we probably would have stuck around a bit longer. 

Instead we had a quick chortle at this unfortunate statues expense and then hot-footed it to Covent Garden.

Where we had delicious macaroons from Ladurée, a bit of a mooch around the covered market and watched street performers entertaining the evening crowds.

We then headed out separate ways, Richard was off to an Arsenal football match, and I was going to see a Time for T gig in Balham.

All that walking certainly made for a knackering day, but it was so lovely to see an old friend for a catch up, and to see so many lovely (free!) parts of London I haven’t taken the time to see as much as I should.

Apologies for the photo-heavy post! I couldn’t narrow it down!

More soon,

Love Yours Truly, x

Life is good right now. Despite the awfully dreary January weather, and the completely disheartening fact that everything I crochet lately seems to be going horribly wrong (clearly having an off week – argh!) 
I feel like life in Brighton is reaching a stage of normality, and whilst I’m not going to be so presumptuous as to state that I’ve ‘settled in’ completely right now, I’m certainly heading in the right direction!

These photos were taken on a recent bright afternoon when I met Joshua in one of his free lessons. We went for a stroll around some public gardens near where we live and played with some pigeons!

I’m completely in love with this polka blouse I found on eBay (originally Topshop) it’s a lovely soft fabric, and goes with almost everything! 

On this occasion I wore it with my vintage high waisted wool trousers from Beyond Retro, a basic H&M cardigan, and the sneakers I bought for Portugal last year.

I wore my hair in a rather sizeable topknot – something I rarely do, but I really enjoyed it! It felt like a nod to Diane Keaton’s ‘Annie Hall’ when worn this fairly masculine outfit.

I feel I should also mention that my gold Wonder Woman-esque belt is something I’ve held on to for years! It was a freebie with Elle Girl magazine! I remember being so sad when that wonderful magazine went out of publication.

I thought I’d also take a chance to feature my ‘Jane Banks’ (Mary Poppins) coat again…Oh man I love this thing! I kept thinking how Poiret-like it looked with the loose fitting trousers!

And if you were curious about my little bag… Just look at it in all its glory! A real bargain charity shop find, this little beauty set me back the grand sum of  £1.50! I remember seeing an identical one years ago and for some reason not picking it up, and then really regretting it. So imagine my joy at getting a second chance!

As we walked along Hove high street en route to a tasty burger joint, I snapped the beautiful Spring (not quite here yet but still!) flowers…

And the colourful fruit and veg… I love it when markets and shops pile up their produce like this!

And despite taking a good thirty or so photos of us playing with the pigeons, I thought I’d keep it simple with this Hitchcock tribute! SO many pigeons!!!

Oh – and despite everyone else who I have showed this photo to thinking it was creepy, I’m completely besotted with this dolls head candle holder! It’s so unusual! I don’t think Joshua would be too happy if I bought one though!

I have another post all lined up for later in the week, it’s a bit of a wordy one but it’s something I feel I want to share and discuss with you all…So expect that soon!

Enjoy your weekends! 

Love Yours Truly, x

I’d like to think that December is a mad-busy month for everyone, what with all those presents to buy and wrap, parties and dinners to attend and the fact that even a quick trip to the shops for a few necessities can take hours as you battle through the crowds!

With all that being said, I was a little surprised to have received two separate emails this week asking where I was! Ha!

First of all, I’d like you all to know that if the day ever comes when I decide that I don’t want to blog any more, I would certainly inform you and not just slip out of the back door!

However this is currently not the case, and in explanation for my brief absence – I have been working a lot more than usual, and blogging has taken a bit of a back-burner position in favour of earning pennies for all those Christmas expenses!

On my sporadic days off however, I have been snapping still! These photos were taken during the last couple of weeks. I’ve been torn between practicality of wrapping up against the fierce cold, and my love for winter shorts!

My tweed blazer was from Brightons Vintage Nation event earlier on in the year (Joshua found it for me! What a star!) worn with a high neck blouse I found on eBay, and some Topshop shorts from a couple of years ago…Fortunately these thick wooly tights from Primark keep my legs relatively warm!

I’ve also recently re-discovered this rabbit-charm necklace. I cut off his pearly-bead tail and now find myself wearing him all the time!

(Hair still photographs gingery despite being more and more brunette in real life – argh!)

On another recent day off, I tottered off to nearby Lewes with some of the lovely ladies I work with at the Blackbird Tea Rooms. We had a lovely day out despite the bracing weather!

First port of call was some lunch! We chose to dine at the lovely Bills (I always enjoy the food and atmosphere!)

Kate and Stephanie…

Myself, Becca and Chloe…

We then set off exploring Lewes numerous antique shops, where I spotted, and promptly fell head over heels in love with this little guy! Isn’t he amazing?

Next was a good rummage in the huge Lewes Antiques Centre. On this occasion it wasn’t entirely fruitful for me (I walked away with just a miniature wicker basket) but I still enjoyed having a mooch…

Were it not for the price I would have loved to have taken one of these thick eiderdowns home with me, such gorgeous fabrics!

Cute soap holder anyone?

With four or five floors full of trinkets and antiquity to look at, we were certainly kept busy for an hour or so!

This antique little cupboard was also a heart-breaker. Much as I loved it, I couldn’t justify £60…Boo!

The ladies all wrapped up warm outside (Chloe showing off her little bag of vintage baubles!)

We then discovered a beautiful little boutique called ‘Scarlett Rage Vintage’ which was filled with heavenly vintage…Look at those vintage Louis Vuitton cases!

Admiring a beetle brooch…

Chloe and the dresses!

After a good natter with the shops owner (who oddly knew the owner of our tea rooms! Small world!)  we set off home just as the sun began to set on Lewes…

What a beautiful afternoon!

So there we go! I’m not dead/in prison/no longer blogging…I’ve just been keeping busy in other ways!

I do have some ideas for some future posts though, so fear not, I’ll be back soon!

Keep warm!

Love Yours Truly, x

Once a year, every year, Carters Steam Fair rolls into my hometown, bringing with it old fashioned delights from a simpler yesteryear.

I went down to visit on a Sunday afternoon with my friends Sophie and Nelson. As you will see, we had ridiculous amounts of fun!

I was wearing my (new to me) vintage nightdress with a sheer cape, tucked in to a vintage 1970s red skirt. My brogues are a new eBay purchase and the olive green hat is from ‘Absolute Vintage’ on Brick Lane.

I unintentionally (I promise!) ended up matching the scenery quite well! This night dress is fast becoming one of my new favourites, so expect to see it often!

We wandered around first to get an idea of everything the fair had to offer, which included rides, food, sideshows, games and bumper cars (which resulted in so much laughter I had tears rolling down my cheeks!)

They also had a coconut shy! I love the little signboards…

We then killed some time in the penny slots tent, where we played pinball games similar to those on this  post, as well as having our fortunes told by a machine called ‘Old Betty’…It reminded me of the contraption from the movie ‘Big’ so I was very cautious not to make any wishes!

Here is Sophies fortune, which made us all laugh!

This is Nelson, who has been described by some as ‘The Daredevil Sensation of the Age!’ Aren’t the paintings on these rides beautiful? 

(By the way, the little teddy just visible in Nelsons jacket was a prize he won – we decided to call it Carter in memory of our day out!)

And because I’m a big kid, and I can never resist a go, I jumped on the Merry-Go-Round!

As a testament to a life long affection to carousels, here I am about aged seven on a carousel in Bournemouth. As well as owning several pieces of carousel themed clothing (including this dress) I also dedicated my second year degree collection to carousel horse prints!

Thankfully Sophie and Nelson were more than willing to join me on the Carousel! Rather amusing considering we were the only adults on there who weren’t accompanying children!

It was incredibly beautifully decorated…

Enjoying some of the candy floss we shared (I always forget how sticky it gets!)

One of the transport vehicles for the bumper cars…with Elvis just keeping it casual!

I couldn’t resist….

I wish I had remembered my little camcorder, the music this contraption was playing was so nostalgic and wonderful!

We couldn’t think why anyone wouldn’t want to come to Carters Steam Fair…I mean…Why not?!

Hope you’re all having a lovely week, we’ve had lovely sunshine in the south of England this week so it’s been wonderful! 

Much more to show you later on in the week,

Love Yours Truly x

Ps. If you are feeling particularly lovely, perhaps you might want to nominate my little patch of internet space for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards? Thank you 🙂

Well I’m back! Our ten days in Portugal were incredible and I’m so sad to not be there still. We did so much and visited so many places, yet I still feel we just scratched the surface of this beautiful country. Oh well! Good excuse to go again eh?

These photos were taken from our first day exploring Lagos, with our host Tiago, and a couple of his friends.

I’m wearing vintage shorts, with a nautical H&M stripe jersey, a handmade shell necklace and a vintage scarf from Glastonbury festival worn as a turban.

There’s nothing quite like a turban to hide a bad hair day! I’m so glad I bought some sneakers too, they definitely came in handy for all the mad climbing and walking we did!

The beautiful coastline of Lagos…Not bad for April eh?

Josh and I making our way down to the beach (Josh is wearing vintage top-to-toe…Doesn’t he look awesome?!)

Don’t be fooled! That is not a look of joy but one of sheer terror! Ha! We were making our way down an abandoned track to get to a more private beach. The steps of this track could be compared to something from Indiana Jones! 

They were crumbling and in some cases, had disappeared completely – held up by random slats of wood. My little legs were trembling with nerves! I didn’t want another holiday accident and this felt a bit too much like tempting fate!

It was all dandy though and we eventually got on to the beach, to be greeted by this…!

Our group thankfully decided to restrain from any nudity (that would have made for awkward blogging!) and we ambled about the gorgeous beach fully clothed!

Tiago and I looking at fossilised shells…

Having a boy band moment… (no comment!)

We then ascended the Indiana steps (it was much easier going up than down!) and went for a cup of coffee before heading home for some dinner.

This little cutie popped by to say hello just before we left – he nearly followed us into the car!

So there we have it! Day One! I have a million photos to sort through still, but I’ll be looking to get them up as soon as possible.

Also! To celebrate this blogs 3rd Birthday I shall be launching a giveaway on myfacebook page later in the week. To be in with a chance of winning, follow the facebook page and keep your eyes peeled! All details shall be available on the link provided.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend, it’s nice to be back!

Love Yours Truly, x 

I’m back! I’m sorry for a longer than usual absence but after working last weekend at The Vitality Show in London I feel I’ve only just got my steam back!

This Sunday just gone, my younger sister and I went for a walk in the beautiful afternoon sunshine, and just look what we found in a nearby field…

I know this time of year bloggers go crazy for blossom photos but it really is justified when they are this pretty! Who can blame us eh?
I’m wearing a vintage 50’s school skirt (it even has a little ink stain!) with a white 60’s mini dress worn as a top. The shoes are from Topshop – they remind me so much of straight jacket fastenings – very Houdini!

My sunglasses are from H&M last year, and my brooch is a makeshift effort made with a vintage hat trim. I’ve been getting into Victory Rolls again recently too…

Chloe is wearing a mint H&M shirt-tunic, with a vintage black bowler, and urban outfitters shades…I think she looks quite ‘Lana De Rey’ here…

Wonder what on earth I’m up to here?

I’m checking it’s not one of these little guys crawling on my leg! The whole wall of blossom trees was teaming with them!

Still, they weren’t quite enough of a deterrent to make me not want to ‘be one with the blossoms’!

Oh and I had to include this just to show you my new nail polish which I am completely enamoured with. It’s called ‘Serene’ by a brand called ‘Me Me Me’. It’s the perfect ‘Forget Me Not’ shade of blue…

Inspired by a recent post by The Styling Dutchman, we sat down to make daisy chains…turns out I’m still awful at making them, so I left it to Chlo to make one whilst I gathered good daisies!

Modelling her efforts!

And then showing off her amazing upside down skills! How does she do it?!

Clear skies…Bliss! (and growing hair! Eep!)

And because I can’t resist not telling you…I have some very exciting news which is making me THIS (see below) happy!

Joshua and I will be going on holiday a week today! On the 9th of April we will be flying out to Lagos in Portugal to stay with our lovely friend Tiago (who is also an incredible musician under the pseudonym ‘Time for T‘) and his family for ten whole glorious days… I’m so excited I can barely sit still!

Of course…you can expect copious amounts of Portugal blogging!

I can’t wait!

Love Yours Truly, x

My little hometown was transformed overnight into a glorious Narnia-esque scene! Walking home from the pub the night before, my bowler hat had been covered in a good few centimetres of the white stuff, and when I peeped out this morning from the comfort of my bed…About four inches had settled! Madness!

Naturally, as any blogger would I took it as opportunity to frolic! In this instance, in the field behind where my younger sister lives.

I even briefly braved the chill for a few ‘proper’ outfit photos (to my sisters exasperated ‘You’re bloody mad!’)

My midnight blue velvet playsuit is a Topshop Limited Collection which I bought on a snip as uniform when I worked there during University. The Stole is H&M and the beautiful necklace is hand carved ivory, from Jerusalem. My Mother picked it up when she travelled there as a child. I love how ornate and delicate it is.

And my outfit is completed by the ever elegant…WELLINGTON BOOTS! Practicality stepped in on that one I’m afraid!

Quickly bundled my layers back on to warm up again!

My younger sister Chloe hasn’t been feeling too well the last few days, so I had walked from my side of the valley to her side to bring her medicine, chocolate cake and Marilyn Monroe films!

We never did think we looked like each other!

Walking down the hill…Everything looks so much prettier in the snow! (Am I the only one who gets upset when it all starts getting grey, slushy and gross looking?)

What a cutie! Ever since we were little Chlo has had the unflagging ability to make me burst out laughing with the facial expressions she is able to pull!

And how do I thank her for taking my outfit photos? I launch a snowball at her head of course! (Now was there a photo idea that went horribly wrong!!)

Hiding or planning a retaliation attack?

The woods by my home…So pretty!

It’s all well and good to appreciate the snow on a weekend day, but I am a bit sceptical about how much I’ll be enjoying it tomorrow morning at silly O’clock on the way to work…

Time to cuddle up with my duvet and a bit of Fred and Ginger! Perfect!

Love Yours Truly, x

England is so cold! This week beautiful clear skies have descended upon the country, bringing with them very chilly days!

But unfortunately for Josh it wasn’t cold enough to prevent us from visiting the beach for these outfit photos! Oops!

My skirt and bag are recent vintage finds from eBay, the hat is from the Camden Passage (hoping to visit there again soon within the next few weeks) my tights were a kind gift from Modcloth, and the denim shirt is an old Topshop one.

I don’t really know what inspired this outfit, looking back I’m not entirely sure it ‘works’ but who cares? It was (quite) warm once I had my coat on, and comfortable enough to see me through the adventures of the day!

Josh being cute, whilst I figure out the exposure settings…

Jumping ship!

A runaway strand of hair…!

The beach was so quiet and pretty, so we sat for a while and just enjoyed each others company in the quietness.

Whilst walking down to the beach I snapped this quickly…I love the Brighton Blue colour! I aspire to have a bathroom that colour one day!

This week I also developed one of my disposable cameras. I’m getting into the habit of having one on me at all times, though I’m hoping to venture with a proper little film camera soon. In the meantime here are some of my personal favourites…

Our favourite book store in Brighton, which stocks incredible and diverse books. For instance, I can see a Django Reinhardt and an Edith Piaf book I wouldn’t mind having a nose through!

The Brighton Pavilion. I’m really happy with how this came out, it was such a surprise!

Saturday afternoon nachos…A little tradition I love!

I was laying in bed talking to Josh with my drying hair wrapped in a towel, when I sat up, the towel remained…I thought it looked pretty funny!

Josh looking smug at getting the best chair on a Sunday Roast outing with friends…

My man gives me flowers after the Sunday league…Naaw.

Brighton Market vegetable stall

The Pier at Sunset…

I’m looking forward to snapping more of places and objects, rather than people. I think it might make an interesting challenge!

More soon,

Love Yours Truly, x

Ps. I LOVE that I can now respond to your comments below. So if in future you ask any questions I’ll be sure to answer them! x

Maybe it’s because my hair has toned down, but I’ve been feeling a new rush of creativity when getting dressed lately…Compensating for the lack of ginger perhaps!

This weekend I was visiting Joshua in Brighton, where we went for a little stroll on the (freezing..don’t be fooled!) beach front!

In an outfit of sickly-sweet girly tones, I wore a Topshop dress that was a bargain from eBay (and perhaps was inadvertently a homage to this recent photo shoot?) I love the candy cane stripes!

I also managed to convince my hair to form a pretty good beehive! I was particular chuffed with this one, as I always struggle to keep it looking even and neat enough.

The fascinator is from Johnny Loves Rosie (I was asked during the day if I was off to a wedding!) and my crochet handbag is from Absolute Vintage.

The shoes are ridiculously comfortable…And particularly good for dancing!

Definite outfit inspiration!

Perhaps going brunette will coax me into pretty pinks and pastels?

(until the red returns anyway!)

A funny little scenario involving a fake flamingo and a nonchalant seagull hitching a ride…

We mooched around Brighton, visiting markets and some favourite shops…Does anybody else ever feel the huge desire to live inside one of the Cath Kidston stores?!

I mean seriously how beautiful is this little display they’ve set up…

Joshua in a vintage cashmere polo neck, vintage velvet blazer and Topman spray on skinny jeans…Looking at second hand books!

I loved this haberdashery stalls mismatched button boxes!

It’s the perfect harmony between order and chaos!

Then when the cold got too much to stand, we slipped into The Mesmerist, where Joshua works for a hot lunch and a cheeky pint!

How cool is the wallpaper in there? (And how stupid did I feel taking a photo of it! Ha!)

Thanks for another lovely weekend Brighton!

I’ll be posting again later this week, with something a little different to what I normally do….How intriguing eh?

Have a lovely week!

Love Yours Truly, x 

Well it’s lovely to be back! I finally feel well enough to blog again! Thank you for all your Get Well wishes, they were very sweet and definitely cheered me up!

Not that you’ll notice at all in these photos but I’ve actually dyed my hair brunette this week, and I have to say I think it’s going to be a pretty short lived experiment! I already miss my reddish mop!

My corset top is from eBay (I loved the chintzy print!) worn with jewellery inherited from my Nanna (informal New Years resolution is to wear more of the beautiful jewellery I’m fortunate enough to own!)

Yes my cardigan drowns me! But it’s so snuggly and soft it’s like wearing a duvet (which is just what you need when you’re on the mend!)

The shorts are Topshop, hosiery is from H&M and my little case was a Brighton find in Snoopers Paradise.

I had to include this picture! It looks so terribly posed but it’s actually just Josh caught in a bit of a daydreamy moment…Naaaaw!

This Saturday we had a date in Brighton! We went to the Brighton Toy and Model Museum followed by lunch at Kensington Gardens (the nachos there are our favourites..We demolish them!)

I took a silly amount of photos inside the museum, which was amazing! I’ve tried to whittle it down for you! (would you like me to put the rest on the Yours Truly facebook?)

An incredible cabinet filled with soft toys from as early as 1905!

I love the camel!

This pair of ducks made me laugh! What a duo!

The Circus cabinet was also amazing. I have a huge love for traditional Circus items, and these little lead clowns were no exception (though is it just me or are they carrying sawn off shotguns?!)

This ferocious lion caught my eye! His original box was behind him too. There were quite a few original boxes throughout the museum which I found remarkable, when you consider how rough children can be with such things.

A whole glass cabinet was dedicated to miniature model toys, including this Disney set…

And a whole room was dedicated to puppets!

If you know anyone who is an avid fan of model trains then send them to Brighton quick! There was a huge model village and train set running throughout the museum!

It was extremely detailed too..Josh and I laughed pretty hard when we noticed this little guy!

It was such an entertaining way to pass the afternoon, and so many items inside get you talking about your own favourite toys!

I’d definitely recommend anyone to have a little visit!

Lastly I’m very happy to announce the winner of The Splendid Suitcase blog giveaway!

Congratulations to ‘Georgia Rose’!

To claim your £20 voucher email Margaux and Alec at [email protected]

Hope you all have a lovely week! More soon!

Love Yours Truly, x 

Hello lovelies!

How is your Christmas shopping going? Bit of a military operation isn’t it?!

This weekend I went to Winchester with my family to visit the Christmas market which is near the Cathedral.

I wore this little dress from H&M, which I’ve had my eye on for a few weeks now! I love the sleeve length, if that’s not too odd to say!

I wore the dress with a beautiful crochet collar sent to me by Annah, who has a shop etsy (which you can visit here) I love it gives the dress a little bit of personality!

My brogue chelsea boots are a bargain from eBay (originally Office)

How gorgeous is this Christmassy door?

My younger sister, wearing New Look jeans, a vintage shirt and scarf and a cute navy bowler she picked up from one of the vintage stalls that morning.

The market was split into two halves, the first being vintage and craft and the second was more Christmas themed, with homemade decorations and crafts. Chloe and I loved snooping at the vintage stalls (naturally!)

Candy floss… I resisted the sugary-teeth-rotting-gorgeousness!

Chloe chomping down a Christmas pasty!

Winchester was a lovely city, with such gorgeous old buildings and quirky features like this tea pot…

And this swashbuckling boot!

Christmassy balloons anyone?

(so many of these were smacked in my face during the day by children running past!)

The Cathedral looking rather majestic in the cold wintery afternoon sunshine…

My parents loved these reindeer! They’re very impressive, I wouldn’t know where to start in making one!

Personally I had a bit of thing for these penguins! I love how grumpy they look!

It was utterly freezing and very busy, but there so much to explore and eat and buy that we all had a wonderful afternoon!

I also enjoyed the opportunity to work on learning the manual settings on my camera.. I think I’m getting there!

More soon, don’t forget to enter the Splendid Suitcase competition if you haven’t already!

Love Yours Truly, x 

Good evening from a cold and rainy England!

First of all, hello to my new readers who may have stumbled here thanks to my recent post on Modcloth. Pop the kettle on, pull up a chair and make yourselves welcome!

This weekend was spent in the ‘Shire with Joshua and his family…

I nabbed this little floral skirt in one of the nearby charity shops for a measly £3.50! Wonderful!

I’ve also (serious face here..ahem) recently found a new winter coat from eBay, which although I was a bit dubious about at first (there is so much fabric!) is actually growing on me. Gotta love 3/4 length sleeves (for those of use who aren’t blessed with never-ending limbs!)

I’ve lately been inspired by the look that Gwyneth Paltrow adopted as Sylvia Plath in the2003 biopic when it comes to my hair (which is need of some dye!) I love her loose, neat curls – and the costumes she wears are also very inspiring.

Just don’t go sticking your head in an oven please.

Another serious photo(pout pout pout!) believe it or not Josh caught me unawares with this one…

Josh makes a feline friend…

After our ramble in the woods, we stopped in at the local bakery, where they made me possibly the greatest Christmas sandwich I have ever had! It was just too delicious!

The next day it was off for a bit of a creative afternoon! I wore my new H&M high-waisted shorts, with a tweed bow tie and old Topshop mustard tights…

We went with Josh’s sister and her husband to take Josh’s nephew to paint some pottery!

Which of course meant paint nearly everything besides the pottery!

Josh was engrossed his vase project…

Lots of fun that has left me knackered now!

Thank you to everyone who has entered the Modcloth giveaway so far! I’ll be announcing the winner this week, so if you haven’t entered..What are you waiting for!

Hope your Christmas shopping is going well!

Love Yours Truly, x