Dog Walking & Haircutting… – Yours Truly

Just a lazy Tuesday off, spent mostly with my Mum, doing household chores and walking those crazy-mad dogs! It’s so nice to able to chat with my Mum for hours on end now, something perhaps I had taken for granted when I lived with her the first time round. My outfit was just a comfy, cozy lazy one today – perfect for ambling through fields throwing tennis balls!

The blouse was from a charity shop, and has a pin-tuck bib front, which like any Annie Hall style shirt – I love! I recently lost these trousers but thankfully they showed up again! The hat is my favourite trilby, which I practically lived in when I had my shaved head – even cooler is that it was made in my home town, and has the name printed on the inside!
I had no idea my hair had got so long until my Mum took this snap of myself and Halle checking out a Kite (the bird type!) flying low over some trees nearby.

But then snippity snip come the evening as I went with my Mum (I told you spent the whole day in each others pockets!) to get our hair cut. I was aiming for really blunt 1920’s/Amelie/Louise Brooks style bob – and I LOVE it! The girl who cut it was so nice, and mega talented. I love it when hairdressers really listen to what you want and do it even better than you dared to imagine! Here’s the Before & After!
I’ll be giving my hair a bright red dye job over the bathroom sink tomorrow evening, but for now I’m still reeling with happiness at how different it looks! I’ve never been ‘sleek’ before!