Dreams should soar as high as balloons… – Yours Truly

Walking home from work this afternoon I looked up to see a pastel pink balloon floating up in the sky. It looked so pretty against the turquoisey blue sky and reminded me of when, as a child you would scrawl a message on a balloon and let it float away, hopeful that someone far, far away might find it on a beach or in their garden and send you a letter back.

It did cross my mind whether or not this was what the person who had let go of this balloon had in mind. Alternatively there may be a very aggravated young person somewhere who accidently let go (remember how your parents would tie the balloon ribbon round your wrist in a neat little bow?)

So…in homage to the now pastel pink balloon now traveling in the sun-setting skies, here are some balloon themed treats for you.

Balloon by Sylvia Plath

Since Christmas they have lived with us, Guileless and clear, Oval soul-animals, Taking up half the space,

Moving and rubbing on the silk

Invisible air drifts, Giving a shriek and pop When attacked, then scooting to rest, barely trembling. Yellow cathead, blue fish —-

Such queer moons we live with

Instead of dead furniture! Straw mats, white walls And these traveling Globes of thin air, red, green,


The heart like wishes or free Peacocks blessing Old ground with a feather Beaten in starry metals.

Your small

Brother is making His balloon squeak like a cat. Seeming to see A funny pink world he might eat on the other side of it,

He bites,

Then sits Back, fat jug Contemplating a world clear as water. A red

Shred in his little fist.

Off to feed the fish now,

Yours Truly x