Edward Hopper – Yours Truly

I love Edward Hopper. A print of one his paintings used to hang in the bathroom at my parents house and I would lie in the bath just looking at it for ages. It was boat out at sea on a sunny day. Nothing ground-breaking or surrealist, or even interesting, but I just loved the sense of movement, atmosphere and location. You could practically smell the salty air just from looking at the post-card sized picture. I love the solitary and isolation of Hopper’s work, whether it be a desolate building, a lonely, contemplative person, or indeed an isolated boat. I guess his most famous piece is ‘Nighthawks’ (1942) which I haven’t included below, as I only wanted to list my favourites – but google it if you want to check! I could waffle on for ages about how I love the flatness of his work, his realist style, the palette he uses, or the normalcy and monotony of his subjects, but the thing with art is, it’s always down to taste! So something I love…may as well be a tea-stained napkin to someone else, and to quote my favourite art history lecturer from college… ‘and THAT is exactly what it’s all about!’

‘The Long Leg’ 1935 (the one from my parents bathroom!)

‘Summer Interior’ 1909

‘Summertime’ 1943 (This is my long-time favourite!) ‘Compartment C, 293’ 1938 ‘If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to