Fashion Week Picks so far…. – Yours Truly

Ahhhh fashion week! Personally I’m much more of an A/W girl than S/S. I feel so much more comfortable in layer upon layer. I always feel a bit lost in summer…I want to wear socks and knits all the time, which fortunately the British Summertime often allows, so yet another reason to love England!

First off Charles Anastase packs an almighty colourful punch, with his eclectic mish-mash collection, which looks so separate and dysfunctional it is hard to imagine it all being designed by the same person! Personally I can see quite a few modern pop-culture icons mixed in here (Yoko Ono T-R top row, Cyndi Lauper S-R top row, and as for that yellow suit?! Any of the Beatles circa yellow submarine era!) I particularly enjoy the black ruffle pencil skirt, the svelte suit and that turquoise….WOW!

I am becoming continually and increasingly impressed every season, by the Topshop design team pushing the envelope on their catwalk looks – keep in mind this is a high street brand! I love, love LOVE the new collection! The wintry, woodland mayhem of chunky knits, delicate printed chiffons, uniform-style suits and skirts…and I surely can’t be the only one who is desperate for a badger-fascinator?! Style inspirations could include.. ‘The Animals of Farthing Wood’ The Narnia books, WW2 home-front fashions, and perhaps a definite vibe of Erin Fetherston or McQueen?

This collection DAZZLES! The palette, the luxury, the impeccable tailoring and gorgeous draping and dirndl skirts. It seems a collection that could fit into almost anyone’s wardrobe. I love the elegant silhouettes, the muted golds and jewel colours and such exquisite embellishment – truly stunning! Perhaps suitable to attire a modern day Princess?! I also love the video Acra released opposed to a catwalk show. (very V&R!)

Fashion East – Michael Van Der Ham Right time to be a bit controversial…Van Der Ham has found recent popularity, and in one part I can see why. His idea of constructing garments from elements of various fabrics is unique, and his palette works. But am I the only one who thinks this makes the models look like they have rolled round in a laundry basket?! And finally just a quick summary of some others – Davidelfin has worked on some stunning tailoring this season, and I adore the canary yellow that features heavily. I particularly enjoy the cropped blazer on the left hand side of the picture below. Other designers that I thought deserved a quick mention, are (bottom picture L-R) Kinder Aggugini, Holly Fulton and Naeem Khan (who’s collection is actually stunningly beautiful, and is relishing a new-found success after Michelle Obama wore one of his garments to the White Houses state dinner for India)

So there we go – Fashion Week has well and truly begun!