Fields of Gold… – Yours Truly

I seem to be really struggling to keep my blogging regular lately! So apologies once again for the lack of action on here, hopefully this huge post will make up for it! To celebrate our friend Joes birthday at the weekend we went for a country ramble towards Devils Dyke for a sunset picnic. It was just so beautiful everywhere you looked! Enjoy your picnic with folding picnic table, see the list of best ones at I’m wearing a very wrinkled H&M blouse ( out of suitcases!) with my favourite ‘granny’ shorts which I found for a steal on eBay.  I like the fact that they are very high waisted and don’t show off any of my derrière. Is it just me or is there far too much bottom cleavage on show this week? The 70’s tan leather bag was from eBay, and my cute little candy-stripe bow tie is a hair clip from Topshop!  I felt like I was perhaps emulating a C.W. Stoneking for this look! This beautiful vintage hat I’m wearing was a cheeky little find on Sunday morning, as Margaux (of The Splendid Suitcase) and I ambled around Snoopers Paradise in Brighton, after enjoying a tasty vegetarian breakfast in the lanes (sorted my hangover out a treat!) It’s an Austrian hat, and was originally a bright bottle green, but has faded over time to its current shade. I love the braiding and trims, plus it was an absolute steal at only £4! The boys set off to try and find the perfect spot for our picnic… A lovely chap who gave us directions cycling home… After helping me with my outfit photos I had to get this snap of Josh – he had his afro trimmed down recently but let’s face it, it’s still much pouffier than most peoples hair! Nearly enough to block out the sun! The birthday boy and his gorgeous girlfriend Emma… I think it was whilst taking this photo that I accidentally leaned on to some stinging nettles…Bloody hell they earn their name! Emma is a wonderful photographer who shoots nearly exclusively on film, and has a lovely documentary style to her work. If you’d like to see some you can have a look here (though I know she’s in the process of updating it!)  Beautiful poppies at dusk… The classic group shot using the self-timer… And the best out of about five attempts for a jumping photo! We called it a day after Joshua accidentally booted Joe in the face! Isn’t it beautiful? What a perfect sunset! I have lots more to share with you, and I’m going to make a real effort to get on here again sooner next time!


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