Flesh is Flesh… – Yours Truly

So recently I collaborated a couple of times with my photographer friend Natasha and did the styling on her shoots. The theme was loosely based on androgyny, with the idealism that ‘Flesh is Flesh’. The first shoot was in a field in the middle of nowhere right by a country road. Anastasia (the blonde) and myself threw shapes in mesh, electrical tape and not much else! Needless to say that the shoot generated a few honks from the 5pm traffic! If you want to enlarge any of the images just click on them!

The second shoot took place on a farm that I pass every day on my way to work – I told Natasha it was too good to not use! I love the scale and the interest that the location gives the photos.

Initially Phil, our brave model was supposed to be really ‘dragged’ up, but after doing his make up perfectly and dressing him in various leotards and chiffon dresses, it all looked a bit too ‘perfect’ so I ran my hands under the tap and messed up his make up to make him a bit more dishevelled! Then I completely scrapped all of the initial outfits to build upon a tutu dress, with other skirts and dresses layered underneath.

It’s such a satisfaction to see such wonderful images come from it all! Hopefully Natasha and I have a couple more collaborations planned for this Summer, it will be nice to work with a bit more freedom, and to not accommodate to any particular brief. If you want to see anymore of Natashas work, click on the link above for her flickr or here for her blog.