How To Make : Gorgeous Guacamole!

By Yours Truly, x

One of my favourite ways of relaxing is to hole up in my kitchen and cook. I love creating recipes from scratch, and entertaining friends with dinner is one of my favourite things to do. So with that in mind, I suppose it’s quite odd that my passion for food has never really reached this blog.

Until now! I’ve decided to start working on some recipe posts every now and then, starting with this incredibly easy and great tasting guacamole – perfect to accompany a mexican dinner, or just with a bowl of tortilla chips…

The best thing about this guacamole is that it can whipped up with minimal effort (and ingredients) at the drop of a hat. It’s fool-proof! Most importantly though, you’ll definitely taste the difference from shop-bought dips. It’s chunky, creamy and incredibly more-ish!

You will need – A ripe avocado|Smoked paprika|Half a lime|Salt & Pepper|Beef tomato|Chilli hot sauce|

First cut your avocado in half, it should feel soft but firm to touch. Glide your knife all the way around then twist the two halves to separate.

Carefully using the point of a sharp knife, stab the stone and twist to remove.

Using a tea spoon, slowly spoon out the insides, creating small chunks as you go.

Before mixing the avocado add a generous pinch of salt and the smoked paprika.
Also squeeze as much as juice from the half lime as humanly possible!
If you like coriander you could add some chopped leaves at this point. Personally I’m not so keen so it’s left out of my recipe!

It should be looking like this…(drool)

Now for a cheeky bit of heat! We favour this Cholula hot sauce in our house, but you can choose any brand you like.

Carefully add two drops! Chilli sauce can be pretty potent stuff, and we’re only adding it for depth of flavour, not to blow peoples heads off!
Besides after a taste test at the end you can always add more…

Finally chop up half of your beef tomato. To keep the guacamole from getting too wet, I try to only use the flesh and discard the pulp.

Throw in your chopped tomato then mix thoroughly, smashing the avocado with your spoon as you go. You’re aiming for a smooth texture with satisfying chunks of both tomato and avocado throughout.

The best bit…Taste testing! This is where you can decide if you need more seasoning or hot sauce (note – it can take several ‘tests’ before you’re absolutely, completely sure!)

Serve in your favourite homeware (these two are from Berts) with tortilla chips for dunking!
I like to sprinkle a little more paprika on top for presentation, but this is optional.

It really is that simple! But totally worth making that little bit more effort…

I have a few more recipes in mind for future posts, some a tad more complex that little beauty!
And luckily for me, Sam is around to photograph them! Thank you Sam! (He was rewarded with guacamole!)

Love Yours Truly, xRead More

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All You Need Is Love…

By Yours Truly, xLately my days off and free time have been a bit of a rarity. I’m working all sorts of crazy hours and therefore when a day off does show its face I can’t help but feel completely torn in knowing how to make the most of it! Do I rest my weary bones (and my incredibly sore feet!) and have a long lie in, followed by a nap, a sandwich and a snooze? Or do I run around this beautiful city with a crazed determination to see and experience as much as possible? I tend to settle somewhere in between the two. 

 These photos were taken on a beautiful sunny day, which I spent with my dear friend Sam, and later once she’d finished work, my flat mate Becca.  I’m wearing my new favourite trousers from Beyond Retro – they fit like a dream! Nipped in waist, and cropped at ankle length – not bad for £8 eh?! They also have a crazy 80’s woven pattern in them too which I love! 

 My illustrated t-shirt is really old and comfortable! I bought it years ago at Camden market and at some point I chopped the sleeves off a little too low (hence wearing with a t-shirt underneath!)I love John and Yoko and this illustration certainly does that affection justice! 

 I’m also wearing one of my trusty H&M mustard cardigans, and dug out this old Topshop bag from the top of my wardrobe. It’s really cute but a tad impractical! 

 Patent shoes and pasty legs…Perfect combination! I have absolutely zero interest in being tanned! 

 It would be worth interjecting at this point, that my friend Sam is a ridiculously great photographer (you can see some of his work here or follow him on instagram) and has a cheeky habit of slyly snapping away when you’re not really expecting it or paying attention! Some evidence of which is below! Becca and I debating what sea food to purchase…Cockles? Prawns? Jellied Eels? (Certainly not!) 

 Getting stuck in with our choices! I opted for king prawns and Becca went for crayfish tails…Tasty stuff! 

 Engrossed in conversation and looking embarrassingly similar on Brighton beach…  

 It was then of course time to turn the tables! Here is Sam! He’s put up with me for ten years now, so clearly as well as being a talented photographer he also possesses the patience of a saint!We have some exciting collaborations in the pipeline…isn’t it great to be creative with friends? 

 I still have a heap of back-logged posts to get up on here! I also have exciting projects and ideas up my sleeve I can’t wait to share with you all! Hope you’re all well!Love Yours Truly, x Ps. A huge thank you to Sam Luck for these lovely photos! Read More

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A Donated Dress…

By Yours Truly, xGood evening my lovelies! This week has flown by, with lots to keep me busy –  it’s all go here in Brighton!However I did find the time to take a few photos of this heavenly new-to-me dress that I acquired this week!Now as you probably know following this blog, I am not a lady who is in any kind of shortage of dresses…Regardless! When this beauty was kindly offered to me, I snapped it up! 

 A delicate pale cornflower blue, with a cute floral print that could give Cath Kidston a run for her money, this dress was kindly donated by the beautiful Ruth, who (as if this wasn’t enough!) also helped me land my job at The Blackbird Tea Rooms! What a sweetheart! 

 Ruth told me the dress was a little forties number she found at a flea market, and took it up a few inches, which made it too short for her…and perfect for me! I love the floaty sleeves, and the soft, floaty fabric. 

 I wore the dress with some lacy tights from H&M, a vintage ‘sensible’ brown handbag and my Mums pearl necklace. I’m sorry if these photos are slightly out of focus – I had left the camera on manual settings when I gave it to Joshua, and didn’t realise until I was uploading the photos later on! Oops! I’m still trying to get into some sort of new routine with my blogging (everything is a bit manic right now, trying to arrange and sort a new life!) however if you want to keep up with my (nearly) daily antics you can follow me oninstagram (kerryofyourstrulyx) or twitter – as I post most of the photos there too! Here are some favourites from the last few weeks… 

 (T-B, L-R)  A rather overgrown, but non-the-less charming Brighton garden – Perfect Victory Rolls first time! I’m getting the hang of this! – My friend Emma found this adorable stuffed camel, it breaks my heart he’s not mine! – My button jar – A sneaky peak at something yet to come… – A thrifty handbag that was just too expensive for my liking…Boo! – A parasol which I couldn’t justify needing and now massively regret! – I love pink lemonade! – Sandals in the sunshine!  I also took this snap of the beach huts along the Hove sea front (aren’t they adorable?)

 And a quick bite to eat at work! Chocolate and Orange Cheesecake Brownie, with Earl Grey and Blue Flower tea…Oh what a treat! 

I have heaps more to share with you! But I think I might save it for one incredibly joyful future post!

In the meantime I hope you’re all well, and thank you for all the support and lovely comments you have given in the last few posts, you’ve made this move even happier for me.

Love Yours Truly, xRead More

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When Life Gives You Lemons…

By Yours Truly, xWhen life gives you lemons, by all means you could make lemonade. Or you could just sod the lemons and change your life altogether! About three weeks ago I found myself in an office meeting being made redundant, which came very much out of the blue (for me anyway). It is obviously ghastly and terrifying to find yourself suddenly without a job, especially as I have personally not been unemployed in the ten years since I got my first job! Now I like to regard myself as a ‘sunny-side-up/glass-half-full’ kind of person, so once I got over the shock of this decision, I started to think about my life in an objective kind of way. And only one choice seemed obvious to me… 

 Move to Brighton! Hooray! As some of my long-time readers may know, although I have frequently visited Brighton over the last 18 months or so (where my boyfriend, Joshua lives) I didn’t (until very recently!) live here. The change to my life is dramatic, and almost overnight – it makes me so happy to be here for so many reasons! So to celebrate we took some very cheesy outfit photos near the Brighton Pier!  I’m wearing a beautiful Topshop playsuit I found on eBay as a top, with a vintage cream skirt and that cream vanity case which just seems to follow me everywhere!The dark red sandals were an absolute bargain from Primark – which was unusual for me as I don’t normally shop there. 

Since arriving in Brighton I have been pretty much wearing my hair in this style (or something similar) every day! So fuss free and easy!

 An over-exposed close up on the beautiful embroidery detailing on the playsuit. The iris necklace was my Nannas, and the sunglasses are H&M. 

Now I know what you may have been wondering, sure – move to Brighton, but what about a job?

Well very fortunately I found that I landed on my feet quite quickly there! I am currently working in the beautiful ‘Blackbird Tea Rooms‘ near Brightons South Lanes.

 I thought I would take a couple of snaps to show you all just how lovely this charming establishment is…

Owned by two Antique and Vintage enthusiasts with years of experience in running sales and fairs of the ‘old-fashioned’ variety, the walls of the tea room make for very interesting viewing. I love this shelving unit of old food and tea tins…

 And the mish-mash china that the tea is served on is adorable too!  

 The main counter, the top of which is made up of old school tables from a science department!

The heavenly (dribble) cakes which are made fresh on the premises by our very talented Alberto!
I’m slowly working my way through the lot (so far the Bakewell Tart and Banana Passion Cake have been favourites!)

 The upstairs has beautiful birds of paradise wallpaper, and so many adornments on the wall for you to admire whilst you sip on your cup of Darjeeling! 

The more I explore whilst working, the more amazed I am to find that practically everything is antique! Right down to the light switches or tea spoons! 

The table dressings are all wonderful, delicate hand-made lace affairs, with fresh flowers held in jam jars or drinking glasses….

Joshua and I getting stuck in to the Banana Passion Cake….Blimey that’s good cake!

 And it’s decorated with edible flowers! How sweet?! 

Debating another slice perhaps?

And because it’s my favourite, I had to share this framed photo with you! I just love the look on the woman in the foregrounds face, and the girl with the batwing sleeves in the background. Also the couple in the middle about to have a passionate kiss…So much goodness in one photo!

 So there we have it! A huge change in my life, but I can honestly say that so far I have loved being down here. Now all I have to do is find my own place (currently staying at Josh’s) and get all my stuff down here! Perhaps then it will really feel ‘real’ and not like I’m just on holiday again! More very soon, Love Yours Truly, x 

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Birthday Girl…

By Yours Truly, xTwenty six. Ouch!  Fortunately I don’t act, look or acknowledge my age, so this is not as issue! (She says hyper-ventilating into a paper bag!)  For my birthday this year I was treated to two very lovely days in London, one of which was with my younger sister Chloe. We spent the day shopping, and having a good nose around London, including this beautiful little park… 

 The dress is one of my ultimate favourites – it’s so simple and pretty, in fact the incredibly astute amongst you may recognise it as the dress I wore for my birthday last year! (Perhaps I’ll start a little tradition!) Larking about… (sometimes outfit photos in public places are just the most face-reddening experience ever! Garggg!) 

 My perfect vintage tweed blazer that I am lately wearing unhealthy amounts… I just adore it! 

 And I cannot fail to mention these new polka-dot beauties! A bargain find in the Asos sale, they are not only stupidly high, but all things considered pretty comfortable too! And of course…Ten times better when teamed with little ankle socks! 

 Ahhh freshly dyed hair…Nothing better!  

 The park is called ‘Postman’s Park’, located near St. Pauls in East London. Although a very pretty park, with quite an interesting history (it’s built upon an old burial ground – which is why the park is raised above every thing else surrounding it) it is most commonly known for the ‘Memorial to Self Sacrifice’. Beautiful tiles line across a wall within the garden, each commemorating a different individual who gave their life to save anothers.I tried to snap some examples, but as we visited near dusk the light was a bit funny and the gardner was locking the gates (queue frantic photographing!) I think you’ll get the idea though! 

 This one really got me…(and it’s so aesthetically beautiful too) 

 The memorial was created by George Frederic Watts, as a consequence of reading about Alice Ayres plight in a newspaper. After his death, Georges wife continued his work, creating a wall which, to date has 54 plaques. 

 I really recommend having a read about this garden if you have a spare minute or two – there’s so much history in such a little space! 

 And if you think you already recognise it, it may be from the film ‘Closer’ as several key scenes with Jude Law and Natalie Portman take place within the garden…  Anyway! I digress! Back to Birthday tomfoolery!After a good shop, my sister surprised me with afternoon tea for two in Kettners, a beautiful converted Georgian house which now makes for a elegant little tea room! 

 We had the works! Little salmon and cream cheese sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, cakes, scones and trifle! And so much more! We were so full when we left! 

 The chef even scribbled ‘Happy Birthday Kerry’ in chocolate sauce for me around our mini treacle tarts and raspberry and pomegranate mousse…Tasty stuff! 

 Chloe in the tres elegant powder room! Ooh la la! 

 A gorgeous white grand piano, which is played on Thursday evenings apparently! It would have been perfect had someone been sat there, tinkling on the ivories whilst we nibbled our way through enough to feed a small army! 

 Guess who wants the last Chelsea bun? 

 After the loveliness of Chloes surprise, I informed her I had one of my own up my sleeve for her too! You should have seen her little face when I told her I had booked tickets for us to go and see ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ that night! 

 The whole production was incredible – I had those nerves when you think something you really love is about to be ruined (Singin’ in the Rain is one of my all time favourite movies!)Fortunately, a lot of time and effort has evidently gone into this production, and it was a very faithful adaptation, which at some points left us literally gasping in awe! Thanks for a lovely day Chloe! 

 And because I wanted to share the following photos with you, it’s worth a mention that on my actual birthday (when I had to work – boo!) I spent the evening with Joshua and his family, having a gorgeous meal out in the sun… Ava and her Uncle Josh..Who can blame her for being curious about that hair! 

 Meanwhile Taylor was intent on messing mine up with one of those head massaging things… 

 But he did help me blow out my candles (I find the birthday cake experience, lovely but mortifying in equal measure!) taking some of the attention off of me and my mullet-esque hair! 

  So there we have it. Twenty six. Nothing to do but get on with it (and pretend you’re still twenty one!) More soon, Love Yours Truly, x 

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Clowning Around…

By Yours Truly, xEver have one of those days when your hair just will not co-operate? No matter how much you tease it, cajole it, plead with it…It remains stubbornly flat, and in this case, refuses to beehive! After a good ten minutes of trying to whip up the 60’s style, I pinned my hair down to give my aching, backcombing hands a rest! It was then (with a bit of tweaking) I chanced upon this hairstyle, and despite having more than a hint of Princess Leia – I quite like it! 

 With a nod to Lily Elsie, and other iconic stars of that age this style was a modern take on a very vintage style! If you would like a tutorial let me know – but I’m sure you could figure this out for yourselves! It’s so simple! These photos were taken on the steps of Joshuas old house, on the last weekend he was there. The whole time I have known Josh he’s been a ‘Number 9-er’ so it’s going to be so odd visiting him in his new flat! 

 This beautiful 1970’s blouse I’m wearing was an eBay find, and reminded me of Pierrot and clown ruffles – it’s so much fun to wear! My lipstick (which I received a lot of questions about!) is a mixture of Topshops ‘Rio Rio’ (which is a lovely matt-textured, pillar-box red) and MACs ‘Morange’ (a very bright orangey red). The combination of the two makes quite a colourful pout! My cornflower blue nail polish is by a brand called ‘Me Me Me’ which I found whilst working at the Vitality Show earlier this year. 

 The teeny hotpants are old Topshop ones, and the boots were from Office originally, but I nabbed my pair for a mere £5 on eBay! Score! 

 This little outfit was worn to a street party in Brighton, where Time for T (they are practically documented on this blog lately!) where playing on a makeshift stage. I love this (albeit over-exposed) shot of Joshua and I on the day! Because one of us is always taking the photos it’s rare to get one of us together! 

 Tiago and his band Time for T performing – I love these guys! 

 Joshua is wearing a vintage blazer from Beyond Retro, vintage tie from an Italian flea market (from our holiday last year) and a topman waistcoat and shirt. He’s so stylish! 

 And finally, because I’m so excited by this – I have to share with you my latest gadget! I recently took the plunge and got myself an iPhone 4 – and much as it pains me to be one of ‘those people’ who gushes about technology – this baby has changed my life!With all the travel I have to do for work (Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow last week!) there are so many apps which make my life infinitely easier! And I got an adorable Fifi Lapin (everyones favourite fashionista bunny!) cover from Iconemesis to boot! It makes texting such a pleasure! 

 And of course, where would be the point in having an iPhone if I didn’t join Instagram?! Below are a couple of my snaps from the last few weeks, if you would like to follow the link is here – though I have to admit I’m not too sure how all this works! 

  I promise not to leave it so long until my next post! Besides, I can’t wait to show you all what I got up to for my recent 26th birthday (arggghhh how on earth am I 26?!) Hope the constant rain isn’t getting you down! Love Yours Truly, xRead More

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The Secret Garden…

By Yours Truly, xPerhaps it was Suzy in Wes Andersons ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ (which by the way I loved) or maybe my recent (never-ending!) obsession with 60’s ‘it girls’, but this little mod-style ensemble seemed like the only option for a day out to Lewes with Joshua. These photos were taken in the garden of Lewes Council Offices, which despite having being soaked by a flash rain shower (hence the wet-shabby-chic hair!) still looked completely beautiful!  

 The dress is an old Topshop number that annoyingly shrinks more and more every time I wash it…Grr!The socks are a pair that have been in my bottom drawer forever, and the cardigan was an eBay purchase. 

 The vintage cream vanity case strikes again! But it’s just so pretty I can’t help it!This garden really felt like the one that belonged to Mary Lennox. It even had a big wooden door like hers! 

 And here is a close up of the beautiful two toned oxford brogues that the lovely people at Modcloth kindly gave me…Oh I love them! 

 The day had started out bright and clear, as we set off to the countryside surrounding Lewes, to meet with the farmers who Joshua will be working with this Summer. He will be tending to the grape vines in their impressive vineyard.  Just look at the ‘office’ Josh is going to have…Jealous moi?! 

 We were also introduced to this little chap – Conrad the lamb! 

 Unfortunately this little cutie hasn’t had the best of luck. His mother had no milk to feed him, and despite being fed formula by the lovely couple who own the farm, he has developed a bit of a joint-related disease, as he didn’t have the necessary antibodies to protect him. However rest assured, all necessary jabs were being provided for the (quite literally) poor little lamb! 

 The farmyard cat…He was quite the show off! 

 After discussing the details of Joshuas impending employment, we were then dropped off in the town centre where we wandered around taking in the picturesque views… 

 This beautiful war memorial was so enchanting. I spent a good ten minutes photographing it! 

 I mean, just look how incredible the fabric detailing is here… 

 This vibrant shop window also caught my eye! All the colours under the sun! 

 And after all that meandering and strolling, what could be better than afternoon tea in the form of fresh fruit scones, with homemade cream, jam, strawberries and a cuppa! Perfect! 

 It also provided much-needed shelter from the rain which came from nowhere…Oh England! Why must your weather be so temperamental?! (ps. check out the cheeky new vanity case hiding behind my faithful cream one…Yes I have a problem!) 

 And seeing as it raining again today, I think I’ll end this post on something a bit sunnier looking, a random cat I spied sat on a garden wall. He was quite the model for me! 

 Yesterday Joshua and I went to the Vintage Nation event held at Brighton Racecourse, run by Judy of ‘Affordable Vintage Fashion Fair’ notoriety. We had a really wonderful day, and as promised I took lots of street style photos for you all to admire. I’ll be posting them up soon! Have a lovely week, Love Yours Truly, x

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Pull Up A Chair!

By Yours Truly, xSometimes finding somewhere to take an interesting and aesthetically pleasing outfit photo can be a real chore! Other times you turn a corner and a little piece of forgotten street cries out to be included!Such was the case for these abandoned chairs! 

 I’m wearing a cream polka dot dress by the spanish label Sister Jane, which I found on eBay. It’s really beautifully made garment with intricate little details, and a good quality fabric (nothing frustrates me more than a great design/print on bad quality fabric!) 

 I’m wearing it with my vintage bowler hat, a H&M cardigan and some ‘Amelie’ style brogues, that yet again, I found on eBay!You’ll recognise the cream vanity case of course! It’s the only bag I bought to Brighton with me, so it’ll be appearing often this week! 

 Having a bit of a giggle as some pot-bellied northern man told me to ‘Get yet feet off them chaaairs!’Of course he had nothing to do with the chairs, and rebel that I am (pffft!) I did a few more photos! 

 And one more featuring the beautiful swishy fabric…and my nine year olds legs! 

 Prior to my furniture storming antics, Joshua and I had gone for an ice cream date! I felt a bit bad not going to our regular place (we’re Scoop and Crumb fans normally) but since variety is indeed the spice of life, we decided to give the relatively new Gelato Gusto a try! And it was well worth it! 

 Here I am looking very much like the cat who got the (ice) cream! Enjoying my Chocolate and Banoffee flavours. I know it’s boring to go for Chocolate every time, but I always feel I would regret it if I didn’t! The Banoffee flavour was gorgeous, with big chunks of toffee infused pastry throughout….Yum! 

 Joshua had Cookies and Cream (huge chunks of Oreo cookies!) and Banoffee too. He’s wearing a vintage velvet blazer and mustard tie, with a made-to-measure shirt (lined with vintage liberty fabric and with his initials embroidered on the cuff) and a Topman waistcoat…Dapper or what? 

 I particularly like the light ‘prettiness’ inside the parlour, and the fact they had really good music playing in the background (Ella Fitzgerald whilst we were in there!) It makes all the difference! 

 Even the doorstep was pretty! I tried to find out online what ‘Terry’s’ was, but no luck. Isn’t a pity that some of the mosaic got ruined? Or am I just being a nostalgic fool? 

 And of course, because I wouldn’t be a British blogger if I didn’t mention it… I hope everyone thoroughly enjoyed their Jubilee Weekend! It was so endearing to see everywhere covered in Union Jacks! 

  We’re off to see Moonrise Kingdom tonight, in an old fashioned cinema near where Joshua lives. I am THIS excited, being a huge Wes Anderson fan!Have any of you seen it? Has it become your new favourite Wes film? More soon, Love Yours Truly, x 

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I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Keeper…

By Yours Truly, xAnybody recognise that title? It’s from a lovely little odd song with the same name!And what better way to introduce these photos, taken on a very VERY windy day in Lagos? I definitely flashed a fisherman or two!  

 My dress may have been ill advised in such gale-force winds, but it’s one of my most cheerful summer frocks! I’ve never considered wearing it with sneakers before (practicality chose this footwear – who knew what cliff faces we’d climb this time round?!)and I quite like the way it turned out. 

 I chose a few photos that give you an idea of how incredibly windy it was…I was tempted to throw in a full blown ‘skirt-up’ moment, but I think I’ll spare you all the horror! It was quite possibly one of the funniest outfit shoots Josh and I have ever done. We kept bursting into giggles! 

 And when we left the windy little lighthouse, we spent some quiet time on the beach…These photos are killing me! I miss Portugal so much and ever since returned home to England it’s been so grey and rainy! Where’s our Springtime eh? 

 Wearing a vintage shirt from The Splendid Suitcase, and my old sunglasses…What a style guru! 

 We had lunched with Tiagos family at a nearby bar, right on the harbour. They were cooking incredibly fresh fish, with tasty potatoes, rices and salads. I got more than a few odd looks taking the photo below…’What you’ve never seen fish cooking before? These tourists!!’ 

 The harbour… 

 Joshua having an explore around the harbour, unfortunately with no guide we weren’t too clear on what we were looking at, but we enjoyed it non the less! 

 A really raggedy old fishing boat! 

 There were lots of anchors dotted around too… 

 We then went to meet out friend Luca, who travelled with us for the weekend in Lisbon and lives in Lagos. This is the view from the roof of his amazing house…Jealous? Moi?! 

 This was parked outside! How cute! 

 And one more beach photo, because I simply can’t resist daydreaming over the blue skies once more. The crop jacket is a vintage find from eBay. I have a feeling we’re going to be very well acquainted this Summer! 

 I only have one more Portugal post left now…This saddens me somewhat!I shall also be announcing the competition winner in my next post, so if you still haven’t entered, you have about a week or so to do so! Good Luck! Love Yours Truly, x 

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A Weekend In Lisbon…

By Yours Truly, xThis may be, quite possibly the most photo-heavy post I’ve ever done! But I just couldn’t stop snapping the whole time, so apologies in advance!

During our stay in Portugal we did a cheeky little road-trip up to Lisbon to stay with some of Tiagos friends, and for Joshua and I get a broader taste of what Portugal is really like.Long story short? Both of us completely adored this beautiful city! Maybe this post will give you a hint as to why…

I’m wearing an adorable dalmation print top which I hunted down on eBay. I discovered it whilst working at The Vitality Show in London and talking to a lady who was wearing it. It was such a quirky print I knew I had to find it!The shorts are vintage, and my glasses, tights and cardigan are from H&M – a very high street outfit!Oh…And for readers who were unaware, this is why I have a fringe…Talk about ‘The Never-Ending Forehead!’ Eep!

A jumping shot..Because I like doing them (Josh and I have it down a fine art now! We get it first time everytime!) and because it had been ages since I last lept on this blog!

We ate SO much in Portgual, but I was a bit conscious of freaking people out by photographing my food, so I only succumbed one morning when Josh and I were having a bakery breakfast…Nyom!

Lisbon town houses…Too pretty right?

Now from I remember, our tour guides (ie. Tiagos gracious friends who were so utterly accomodating and friendly!) informed us that Lisbon has seven hills within it, and as Vasco commented ‘If you want to go anywhere, you have to go uphill’He wasn’t kidding! We got quite the workout!

Flower pots… I just liked them! (Honestly I looked like such a bloody tourist! Snapping everything!)

How adorable is this little car, parked outside ‘Nice House’! Why did cars have to get so modern?

Joshua having a butchers at a map… We climbed a tower nearby and took some aerial photos, but because it was so windy, and I didn’t want to lean over too far they weren’t too great! You get the idea anyway!

We visited the artist who is currently working on Tiagos new album artwork, and she had an orange tree growing in her back garden! Something that is probably really mundane in her day to day life, but I just found it amazing!

Doing the tourist thing…ahem.

I couldn’t stop snapping this fountain, it was so beautiful…

We were then led by our guides to a little hole-in-the-wall shop which sells this cherry liquor, which from what I gathered is something quite unique to Lisbon. We purchased a bottle and walked around drinking it together from little plastic cups. How dignified!

The boys and their manly little cups!

We stopped into a beautiful old church during our walk, and although there was a service on (I was so terrified of disturbing the congregation in any way) I managed to photograph this beautiful statue at the back of the church. Her face is divine and I love the halo…

Now showing you Lisbon wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the incredible tiles which litter the buildings in such a beautiful way. They’re are often found in the most unexpected, run down areas, and never failed to make me grab my camera!

To the extent in which I ended up being teased quite relentlessly by the others…’Look Kerry! Some more tiles!’
Oh well! Here are some of my favourites, I put them together in a (futile) attempt to make this post smaller!

And my very favourite? Outside a worn down little eatery…How beautiful are these peacock tiles?

So there we have it! A weekend spent in the gorgeous Lisbon, eating, exploring and obsessively photographing tiles!

And for the four hour coach ride back to Lagos, I had not only Josh, Tiago and our friend Luca for company, but Mr F. Scott Fitzgerald and some very tasty olives…Perfect!

I’ll try and make the next post a bit smaller – no promises though!

Remember you can still enter the Birthday Blog Giveaway (goodies photographed below) Simply leave a ‘Happy Birthday’ comment on this, or any of the other Portugal posts and I shall be announcing the winner soon!Good Luck!

Love Yours Truly, x

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Please Yourself…

By Yours Truly, xWell I don’t know about you but I’m knackered! This week has been full on, mostly because work has been a bit manic (more on that in a bit) however before all the madness ensued, I had a visit in Brighton to see Joshua. Now I’m sorry for the repetition, but I’m seriously infatuated with these trousers right now!  

As you can see it was a bit of a dreary rainy day, but I still tried to bring the Spring-time vibe out with my bright floral silk top. It’s gorgeously light and dreamy (but so delicate I’m perpetually terrified of ripping it!) I’ve also changed my make up a bit recently, experimenting with different brands and colours. I’m even considering doing a little cosmetics blog post if you ladies would like that? On this day I was trying out a new pink blusher I had picked up.

Check out the matching candy-pink nails and my BLING RING. Oh I love it! Back when I was a student I thought it was so ridiculous I had to own it…Now I think it’s actually quite subtle!

To hide from the rain we snuck off to a little cafe called ‘Marwood’ (previously mentionedhere) which is in the South Laines. We met some friends and indulged in tea, coffee and a huge wedge of this rather odd little creation… Introducing…Bacon Cake!

Unusual as it sounds, I found it to be pretty non-offensive! It was quite a heavy, savoury cake with the bacon cooked in layers. Worth a try but I’d rather have a brownie next time please! Here is that curly haired chap who hasn’t featured on here for a while…Is it just me or is his hair getting bigger 😉

One of antique chairs I took a fancy to. The decor in this cafe is so interesting. It’s a bit 1940’s bomb shelter meets Andy Warhols studio, and a children’s toy box! (Go and you’ll see what I mean!)

A pretty cappuccino! (I wish I liked coffee!)

Which when finished, our friend Jack turned into a Teacup Forest! How great is that?

And because I said I would, I’d like to reveal my exciting news now, which as I type this, I realise might not be exciting for anyone else but me! (oh well!) Who is this little cheeky hiding under my vanity cases? Oh my! Why it’s my beautiful new sewing machine! Isn’t she a beaut? Well the picture on the box anyway, I’ve yet to set her up as I need to re-jig my room a bit! I’ve been planning to set up my own textiles business for a while now, and have been saving to pick up all the bits I need. Now that I have my machine I feel one giant leap closer to achieving my dream.I can’t wait to share more with you all, I feel very secretive right now!

Oh go on then! To give you a taste of some of the vintage fabrics I’ve been sourcing for this business (the details of which I’ll properly reveal over the next few weeks) here are two samples I picked up at a recent vintage fair…

I’m so excited to share my progress with you guys! Think you can tolerate painfully child-like ‘look what I made!’ posts? 😉 Hope you all have a great week. From tomorrow until Sunday I shall be working at theVitality Show in Earls Court with my work. Come say hello if you’re coming! If not wish me luck! I have feeling I’ll be dead on my feet by the time it’s all over! More soon, Love Yours Truly, xYou might also like:Snow Day Round 2!British Summertime…Bottle Green…LinkwithinPOSTED BY YOURS TRULY, X AT 12:3138 COMMENTS:LABELS: BRIGHTONLAZY WEEKENDSOUTFITSSEWING


All Sorts of Tomfoolery…

 Good evening lovelies! So I’m back from my little Brighton holiday and back to the hum drum of everyday life. I did want to share one more amazing little purchase with you though! Whilst in Brighton I found myself with an hour to kill before Joshua was due to meet me, so I dangerously decided to have a mooch in Beyond Retro…My poor purse! However it turned out quite fruitful and rather thrifty as I picked up these incredible high waisted trousers for a snip at £16! 

Made from a fine wool, and lined with silk I instantly loved the deep ochre colour – where else could you get a pair of trousers of this quality for that price? Amazing!

I’m wearing them with a black vintage silk teddy (underwear as outerwear = my new obsession) a H&M cardigan and my white brogues from eBay. This was the first time this year I also got to wear my favourite sunglasses again, Spring is coming! 

I love how timeless they feel, like something Katharine Hepburn or Amelia Earhart would have worn. It was SO windy whilst we were taking these photos! 

36OKq8 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

 Today, I’m back home having spent the afternoon at Josh’s sisters house (unfortunately Josh couldn’t make it up..Boo!) for a roast dinner and to play with this little charmer…

Uh! My heart melts! He comes out with the some of funniest and sweetest things you’ve ever heard. I spent most of the afternoon spinning him around the garden and climbing into his ‘tree house’…Who needs to join a gym eh? Then of course there’s this little stunner! Remember when I posted a photo of her just after she had been born?

Just look at those baby blues! And may I just request a huge dose of sympathy for this brave little fella who broke his arm two days ago and is STILL smiling! What a trooper.The toy he is holding is ‘Poor Puppy’, I bought him from one of the ‘Build A Bear’ workshops. I fixed a matching cast and sling on his arm, so Taylor has a buddy for all of his doctors appointments.

Ava beating Pampi’s head with spoons…This girl has all the makings of a great drummer!

Josh’s sister made us scones from scratch which we ate in the afternoon sun with a pot of tea! So delicious!

Served with clotted cream, and SPARKLY strawberry jam! The jam contains edible glitter – thus creating Blinging Scones!

 Right well call me a wimp but I’m knackered! So I’m going to settle down with a film and call it a night! Oh – and I haven’t forgotten to share my exciting news, I’m just holding fire until later in the week 😉 Hope you all have a great week! Love Yours Truly, x 

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Sailor Song…

By Yours Truly, xEngland is so cold! This week beautiful clear skies have descended upon the country, bringing with them very chilly days! But unfortunately for Josh it wasn’t cold enough to prevent us from visiting the beach for these outfit photos! Oops! 

My skirt and bag are recent vintage finds from eBay, the hat is from the Camden Passage (hoping to visit there again soon within the next few weeks) my tights were a kind gift from Modcloth, and the denim shirt is an old Topshop one.

I don’t really know what inspired this outfit, looking back I’m not entirely sure it ‘works’ but who cares? It was (quite) warm once I had my coat on, and comfortable enough to see me through the adventures of the day! Josh being cute, whilst I figure out the exposure settings…

Jumping ship!

A runaway strand of hair…!

The beach was so quiet and pretty, so we sat for a while and just enjoyed each others company in the quietness.

Whilst walking down to the beach I snapped this quickly…I love the Brighton Blue colour! I aspire to have a bathroom that colour one day!

This week I also developed one of my disposable cameras. I’m getting into the habit of having one on me at all times, though I’m hoping to venture with a proper little film camera soon. In the meantime here are some of my personal favourites… Our favourite book store in Brighton, which stocks incredible and diverse books. For instance, I can see a Django Reinhardt and an Edith Piaf book I wouldn’t mind having a nose through!

The Brighton Pavilion. I’m really happy with how this came out, it was such a surprise!

Saturday afternoon nachos…A little tradition I love!

I was laying in bed talking to Josh with my drying hair wrapped in a towel, when I sat up, the towel remained…I thought it looked pretty funny!

Josh looking smug at getting the best chair on a Sunday Roast outing with friends…

My man gives me flowers after the Sunday league…Naaw.

Brighton Market vegetable stall

The Pier at Sunset…

I’m looking forward to snapping more of places and objects, rather than people. I think it might make an interesting challenge! More soon, Love Yours Truly, x Ps. I LOVE that I can now respond to your comments below. So if in future you ask any questions I’ll be sure to answer them! x

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Brighton Burgers…

By Yours Truly, xI have a little saying which I like to use from time to time, when upon my trips visiting Joshua, we try and figure out what to do with the day… ‘You don’t make plans for Brighton, Brighton makes plans for you!’ And it’s just so true! I had spent the evening (whilst poor old Josh was at work) at our friends Margaux and Alecs (of The Splendid Suitcase)flat. Drinking tea (I sampled some Redbush…Tasty!) and chatting about favourite bloggers, clothes and sharing anecdotes. So please try to imagine my utter delight, when I was presented with this beautiful vintage Parisian coat from the stylish duo, as a thank you for blog giveaway I ran last month. I mean seriously…It’s heavenly!  

 The cream vanity case was a recent eBay purchase, bringing my suitcase collection up to a ‘it’s-okay-I-use-them-as-storage’ eight! Oops!How many cases does one girl need?! The coat as afore mentioned is from The Splendid Suitcase (all their vintage is sourced in France, so they get some really original pieces!) 

We then decided to have an amble after taking my outfit photos, when we stumbled across ‘Grubbs Burgers’ which is a mini chain (three) of burger bars in Brighton. Now I don’t eat fast food, as I don’t like the ethics and global domination of those huge corporations. I do however, bloody love burgers! So it’s a win win going to Grubbs! Supporting a local business and indulging in some (queue Pulp Fiction quote) TASTY burgers!It’s so satisfying knowing your food is being made freshly for you…

 Call me boring but I went for a classic Cheeseburger with extra Gherkins..It was so good!  

Proof of my burger enjoyment! (I’m a girl who likes her grub!)

Now this chap however (caught unawares having a little pre-dinner daydream!)He has a rather unconventional taste!

This is Josh’s favourite burger (when we make them together at home we replicate this recipe for him) Yup. A burger with pineapple, banana and peanut butter. My mind boggles. I can’t bring myself to try a bite…

After our burgers we toddled off in the direction of home, when conversation turned to the recent BBC Jean Shrimpton and David Bailey drama (link here!) which I had watched that morning. I found it a bit ‘meh’ to be honest, with only a few redeeming features, which I’ll spare you the details of now! However a nice little tidbit of knowledge is that Miss Shrimpton actually hails from the same home town as Josh and I! So in tribute to the long-limbed icon, I decided to throw a ‘Shrimpy-esque’ pose on a park bench, amidst the dog walkers and football fans on their way to the pub! However instead of looking strong and gazelle-like, I achieved a look more akin to Superman posing for a Outerwear catalogue! Ah well!

Oh! And the hair is slowly but surely beginning to fade back to it’s former gingery goodness! Horay!

Huge thank you to Alec and Margaux for my beautiful new coat…I simply adore it! So there we go! An outfit I didn’t plan, and a lunch I didn’t expect…Brighton certainly does make good plans for you! More later in the week, Love Yours Truly, x

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I’m Sticking With You…

By Yours Truly, xGood evening from a cold and rainy England! First of all, hello to my new readers who may have stumbled here thanks to my recent post on Modcloth. Pop the kettle on, pull up a chair and make yourselves welcome! This weekend was spent in the ‘Shire with Joshua and his family… I nabbed this little floral skirt in one of the nearby charity shops for a measly £3.50! Wonderful!

I’ve also (serious face here..ahem) recently found a new winter coat from eBay, which although I was a bit dubious about at first (there is so much fabric!) is actually growing on me. Gotta love 3/4 length sleeves (for those of use who aren’t blessed with never-ending limbs!)

 I’ve lately been inspired by the look that Gwyneth Paltrow adopted as Sylvia Plath in the2003 biopic when it comes to my hair (which is need of some dye!) I love her loose, neat curls – and the costumes she wears are also very inspiring. Just don’t go sticking your head in an oven please. Another serious photo(pout pout pout!) believe it or not Josh caught me unawares with this one… 

Josh makes a feline friend…

After our ramble in the woods, we stopped in at the local bakery, where they made me possibly the greatest Christmas sandwich I have ever had! It was just too delicious!

The next day it was off for a bit of a creative afternoon! I wore my new H&M high-waisted shorts, with a tweed bow tie and old Topshop mustard tights…

We went with Josh’s sister and her husband to take Josh’s nephew to paint some pottery!

Which of course meant paint nearly everything besides the pottery!

Josh was engrossed his vase project…

Lots of fun that has left me knackered now! Thank you to everyone who has entered the Modcloth giveaway so far! I’ll be announcing the winner this week, so if you haven’t entered..What are you waiting for! Hope your Christmas shopping is going well! Love Yours Truly, x 

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The Fairest of The Seasons…

By Yours Truly, xHello lovelies! I just got home from my 6th shift at my new job…and I am enjoying it so much! It’s a new role in Beauty Marketing and Customer Services which is just so interesting! I’m sorry to seem a little vague at the moment, but I’ll be revealing a lot more in weeks to come! Promise! For now though…I have some pretty new things to show you all! 

The wonderful people across the pond at Romwe sent me this gorgeous Sailor dress which I adored as soon as I unwrapped it! It’s a little bit 60’s, a little bit japanese school girl (admittedly not a look I normally explore!) a tad Victorian, and…well frankly I could gush about it all day! Suffice to say, I’ve been wearing it a lot!

The adorable little vanity case I’m using as a handbag was from ‘Snoopers Paradise’ a flea market in Brighton. It was love at first sight! What can I say?My socks and brogues are both from Topshop.

And before you all think I’m bonkers frolicking around in November without a coat!I wore my Zara kids camel coat, with a H&M faux fur stole…Toasty!

These photos were taken near the Brighton Pavillion (we hopped the fence to avoid the tourists…Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone!! ) How blue is that sky for November? Seriously, I don’t know what to make of the weather this year! 

Later, after having filled ourselves to bursting point with tasty spanish tapas we trotted off in the late afternoon sun to the bus stop…How glamorous eh?

I had attempted double Victory Rolls…Though they ended up a little messy! Oh well!

I didn’t know what to do with the remainder of my hair at the back, so I just rolled it around a long kirby grip and then secured it with smaller ones…It seemed to work, though it’s so hard to keep things neat when you can’t see the back of your own head! What a pain eh?!

Yes… I really love my new vanity case so much that I’m taken adoring photos of it at the bus stop!! Dribble dribble…

We then RAN from the bus stop to Josh’s house so I could get home in time to bid on a dress I fancied on eBay (got in with 40 seconds remaining…And I won! Whoo! Ultimate eBay adrenaline rush!) Before I joined Josh at his band practice that evening (as I would unfortunately be missing out on the Sunday gig) I sat on the leather sofa with my can of warming beer, feeling like a complete groupie…But luckily he’s completely worth it 😉

And then once I finally got home.. A tasty little snack! Beetroot and feta mini skewers, with an avocado, bacon and feta sandwich! Nyom!

Hope your weekend was as happy as mine! Love Yours Truly, x Ps. My title comes from this Nico song. I’m a bit obsessed with her right now! Read More

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When We Were Young…

By Yours Truly, xAs kids, my siblings and I didn’t holiday abroad. Mostly because of the fact we owned four dogs and no one else was mad enough to look after them for longer than an afternoon! However my parents always came up trumps in giving us fantastic British days out. Whether it be trips to the seaside, the New Forest, or that very special day out…the Village Fete! 

This particular fete was in Bray (the village I featured in a recent post) and was full to the brim of nostalgia for me! There were games such as ‘Splat the Rat’ (a sock down a tube!) guessing how many sweets are in a jar, and getting your face painted. As well as lots of homemade cakes and buns, a Punch and Judy and big bouncy castle for Taylor (Josh’s nephew) to bounce about on!

My dress is from Topshop a couple of summers ago, the cardi and ankle socks are H&M and my brogues are my absolute favourite shoes, which were an eBay find!  Josh and Taylor having a lazy Sunday stroll…

The local band, which played fantastically, and soon had Josh and I dancing around (which I can assure you, attracted some VERY unusual looks!)

The Punch and Judy Show! It was comforting to know that Punch is still losing the baby and beating his wife with a stick even after all of these years (Honestly the brutality is shocking! Ha!)

Afternoon cream tea? Don’t mind if I do!

Obligatory cheesy couple photo….(sorry!)

Now originally we had planned to go the Henley Show on the Saturday, as I enjoyed it so muchlast year and was excited to show Josh too. However someone decided to come along a little earlier than planned…

Introducing Ava Lily! She is the adorable new daughter of Josh’s sister Natalie.Making this little guy a big brother! (he hasn’t quite got used to the idea just yet!)

A family friends baby keeps herself amused finding lost objects in Josh’s hair…So there’sthe remote!

Isn’t she beautiful? She was born on Thursday the 8th and we spent pretty much the whole weekend getting to know her!
 I hope your week has been as happy as ours! More soon, Love Yours Truly, x 

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You Made Me Love Miu….

By Yours Truly, xEvery now and then in each new season of fashion, a certain show will stand head and shoulders above the rest, with designs of tremendous beauty and originality, spurning how-can-I-get-ever-the-money-to-afford-it thoughts! Such was Miu Miu A/W 2011 for me. I don’t claim to be a fashion critic, and this blog is more style and lifestyle based by preference…However dear reader, I do know that when a collection THAT good comes along, it’s hard to ignore, and not draw inspiration from! So imagine my JOY when I found this dress by Warehouse (a brand which I have previously never bought anything from) on Asos with definite Miu Miu vibes! 

It was one of those rare occasions in which you see an item, and know you must own it! I love the beautiful floral print, the fantastic gathering (better seen in a photo below) and the light, floaty cotton. Even better, I finally found a faux fur stole on my travels, a bargain from H&M! The two were a match made in shopping heaven! (smiling up at the man, who I can only presume owns this figaro and stuck his head out to see…yes ANOTHER blogger posing in front of his car!)

The taupe cardigan is also H&M, the brogues were from Topshop, and my necklace and vanity case were inherited from my Nanna and Mother respectively.

Now I know there are quite a few differences between the two…But let’s face it! This is as close as I’ll get to owning the real, exquisite original!

The weekend was lazy one, in which I worked, answered emails, sorted out eBay items and then…Finally got to go see my man!

We spent the weekend doing our favourite things, like indulging in breakfast at our favourite cafe, having a rummage in the flea markets of Brighton and then enjoying evening conversation and drinks with friends. The snaps below were just bits and bobs that caught my eye. For one reason or another I wasn’t in a very documentary mood this weekend! Apologies!

We stopped in this corner shop for parsnips and sweet potatoes for our roast dinner…There’s something about traditional grocery shops I adore.

Cherries! Oh I could eat a million!!
 Not a lot I’m afraid but I have some lovely pictures to show you all soon from another country amble I went on the other day, as well as some more new acquaintances in my wardrobe for you to meet! Have a lovely week, Love Yours Truly, x Ps. To my American readers, I hope that none of you are affected by Hurricane Irene (oddly enough my late Nanna’s name!) and that you are safe and sound, happy and healthy. Much love, x 

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Postcards from Italy…Bicycles!

By Yours Truly, xOne of my favourite things we did on our little holiday was hire two bicycles from one of the shacks in a nearby forest. For a ridiculously small sum of euros, we had a new found freedom to explore Viareggio with! 

My top is from H&M, the skirt is vintage from Rokit in Brick Lane, and the brogues are so old I honestly can’t recall where they’re from! Suffice to say they are by far the comfiest shoes I own!

Guilty confession time…I’m actually posing with Josh’s bicycle in these photos…aka the bike that should have been mine! Unfortunately we figured we needed one of the bikes to have a basket for our stuff, so guess who pulled the short straw there?

That’s not to say I didn’t ADORE my bicycle! Here is it hiding behind Josh’s during a long cycle to a harbour, where we sat and ate peaches, pears and bananas whilst watching an italian man fishing off the end of the dock…I love Italy! 

Now for the record, I found Italian roads quite scary on my bike at first! With all those mopeds (more on that another time!) and crossroads, and one way streets – I was pretty anxious to say the least. But by day three, when we unfortunately had to return the bicycles, I felt like a pro weaving my way through italian traffic!
Here are few photos I’ve pulled from the (literally) hundreds that I took on holiday. This sign was for a kiddies ride in the forest, I just really like its name!

A faux flower stand bursting to the brim with colours!

I did a full-on double take when I saw this! I assume it attaches to an adults bicycle and they pull the child along? Regardless! How cool is that eh?! 

 We also drove past this warehouse whilst exploring the inland, and heard all sorts of tinkering noises coming from within!

And how better to rest up after a morning of cycling than spending the afternoon on the beach?I ‘borrowed’ a couple of unused spades from a nearby deckchair with the intention of maybe creating a little moat and castle…y’know something modern and stylish… Until Josh got involved and I soon found myself enthusiastically digging for China with him!

The finished hole was just above my elbows…not bad! Leaving us just enough time for a quick ‘Hello’ magazine pose before dinner…

And what a dinner! Using the bicycles again, we rode a couple of miles up the seafront to a fantastic little pizzeria full of noisy chit-chatting italians! The pizzas we had were gorgeous!

And afterwards as we sat letting our food go down, we gazed upon something rather unusual… 
An incredible kite was performing beautiful swirls and twirls in the evening sky…

 A quick bike ride home and we were back to the hotel to enjoy the leftovers of a bottle of red! Perfect! More soon! Love Yours Truly, x 

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Postcards from Italy…We’re Home!

By Yours Truly, xHello everyone! We’re home from our wonderful holiday! I think I can safely speak for the both of us when I say that we fell in love with our first taste of Italy.I have never eaten so much in my LIFE! (Check out my little Italy-Beach-Belly below!) But how can you resist when there is so much gorgeous food to sample, and make ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ noises over? 

 Our Hotel was on the parade opposite the sea in Viareggio, Tuscany. Obligatory room view photo…

The hotel had a private beach and pool, as well as this gorgeous roof terrace which not only provided beautiful views (including mountains in the distance!) but it was a great sun trap to sit in, whilst feasting on olives and drinking crisp, cold beer!

 And now, without further ado, Day One! After having a good explore around the hotel (poking our noses in cupboards and board rooms and secret little lounges) we went for a wander around a nearby forest, which was home to a strip of amusements, cafes, bike hire shacks and…A MINIATURE GOLF COURSE! 

Joshua and I are crazy about mini golf! Nothing gets us more competitive! And this course provided a fantastic backdrop for those furrowed eyebrows and squeals (mine not Joshua’s!) of delight. My top is Topshop, the shorts are eBay (with a fantastic Grandma-Tourist feel to them!) sandals are Office, and my headscarf turban is vintage. The course had dips and dives, tunnels and towers, and even a stream running throughout it! Luckily they provided little nets for any wayward balls!

See that weird claw hand I’m doing? And the slight jump in the air?This hyperactive idiot is squeaking about nearly getting a hole in one (an accomplishment, which in this relationship entitles you to a free dinner!)

As it happens, Joshua once again beat me…though only by a measly five points I might add! Perhaps a bit of obsessive practising might improve my chances? The forest also had little race tracks which we desperately wanted to have a go on… 

And another highlight of the first day? Discovering these gorgeous mini-pears from a nearby market…DELICIOUS!

I have heaps more photos and news (including some of a rather dramatic nature) to show you soon! Hope you’re all well! Love Yours Truly, x