“For every minute spent in organising, an hour is earned” – Yours Truly

Well hello there strangers! Huge apologies for being terribly neglectful, but sometimes everything just piles up and before you know it, it’s been two or three weeks since you last did a post! This book may largely to be to blame…it’s so engrossing!

So some of this months thrifty finds include this pressed butterfly I found for eighty pence at my favourite charity shop. I’ve been after some of these for a while too…
It sits quite happily on my David Attenborough book that I’m still trying to plod through (extremely interesting, but very arduous to read!) and my little rabbit lamp that my boyfriend got me for Christmas. Throw in my antique Berlin monkey and we’ve got quite a zoo!

Speaking of the boyfriend, he also recently found me this Peggy Lee record, isn’t he great? And how amazing does the Fabulous Miss Lee look…wowza!

And as you may have spotted in some of the other photos I’ve also added this wonderfully cheesy cushion to my collection…I just couldn’t resist it’s cheap and cheerful charms!

I was also quietly chuffed to stumble across these place mats in ‘Snoopers Paradise’ in Brighton, for a pound each they were quite a steal too!

And now down to the nitty gritty! One of the reasons for my online absence has been trying to organise my summer holiday to Viareggio, Italy. I’m so excited! A whole week of sun, sea, great food, delightful drinks and my man for company! Perfect! However, unfortunately holidays, as we all know don’t come cheap, so should you fancy it, follow the link below and have a snoop at some of the bits and bobs I’m selling to fund my summer adventure!

More very soon, including a fantastic interview with one of my favourite bloggers, and a couple of lovely new dresses I’m dying to show you all!

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