Glitter Lipstick – Yours Truly

I sometimes catch myself being exceedingly grateful for being female. If I wake up looking like a banshee I can craftily mix potions and coloured liquids and powders and creams on my face and leave the house looking a little more human! Dressing up doesn’t just mean from the neck down for me – I have long had a love affair with cosmetics – and like any other love affair it has had it’s ups and downs. I remember my very first make up set. The palette was in the shape of a butterfly and had creamy pastel eye shadows and lipsticks, with a tiny pink sponge and brush applicator. I remember the sensation of sticky minty green eyelids. When I was around 12 I was waiting for my Dad to give me a lift to the cinema to meet my best friend. I had applied that morning, a new tube of excitement to my lips and the glittery madness had a sand like texture. My Dad caught me pouting at my reflection in the microwave – silvery lips sparkling back at me. Understandably at the time I was humiliated – but as soon as my friend saw my lips at the cinema she HAD to apply it too. Consequently we both left the film with our faces covered in smudged glitter and the odd bits of popcorn. Here is a wee collage of some of my make up looks or recent years. It still looks like a paintbox has exploded on my face – but can I say? I fell in love with Barry M, and then his older brother, MAC.

I fear it’s a lifelong love affair….