Golden Brown, texture like sun. – Yours Truly

Today was cold. There was a sharp chill in the breeze, a sure sign of the months to come. Autumn is actually my favourite time of year. I love the sunny, golden afternoons and the incredible beauty of the dying leaves. I always feel slightly awkward in summer, reluctant to bare my pale skin (which don’t get me wrong – I love! Anything but pale looks wrong on me!) However Autumn means layers, and the opportunity to delve into fine knits, worn with the dresses acquired over the summer months. Well to start with… I REALLY want these brogues, the colour is just stunning. I’m currently also on the hunt for an excellent ‘Annie Hall’ striped blue shirt, a few more pencil skirts – inconvenient though they are, and of course – anything faded and floral!!

Recently my style has adjusted to the new season with an gentle androgynous edge, softened by feminine touches. Have a peek at my lookbook – the link is in the side bar. Enjoy kicking the leaves around!