Good Day Sunshine… – Yours Truly

Just a short and sweet post for a change (my posts have been getting more and more photo heavy lately, it feels odd to do such a short one!) This week, unable to keep up with the yo-yo summertime we’ve had this year, I snapped up this mega-comfy cable knit jumper from H&Ms basic range.  I know it’s a very simplistic piece, but the versatility and slight nod to the 60’s made me love it, and three quarter length sleeves to boot! Perfect!

I’m wearing it over a vintage nightdress, with some of my regular accessories (THAT vanity case again!) including my late Grandads insignia ring worn as a necklace charm…(Please ignore that fading bruise on my leg…I’m such a clumsy creature!)

I relished the opportunity to wear my hair down on my day off! I’ve been wearing it in creative, vintage inspired styles every day I’ve worked at the tea rooms, so it was a welcome break to just let it hang loose!
I’m currently growing my hair, though I’m not sure how long I’ll let it go…I’m already having pangs for cute crops and sharp bobs!

The photo above was an attempt of a homage to the fabulous lady below. I have a huge infatuation for the 60’s ‘It-Girls’ (anyone who follows my tumblr would know this!) and Jane Birkin and her style are endlessly inspiring!  The cute camera I’m holding was a charity shop find in Lewes. It’s a bit tricky to get the knack of, and I’m expecting everything I’ve shot on it to be either blurry, under/over exposed, or out of focus! Still it’s enjoyable to play on a new camera! Joshua and I shared our day off on Thursday and went for a wander around one of the nearby parks with incredible flowerbeds…Look at the size of those thistles! They were about six feet tall!

Beautiful roses which smelt so pretty in the sunshine…

Explosions of colour! From what I gathered, every flower bed had been designed to a different colour scheme…

We then sat and watched some elderly gentlemen playing bowls, it looked so relaxing! Unfortunately I think Josh and I would get too competitive if we played! 

We then went to visit a museum, but it was shut! Boo!
However we’re returning for a visit on Monday so I won’t give too much away!

This week has just flown by for me – I’m busy as a bee at the tea rooms and filling all of my free time with creative pursuits…Brighton is being very kind to me so far (thank goodness!) Thank you so much to all of your sweet comments on the last post, it feels so great to have your support (finding your feet in a big city is a little intimidating to say the least!)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, 

Love Yours Truly, x

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