Goodbyes to Violet Eyes… – Yours Truly

I adore this little vintage hat I found a charity shop a while back (do you recall I showed you at the time?) but everytime I tried to wear it I felt a bit silly or a bit too ‘try-hard’… Until I teamed it with this dress! Aren’t they just a match made in heaven? I also found these old earrings at the bottom of a jewellery box a few days ago and they add perfectly to the mix!

The dress was eBay, but I think it was originally Topshop. The belt was a charity shop purchase and the tights are H&M. Nice and thick too! It really bothers me when I ladder new tights, but no fear of that here…

It might also be worth mentioning that shortly after these snaps were taken my clothes rail succumbed to the weight of all my clothes! With an almighty crash the contents of my wardrobe were strewn across the floor in a multi coloured heap…oops! On a brighter note I found this picture on eBay this week, and couldn’t resist it’s whimsical charm for all of one english pound!

Also this week I’ve been coveting my new mustard Urban Outfitters nail polish (admittedly a teeny weeny bit chipped now!)

And this monster of a camera! Another eBay purchase, I finally have an instamatic that I can buy film for again! And I have to say, so far I am so impressed with the superior quality of the shots that the Fuji Instax creates over my old polaroid… (Typing that felt somewhat blasphemous! Sorry polaroid!)

I’ll scan in the shots I’ve taken recently and post them up soon so you can see for yourselves! Ps. The title of this post is in tribute to the legend that is Elizabeth Taylor who sadly passed away today.