Growing Old Tastefully! – Yours Truly

I just stumbled across a photo of Anna Piaggi and was mortified that I had ‘forgotten’ one of the biggest style influences of my teenage years. I remember being so SO excited that they were giving her an exhibition at the V&A in 2006 (I also remember leaving wishing it had been bigger!)

She is still just as inspiring to me now – with her complete disregard of trends, explosive colour palette and irreverent style. I once read that you have a signature style if someone can sketch you in thirty seconds, and others can recognise that sketch as you. Think of Anna Wintour and her fierce bob, or Queen Elizabeth with her rolled curls and dress suits.
Someone else who’s style I adore is Iris Apfel – unfortunately her exhibition was abroad, but I did buy the book (A Rare Bird of Fashion) which is a beautiful homage to her tribalistic, textured and colourful style. One other resounding feature of the book is her obvious doting affections for her long-time husband.
My friend sent me these images – I think they were from a magazine shoot – but she sent them with the tagline ‘you when you’re 80!’
I think when I’m old I’ll dye my hair back to orange… I really enjoyed having bright fruit salad coloured hair! Here’s to Growing Old Gracefully and Stylishly!