The Last of the Golden Sun…

I’ve never been on a ‘Winter Sun’ holiday before. Like most I retreat England for sunnier shores during the mediocre, overcast-skies affair we call our Summertime. So boarding a plane on a rainy evening in late October didn’t feel too unusual. It was only when we touched down in the balmy heat of Alicante that some adjusting was required (mostly the removal of all our winter layers!) For a week, a villa in the small town of Moraira was home, about an hours drive from Alicante.  It felt odd to be dressing for heat again, so I turned to old favourites, such as this vintage silk scarf which was a Glastonbury find a few years back. I often wear it as a DIY turban (see here here and here!)

The chambray shirt is from Topshop and has very quickly become a favourite in my wardrobe, for lazy days and comfort dressing.  It’s incredibly soft and feels like pyjamas!The vintage high waisted shorts were an eBay find, another summertime favourite of mine.

The frilled bikini top was lent to me by Becca. I wore this outfit to the beach one afternoon, and once there I kept my turban on alongside my matching black bikini. The chambray shirt was perfect as a quick cover-up!

Although obviously not visible to me whilst wearing it, I always try and tie my turban so this tiger features on the back…He’s beautiful!

Probably the palest legs in town… And thanks to factor 30 it stayed that way! I can’t really explain why but I don’t particularly like being tanned! Sun-kissed? Sure! But anything more than a light bronzing and a sprinkling of freckles on my nose…No thanks! 

Odd aversions to having a suntan aside, I had a wonderful holiday. As usual I snapped away wherever we went, the only slight difference was that this time I was mostly using a (new to me) Pentax ME Super. A few months previously Becca had patiently shown me how to use this camera, and after getting hold of a model of my old…Voila! My venture into film photography has begun! Blue skies and amazing views in Valencia (Joshua and I visited for a day to see the city and meet up with a Brighton friend who has moved there!) and Guadalest, where we trekked to see the great views from great heights…

Little man all set for the pool – Junk art in Turia Park – A Valencia moped – Rose Champagne by the pool!

New and Old in Valencia (the architecture of Santiago Calatrava vs. Valencia train station)

Playing on the beach is much more fun than sunbathing! I buried little man, and then to apologise (he loved it really I promise!) helped him build a sandcastle fort!

Flashes of colour surrounding the villa – Sticky finger inducing ice creams – A little friend who joined us for lunch!

And finally, we couldn’t resist a few outfit photos on this bridge that linked the two sides of the Turia park in Valencia.I just wish I had been wearing a more deserving outfit for such a great location! My skirt is a vintage eBay find, worn with old sandals a Topshop crop top.

I hope my holiday post hasn’t been too photo-heavy for you all (believe me, I did cut it down!) Perhaps this rainy afternoon is just making me eager to share sunny day photos! Back to winter dressing in the next post… Love Yours Truly, xRead More

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Caravan Girl…

By Yours Truly, xAnother title inspired by a song! This time a little tip of the hat to Goldfrapp…It just seemed very appropriate for these photos, the last (sob!) of my Portugal holiday posts… This is the little caravan Joshua and I called home for our stay in Lagos…I miss it so much! It was truly magical staying in such a cosy little environment with the sounds of nature to fall asleep to… 

 This outfit is a quite a girly one I think! I had just that day finished reading ‘Never Let Me Go’ by Kazuo Ishiguro so I think I was feeling a bit romantic and wistful due to that! The dress and shoes are both old Topshop worn with Urban Outfitters socks and my Nannas locket. 

 This little bridge was over the stream at the bottom of the land opposite our caravan…Seriously I didn’t have enough outfits to do this amazing scenery justice! 

 Joshua took these photos as I negotiated the bumpy grass terrain in wooden clogs…Don’t you love it when something sporadic turns out quite wonderful? I love the lightness these photos have (well done that man!) 

 Speaking of the curly haired one, here he is with Tiago performing in the village. The two boys both did sets throughout a night of drinking one euro beers and chatting with the locals. Such a lovely evening…SIGH! 

 And here I am dressed down in some comfy clothes heading into the main house for a heavenly dinner (Tiagos Mum sure knows how to cook!) The cardigan belongs to Josh, though I’m desperate to make it mine! It’s just so snuggly! This camper van belongs to Tiagos Auntie who travelled around Marrakech in it…This definitely got us thinking about our next holiday destination! 

 Oh – and I had to show you this! It hung in the house of the artist who is doing Tiagos album artwork. They had such creative walls, including broken skateboards as makeshift shelves. I felt a bit stupid sneaking off to photograph this, but I loved it so much!Oh the secrecy of being a blogger eh? 

 So there we go! That’s my Portugal holiday in it’s entirety for you all! I hope you enjoyed reading these posts are much as I have compiling them. This blog was such a wonderful excuse to proactively go out and explore, documenting everything along the way – I even took notes so I wouldn’t forget to tell you anything! 

 I have some great Brighton posts coming up soon, and the winner of the Blog Birthday Giveaway will be announced in my next post. Entries are therefore now closed. Also, for those of you who are regulars you may have noticed I have a new tab on my side bar. I’m having a stab at entering the ‘Cosmopolitan Blogger of the Year‘ awards. If you would like to nominate me, I would be very grateful! I’m not sure if I’m the right kind of blogger for this, but there’s no harm in having a go right? Therefore to eligible for nomination, I have joined Twitter! You can now follow my daily ramblings! The link is HERE if you would like to have a snoop! Hope you’re all having a lovely week…Nearly the weekend! Love Yours Truly, x Ps. This week I stumbled into Gita, a reader in Brighton. It was lovely to meet you and I’m sorry I was so quiet – I’m always completely stunned that anyone would know me, so I clam right up! Fortunately Joshua saved the day as my impromptu PA! It was lovely to meet you! 

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I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Keeper…

By Yours Truly, xAnybody recognise that title? It’s from a lovely little odd song with the same name!And what better way to introduce these photos, taken on a very VERY windy day in Lagos? I definitely flashed a fisherman or two!  

 My dress may have been ill advised in such gale-force winds, but it’s one of my most cheerful summer frocks! I’ve never considered wearing it with sneakers before (practicality chose this footwear – who knew what cliff faces we’d climb this time round?!)and I quite like the way it turned out. 

 I chose a few photos that give you an idea of how incredibly windy it was…I was tempted to throw in a full blown ‘skirt-up’ moment, but I think I’ll spare you all the horror! It was quite possibly one of the funniest outfit shoots Josh and I have ever done. We kept bursting into giggles! 

 And when we left the windy little lighthouse, we spent some quiet time on the beach…These photos are killing me! I miss Portugal so much and ever since returned home to England it’s been so grey and rainy! Where’s our Springtime eh? 

 Wearing a vintage shirt from The Splendid Suitcase, and my old sunglasses…What a style guru! 

 We had lunched with Tiagos family at a nearby bar, right on the harbour. They were cooking incredibly fresh fish, with tasty potatoes, rices and salads. I got more than a few odd looks taking the photo below…’What you’ve never seen fish cooking before? These tourists!!’ 

 The harbour… 

 Joshua having an explore around the harbour, unfortunately with no guide we weren’t too clear on what we were looking at, but we enjoyed it non the less! 

 A really raggedy old fishing boat! 

 There were lots of anchors dotted around too… 

 We then went to meet out friend Luca, who travelled with us for the weekend in Lisbon and lives in Lagos. This is the view from the roof of his amazing house…Jealous? Moi?! 

 This was parked outside! How cute! 

 And one more beach photo, because I simply can’t resist daydreaming over the blue skies once more. The crop jacket is a vintage find from eBay. I have a feeling we’re going to be very well acquainted this Summer! 

 I only have one more Portugal post left now…This saddens me somewhat!I shall also be announcing the competition winner in my next post, so if you still haven’t entered, you have about a week or so to do so! Good Luck! Love Yours Truly, x 

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A Weekend In Lisbon…

By Yours Truly, xThis may be, quite possibly the most photo-heavy post I’ve ever done! But I just couldn’t stop snapping the whole time, so apologies in advance!

During our stay in Portugal we did a cheeky little road-trip up to Lisbon to stay with some of Tiagos friends, and for Joshua and I get a broader taste of what Portugal is really like.Long story short? Both of us completely adored this beautiful city! Maybe this post will give you a hint as to why…

I’m wearing an adorable dalmation print top which I hunted down on eBay. I discovered it whilst working at The Vitality Show in London and talking to a lady who was wearing it. It was such a quirky print I knew I had to find it!The shorts are vintage, and my glasses, tights and cardigan are from H&M – a very high street outfit!Oh…And for readers who were unaware, this is why I have a fringe…Talk about ‘The Never-Ending Forehead!’ Eep!

A jumping shot..Because I like doing them (Josh and I have it down a fine art now! We get it first time everytime!) and because it had been ages since I last lept on this blog!

We ate SO much in Portgual, but I was a bit conscious of freaking people out by photographing my food, so I only succumbed one morning when Josh and I were having a bakery breakfast…Nyom!

Lisbon town houses…Too pretty right?

Now from I remember, our tour guides (ie. Tiagos gracious friends who were so utterly accomodating and friendly!) informed us that Lisbon has seven hills within it, and as Vasco commented ‘If you want to go anywhere, you have to go uphill’He wasn’t kidding! We got quite the workout!

Flower pots… I just liked them! (Honestly I looked like such a bloody tourist! Snapping everything!)

How adorable is this little car, parked outside ‘Nice House’! Why did cars have to get so modern?

Joshua having a butchers at a map… We climbed a tower nearby and took some aerial photos, but because it was so windy, and I didn’t want to lean over too far they weren’t too great! You get the idea anyway!

We visited the artist who is currently working on Tiagos new album artwork, and she had an orange tree growing in her back garden! Something that is probably really mundane in her day to day life, but I just found it amazing!

Doing the tourist thing…ahem.

I couldn’t stop snapping this fountain, it was so beautiful…

We were then led by our guides to a little hole-in-the-wall shop which sells this cherry liquor, which from what I gathered is something quite unique to Lisbon. We purchased a bottle and walked around drinking it together from little plastic cups. How dignified!

The boys and their manly little cups!

We stopped into a beautiful old church during our walk, and although there was a service on (I was so terrified of disturbing the congregation in any way) I managed to photograph this beautiful statue at the back of the church. Her face is divine and I love the halo…

Now showing you Lisbon wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the incredible tiles which litter the buildings in such a beautiful way. They’re are often found in the most unexpected, run down areas, and never failed to make me grab my camera!

To the extent in which I ended up being teased quite relentlessly by the others…’Look Kerry! Some more tiles!’
Oh well! Here are some of my favourites, I put them together in a (futile) attempt to make this post smaller!

And my very favourite? Outside a worn down little eatery…How beautiful are these peacock tiles?

So there we have it! A weekend spent in the gorgeous Lisbon, eating, exploring and obsessively photographing tiles!

And for the four hour coach ride back to Lagos, I had not only Josh, Tiago and our friend Luca for company, but Mr F. Scott Fitzgerald and some very tasty olives…Perfect!

I’ll try and make the next post a bit smaller – no promises though!

Remember you can still enter the Birthday Blog Giveaway (goodies photographed below) Simply leave a ‘Happy Birthday’ comment on this, or any of the other Portugal posts and I shall be announcing the winner soon!Good Luck!

Love Yours Truly, x

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Where The Wild Things Are…

By Yours Truly, xBeastly British weather has driven me inside for the most part this weekend, giving me an opportunity to not only clear up, clear out and get some bits ready for eBay (I’ll pop a link up once I’ve listed them!) but to also edit another Portugal post. It’s so lovely to look at these sun-soaked photos and remember fondly the beautiful house in Barao De Sao Joao we were lucky enough to call home for our ten days in Portugal. I thought it was about time I shared with you where we  stayed, as it was truly magical! Falling asleep to sounds of frogs croaking, birds calling, owls hooting and geckos scurrying…I miss it already! Here I am in Tiagos garden amidst the Eucalyptus… 

 The outfit is nothing too spectacular as we had been having a lazy day! The jumper is H&M (so cosy) the clogs and dress are both Topshop, probably bought off eBay, though I forget. And my trusty rust-coloured scarf is from a Brighton flea market. 

 I love being able to wear these clogs when the weather allows. They are surprisingly comfortable, and let’s face it, any height-boost I can get, no matter how slight is no bad thing! 

 And here is the main house! Joshua and I actually slept/stayed in a sweet little caravan at the bottom of the land, so it was like having our own private quarters! The small lake should also get a mention. One morning whilst drinking a cup of tea in the sunshine, I saw not only fish, but a turtle! Unfortunately I got so excited in trying to show Josh I scared it off…Oops! 

 Anouk is one of Tiagos dogs. She howls like a wolf and harmonises with Tiago when he howls at her! 

 Wild flowers and cactus… 

 Everywhere you looked there were beautiful little signs of Springtime… 

 Josh went exploring with my camera one morning and found this colourful chap… 

 And a toad hidden away! 

 Meanwhile I was obsessed with taking photos of the wild Iris’s that grew around our caravan (seriously I must have about thirty photos of them!) 

 And the beautiful pink Gerberas…  

 Ok this is cheating slightly, as it was actually in Barao not Tiagos land, but I couldn’t resist including it! 

 Joshua and Tiago caught in one of the many occasions where they were either song writing, singing or making a fantastic racket! 

 My laundry drying on the last day (with a view of the maaaaassive hill which lay opposite our caravan..quite the humbling view to wake up to!) 

 And because I think he is rather fantastic, here is a little video of Tiago singing in this very garden! If you like what you hear you can check out more of his music HERE under the pseudonym ‘Time for T’ The funny thing for me watching this video is that Tiago was obsessed with this song during our trip, singing it practically everyday. So for him to forget the words the ONE time we record it – typical eh? 😀  And last but by no means least, as some of you may be aware I have started another blog giveaway to celebrate Yours Trulys third birthday! After the popularity of my last giveaway I have got my hands on another ‘Diaster Designs’ make up bag to give you ladies another chance to win it!And because this is a BIRTHDAY giveaway, the bag will come containing… – Soap & Glory Body Butter– A 17 eye shadow in ‘Gold Emerald’ (my favourite)– MeMeMe nail file and polish in ‘Playful’– Bomb Cosmetics bath bomb (Fresh Berry Bath Blaster)and 10% voucher.– Benefit Bad Girl eyeliner-Burts Bees moisturiser– Romwe ‘Curl’ Sunglasses! (based on the Prada pair!) 

 To stand a chance of winning simply leave a ‘Happy Birthday’ comment on this, or any of my Portugal posts!I have a few more coming up so you have plenty of time to think of a fun message! Good luck and thank you for being such wonderful readers..Truly! Love Yours Truly, x 

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Day Two…The Zoo!

By Yours Truly, xFor the record, I love exploring a new Zoo! I always do a bit of research beforehand to check the animals are well cared for, and read reviews from the public, just to make sure there’s no disappointment on the day.After having loved Berlin Zoo a couple of Summers ago, I was excited to visit Lagos Zoo with Josh.Amazingly the Zoo was only a fifteen minute walk from Tiagos parents home, so it was the perfect little day trip! I’m wearing one of my favourite summer dresses, a cute little broderie anglais affair! 

 The bag is from eBay (it goes everywhere with me!) the sandals are from Office a few summers ago, and the vintage fruit brooch was a hat trim I modified. 

 After the rainy English weather we had today I can’t believe I was in a summer dress just a little while ago! Boo! I want my holiday back! 

 Joshua wore his new 1940’s high waisted trousers with an 1970’s woven shirt and vintage brogues…He’s so cool!(Swoon!) 

 Now I feel I should warn you, I took A LOT of photos, and it was really difficult to trim them all down for one post! So for now I’ve just put up my favourites, but I’ve decided once I’ve finished with my Portugal blog posts I’m going to do a facebook album on the Yours Truly page so I can share more with you all! Let begin with this beautiful fella… 

 A cheeky little meerkat that seemed quite interested in Josh! 

 I know they look like toilet-brushes but aren’t they pretty?! 

 I don’t know what was harder in achieving this photo. Trying to capture all the colours of the birds iridescent feathers, or keeping Josh from trying to pick him up!  

 This was the entrance to the farmland section, filled with goats, donkeys, turkeys, hens, cows, pigs and sheep. As well as roughly a million guinea pigs (they’ve clearly been left to their own devices!) 

 I get a bit funny when I see Tortoises. I just think they look so other-worldly and ancient. I love how slowly they move, and their scaly arms. I could have happily watched this old boy eating his lunch all afternoon! 

 Be warned. There is a baby Porcupine in this photo and it is really…REALLY cute. 

 Josh celebrating after feeding the carps and the ducks (we came all the way to Portugal to feed ducks! HA!)  and myself feeding a rather over-zealous goat! 

 There were hundreds of these little guys swimming in one of the lakes! You’d just see their heads bobbing along next to the birds that were also in there… 

 So pretty! 

 I’ve also always had a bit of a thing for Toucans…Can you blame me when they look this incredible? We found out that Toucans can eat Macaw Parrots when they fancy it! Frankly I can’t get my head round that… 

 Wandering amidst the bamboo… 

 And then a quick snap on the walk home! If it looks familiar you might be thinking of this! 

 Once I’ve worked my way through some more photos I’ll be sure to pop another post up. I’m really enjoying re-living the holiday through these posts! More soon, Love Yours Truly, x Ps. The Blog Birthday Competition launches tomorrow on my facebook page! Join to enter! Good luck! 

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Home from Holiday!

By Yours Truly, xWell I’m back! Our ten days in Portugal were incredible and I’m so sad to not be there still. We did so much and visited so many places, yet I still feel we just scratched the surface of this beautiful country. Oh well! Good excuse to go again eh? These photos were taken from our first day exploring Lagos, with our host Tiago, and a couple of his friends. I’m wearing vintage shorts, with a nautical H&M stripe jersey, a handmade shell necklace and a vintage scarf from Glastonbury festival worn as a turban. 

 There’s nothing quite like a turban to hide a bad hair day! I’m so glad I bought some sneakers too, they definitely came in handy for all the mad climbing and walking we did! 

 The beautiful coastline of Lagos…Not bad for April eh? 

 Josh and I making our way down to the beach (Josh is wearing vintage top-to-toe…Doesn’t he look awesome?!) 

 Don’t be fooled! That is not a look of joy but one of sheer terror! Ha! We were making our way down an abandoned track to get to a more private beach. The steps of this track could be compared to something from Indiana Jones! They were crumbling and in some cases, had disappeared completely – held up by random slats of wood. My little legs were trembling with nerves! I didn’t want another holiday accident and this felt a bit too much like tempting fate! 

 It was all dandy though and we eventually got on to the beach, to be greeted by this…! 

 Our group thankfully decided to restrain from any nudity (that would have made for awkward blogging!) and we ambled about the gorgeous beach fully clothed! 

 Tiago and I looking at fossilised shells… 

 Having a boy band moment… (no comment!) 

 We then ascended the Indiana steps (it was much easier going up than down!) and went for a cup of coffee before heading home for some dinner. 

 This little cutie popped by to say hello just before we left – he nearly followed us into the car! 

 So there we have it! Day One! I have a million photos to sort through still, but I’ll be looking to get them up as soon as possible. Also! To celebrate this blogs 3rd Birthday I shall be launching a giveaway on myfacebook page later in the week. To be in with a chance of winning, follow the facebook page and keep your eyes peeled! All details shall be available on the link provided. Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend, it’s nice to be back! Love Yours Truly, x 

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Postcards from Italy…Antiques in Lucca!

By Yours Truly, xWe decided after hearing a recommendation from someone else staying in our hotel (the Palace Hotel in Viareggio for those of you who asked!) to visit nearby Lucca for a day trip…It certainly didn’t disappoint! I’m wearing my Topshop sale bargain white dress again (what can I say it’s a new favourite!) only this time teamed with flat Office sandals, a vintage headscarf from Glastonbury Festival and a vintage leather clutch handbag that cost the grand total of fifty pence…Fabulous! The Iris necklace was my Nanna’s. Having a good squint… 

How huge are these church doors? It makes you wonder the size of the congregation!

Lucca is a beautiful city surrounded in its entirety by a vast wall, and full of narrow winding streets, which we soon discovered are actually the roads! Already suitably impressed (considering we had arrived with no expectations!) Imagine our delight when we stumbled across an antique market under the archways!

If only this could have come home with me….

Lucca is simply beautiful (I wish we could have spent more time there!)

Incredible hand sewn table clothes for a mere five euros a piece!

Joshua fell in love with this 1970’s style and cheap accent chair…Now how on earth would we get that on the plane?!

And I was rather fond of these adorable/scary old tin toys…

I did ensure we had a good rummage through these cases though. Full to the brim of beautiful vintage silk ties, Joshua nabbed two (including a gorgeous liberty style paisley one!) to take home.

An adorable little seamstress assistant!

All these trinkets we kept seeing and wanting!

I haven’t got a clue what some of these are…but don’t they look nice?

Antique sports equipment…

Huge and beautiful wooden frames just stacked up against one of the walls opposite the market stall…

All too soon it was time for us to leave Lucca, and head back for our dinner reservations. But not before we caught a glimpse of these performers warming up behind a makeshift stage…

 Upon getting back to England, and being instructed to watch a recent episode of ‘Top Gear’ which was coincidentally set in Lucca, we realised had merely scratched the surface of this gorgeous city, despite wandering around it for a good couple of hours…Looks like we’ll have to return again one day! More soon, including the (dun dun duuuuuh) news of a slightly dramatic nature! Love Yours Truly, x 

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Postcards from Italy…Bicycles!

By Yours Truly, xOne of my favourite things we did on our little holiday was hire two bicycles from one of the shacks in a nearby forest. For a ridiculously small sum of euros, we had a new found freedom to explore Viareggio with! 

My top is from H&M, the skirt is vintage from Rokit in Brick Lane, and the brogues are so old I honestly can’t recall where they’re from! Suffice to say they are by far the comfiest shoes I own!

Guilty confession time…I’m actually posing with Josh’s bicycle in these photos…aka the bike that should have been mine! Unfortunately we figured we needed one of the bikes to have a basket for our stuff, so guess who pulled the short straw there?

That’s not to say I didn’t ADORE my bicycle! Here is it hiding behind Josh’s during a long cycle to a harbour, where we sat and ate peaches, pears and bananas whilst watching an italian man fishing off the end of the dock…I love Italy! 

Now for the record, I found Italian roads quite scary on my bike at first! With all those mopeds (more on that another time!) and crossroads, and one way streets – I was pretty anxious to say the least. But by day three, when we unfortunately had to return the bicycles, I felt like a pro weaving my way through italian traffic!
Here are few photos I’ve pulled from the (literally) hundreds that I took on holiday. This sign was for a kiddies ride in the forest, I just really like its name!

A faux flower stand bursting to the brim with colours!

I did a full-on double take when I saw this! I assume it attaches to an adults bicycle and they pull the child along? Regardless! How cool is that eh?! 

 We also drove past this warehouse whilst exploring the inland, and heard all sorts of tinkering noises coming from within!

And how better to rest up after a morning of cycling than spending the afternoon on the beach?I ‘borrowed’ a couple of unused spades from a nearby deckchair with the intention of maybe creating a little moat and castle…y’know something modern and stylish… Until Josh got involved and I soon found myself enthusiastically digging for China with him!

The finished hole was just above my elbows…not bad! Leaving us just enough time for a quick ‘Hello’ magazine pose before dinner…

And what a dinner! Using the bicycles again, we rode a couple of miles up the seafront to a fantastic little pizzeria full of noisy chit-chatting italians! The pizzas we had were gorgeous!

And afterwards as we sat letting our food go down, we gazed upon something rather unusual… 
An incredible kite was performing beautiful swirls and twirls in the evening sky…

 A quick bike ride home and we were back to the hotel to enjoy the leftovers of a bottle of red! Perfect! More soon! Love Yours Truly, x 

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Postcards from Italy…We’re Home!

By Yours Truly, xHello everyone! We’re home from our wonderful holiday! I think I can safely speak for the both of us when I say that we fell in love with our first taste of Italy.I have never eaten so much in my LIFE! (Check out my little Italy-Beach-Belly below!) But how can you resist when there is so much gorgeous food to sample, and make ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ noises over? 

 Our Hotel was on the parade opposite the sea in Viareggio, Tuscany. Obligatory room view photo…

The hotel had a private beach and pool, as well as this gorgeous roof terrace which not only provided beautiful views (including mountains in the distance!) but it was a great sun trap to sit in, whilst feasting on olives and drinking crisp, cold beer!

 And now, without further ado, Day One! After having a good explore around the hotel (poking our noses in cupboards and board rooms and secret little lounges) we went for a wander around a nearby forest, which was home to a strip of amusements, cafes, bike hire shacks and…A MINIATURE GOLF COURSE! 

Joshua and I are crazy about mini golf! Nothing gets us more competitive! And this course provided a fantastic backdrop for those furrowed eyebrows and squeals (mine not Joshua’s!) of delight. My top is Topshop, the shorts are eBay (with a fantastic Grandma-Tourist feel to them!) sandals are Office, and my headscarf turban is vintage. The course had dips and dives, tunnels and towers, and even a stream running throughout it! Luckily they provided little nets for any wayward balls!

See that weird claw hand I’m doing? And the slight jump in the air?This hyperactive idiot is squeaking about nearly getting a hole in one (an accomplishment, which in this relationship entitles you to a free dinner!)

As it happens, Joshua once again beat me…though only by a measly five points I might add! Perhaps a bit of obsessive practising might improve my chances? The forest also had little race tracks which we desperately wanted to have a go on… 

And another highlight of the first day? Discovering these gorgeous mini-pears from a nearby market…DELICIOUS!

I have heaps more photos and news (including some of a rather dramatic nature) to show you soon! Hope you’re all well! Love Yours Truly, x