Home from Holiday! – Yours Truly

Well I’m back! Our ten days in Portugal were incredible and I’m so sad to not be there still. We did so much and visited so many places, yet I still feel we just scratched the surface of this beautiful country. Oh well! Good excuse to go again eh? These photos were taken from our first day exploring Lagos, with our host Tiago, and a couple of his friends. I’m wearing vintage shorts, with a nautical H&M stripe jersey, a handmade shell necklace and a vintage scarf from Glastonbury festival worn as a turban. There’s nothing quite like a turban to hide a bad hair day! I’m so glad I bought some sneakers too, they definitely came in handy for all the mad climbing and walking we did! The beautiful coastline of Lagos…Not bad for April eh? Josh and I making our way down to the beach (Josh is wearing vintage top-to-toe…Doesn’t he look awesome?!) Don’t be fooled! That is not a look of joy but one of sheer terror! Ha! We were making our way down an abandoned track to get to a more private beach. The steps of this track could be compared to something from Indiana Jones!  They were crumbling and in some cases, had disappeared completely – held up by random slats of wood. My little legs were trembling with nerves! I didn’t want another holiday accident and this felt a bit too much like tempting fate! It was all dandy though and we eventually got on to the beach, to be greeted by this…! Our group thankfully decided to restrain from any nudity (that would have made for awkward blogging!) and we ambled about the gorgeous beach fully clothed! Tiago and I looking at fossilised shells… Having a boy band moment… (no comment!) We then ascended the Indiana steps (it was much easier going up than down!) and went for a cup of coffee before heading home for some dinner. This little cutie popped by to say hello just before we left – he nearly followed us into the car! So there we have it! Day One! I have a million photos to sort through still, but I’ll be looking to get them up as soon as possible. Also! To celebrate this blogs 3rd Birthday I shall be launching a giveaway on myfacebook page later in the week. To be in with a chance of winning, follow the facebook page and keep your eyes peeled! All details shall be available on the link provided. Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend, it’s nice to be back!

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