I Blame Coco! – Yours Truly

To work today. I kind of threw it together in my rush to get to work – only when I got to work, and after a few comments from my colleagues did I realise it was quite Chanel – and quite accidentally on the day of the release of Coco Avant Chanel! (can’t wait to crack that open on Christmas day!) Perhaps however it may have been quite subconscious – after spending a good half hour DRIBBLING over this new blog I have found – dedicated to all things CHANEL!
My friends often berate me about being ‘Queens English’ or old fashioned in my mannerisms. But I just wish more girls would hold their composure. Don’t get me wrong – I falter like anyone else, but I can’t help but inwardly cringe when I hear someone speaking really really horribly…no T’s and too many A’s. That sort of thing. Or wearing so little clothing and too much fake tan. I am completely and utterly against fake tan. I detest the stuff and see it as a pointless, vacuous waste of money, time and effort. But hey! Each to their own!!!
I wonder if I could go to the gym in head to toe Chanel? It’s a lovely notion!