I Just Want Your Extra Time And Your….Kiss! – Yours Truly

I’m just home recovering from a very long and busy weekend in Brighton with the boy! We squeezed so much into such a short amount of time I’m amazed we aren’t passed out with exhaustion!
This outfit was a bit of lazy day effort, based purely on comfort and warmth! The cravat and bag are Joshua’s, and the other bits I’m wearing are actually all high street finds – a rarity for this blog! Once again I was stopping pedestrians with my silly outfit photos…Oops! One of our favourite finds this weekend is the relatively new Snoopers Attic, which is situated above Snoopers Paradise (previously featured HERE) in the Brighton Laines.
The shop is so beautiful and feminine, hosting a whole heap of concession designers and vintage, all displayed in an intricate, ornate manner. It’s so floaty and gorgeous up there! I was giving this dress some serious consideration! Isn’t the floral design gorgeous?
Dotted about, are odds and ends of antique furniture, including this gorgeous 1970’s bamboo chair… And this adorable mirror… The entire floor has a real ‘shabby chic’ feel, as shown with these handmade dressing room curtains and lace bunting…
Joshua is having a mooch in the background whilst I squint away taking photos for you all! Ha!
If you’re anything like me, and love all things pretty and vintage, then I thoroughly suggest you pay the lovely Snoopers Attic a visit! It’s too lovely not to!

A few other photos I like from our weekend include this stunning vintage car parked near the back of a supermarket no less! It was in such great condition… And Joshua after his Sunday league football game (in his vintage Adidas zip-up!) …Looking tired and a bit dishevelled after one of the other players accidentally broke his sunglasses! I felt like such a Wag cheering him on at the sidelines!
We also went out one night for a bit of a dance, and for Joshua to perform with one of his bands, The Steady Man Band. I wore this little ensemble whilst I boogied about…and also beat my man at a game of pool for the first time! Whoo!
All I can think of when I see that photo is ‘Tuxedo Junction’ a tune by Glenn Miller, it’s too perfect a title! I hope you’ve been having a lovely week too! More soon, including another blogger interview and a giveaway!

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