I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Keeper… – Yours Truly

Anybody recognise that title? It’s from a lovely little odd song with the same name! And what better way to introduce these photos, taken on a very VERY windy day in Lagos? I definitely flashed a fisherman or two!  My dress may have been ill advised in such gale-force winds, but it’s one of my most cheerful summer frocks! I’ve never considered wearing it with sneakers before (practicality chose this footwear – who knew what cliff faces we’d climb this time round?!)and I quite like the way it turned out. I chose a few photos that give you an idea of how incredibly windy it was…I was tempted to throw in a full blown ‘skirt-up’ moment, but I think I’ll spare you all the horror! It was quite possibly one of the funniest outfit shoots Josh and I have ever done. We kept bursting into giggles! And when we left the windy little lighthouse, we spent some quiet time on the beach…These photos are killing me! I miss Portugal so much and ever since returned home to England it’s been so grey and rainy! Where’s our Springtime eh? We had lunched with Tiagos family at a nearby bar, right on the harbour. They were cooking incredibly fresh fish, with tasty potatoes, rices and salads. I got more than a few odd looks taking the photo below…’What you’ve never seen fish cooking before? These tourists!!’ Joshua having an explore around the harbour, unfortunately with no guide we weren’t too clear on what we were looking at, but we enjoyed it non the less! A really raggedy old fishing boat! There were lots of anchors dotted around too… We then went to meet out friend Luca, who travelled with us for the weekend in Lisbon and lives in Lagos. This is the view from the roof of his amazing house…Jealous? Moi?! This was parked outside! How cute! And one more beach photo, because I simply can’t resist daydreaming over the blue skies once more. The crop jacket is a vintage find from eBay. I have a feeling we’re going to be very well acquainted this Summer! I only have one more Portugal post left now…This saddens me somewhat! I shall also be announcing the competition winner in my next post, so if you still haven’t entered, you have about a week or so to do so!

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